Social Media and Healthy Living Goals

It felt so nice to be just a little bit lazy this morning. I took my time reading through emails, sipping my coffee, making breakfast, and just relaxing. It really was great.

Breakfast was thrown together in a pinch, since my craving for this morning was a big ‘ol cereal combo bowl.


What you see:

I also learned a very important lesson this morning…my new favorite Mexico bowl is not ideal for a whopping cereal combo. As I was making it – and proceeding to spill cereal all over the counter and floor – Jay announced, “Geez, no wonder the floor is always dirty.”


Woops. Secret’s out…I’m a slob. Winking smile


So I’m not sure whether or not it was because I had such a lazy morning, but when it came to my scheduled workout for today, I was seriously just NOT motivated. My muscles were pretty sore from yesterday, and I found myself coming up with excuse after excuse for skipping out.

But then, as I was continuing to waste time on Twitter, I began coming across tweet after tweet in my #FitFluential hashtag from people who were seriously kicking butt with their workouts for today. And just like that, the power of social media reigned supreme, and I was able to muster up the motivation for bust out today’s 50 minutes of cardio…which looked a little somethin’ like this:

50 minute run walk treadmill workout
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I wasn’t totally in the mood to run today, so I incorporated both some running and incline walking. Believe it or not, I was actually counting down the minutes until I  could run again at minute 35. That block of incline + power walking in between was KILLER!

**Just in case you’re interested, since I know many of us don’t always have time for 50 minutes of cardio a day, I also put together a shorter, 30-minute version of this workout which you can SEE HERE.**

Sometimes it really does amaze me just how influential social media can be on my own (and others’) healthy living goals. Whenever I’m feeling sluggish, crappy, or just straight up unmotivated, turning to Facebook, Twitter, or some of my other favorite blogs seems to always do the trick. I just love the motivational support!

Anyone else feel that way??


This afternoon I have some errands to run, including a meet up with Mal and Sarah and check out wedding dresses for the newly engaged one. Soo exciting! Catch ya later!


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    ahhhh love hearing about people getting engaged! tehehehe my wedding is in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes, and yay! lol. (sorry, just had to throw it out there) 😛

    And I agree that media in general has such a powerful influence in so many ways~both good AND bad, however. But when it comes to fitness and stuff, it’s awesome. But something like fashion? It empties the wallet, lol. Have a fun time girl!
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..Garlicky Herbed Asparagus with Bell Pepper

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    good for you courtney!! i know when i’m not feelin’ it, and then i actually do bust out a workout, i feel even more accomplished and proud of myself than normal. and i absolutely agree, social media definitely motivates me and helps me on those days when i have no desire to get in my workout. :)
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Weight Loss Story

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    Hi Courtney, I just found your blog (and sent ya an email!), and love it already!

    As far as workouts go, since I typically teach a lot of classes during the week, I never have to worry about my personal workout. But this week I’m on spring break, so I have to do my own personal workout, and it’s tough some days! Time and motivation, for sure. I never even thought to look on Twitter (I’m new to that realm) or FB. Thanks for the recommendation!

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    I was motiaved to workout today..but GAH my legs were still dying from my progressive workout on Monday. I did mainly upper body and felt great after.

    I do love the power of having an awesome, motivational group of fitness friends online and on Twitter!
    Carissa recently posted..My First Trip to Bikram Yoga

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    maybe I should join twitter for some workout motivation. I can pretty easily talk myself out of a workout like I did today. My reasoning is that if I wait until tomorrow my husband can run with me and can push the double jogger instead of me. Poor excuse I know…
    Lindsay @ Fuel My Family recently posted..Thursday’s Random Rants

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    totally had a day like that today to! Im so sore from this weeks workouts I had NO desire to go get my training run in, after playing on fb one of my friends posted a pic of her garmin with 6 miles logged and instantly got up and tied my shoes and got out on the road. I only had time for 2 miles.. due to my amazing procrastination skills..but a little somethin better then nothin right?!
    Candice recently posted..Frozen Hot Chocolate

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    Honestly, I’m sometimes tired and unmotivated, and then I come to a blog like YOURS :) and feel the little bit of motivation to at least get into my workout clothes and go for 10 minutes. After I start breaking a sweat, I’m usually good to go for a longer workout. So I’ll have to give your blog a lot of credit!
    michelle kim recently posted..Running in the Rain

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