The Highlight Of My Day

Soooo, amongst my errands today, this happened…


…and it was kinda sorta absolutely incredible.


White Chocolate Mousse + Mountain Blackberry TCBY fro yo + all sorts of sinfully delicious goodies. It wasn’t nearly as hefty as my last concoction, but it sure was downright tasty.

Yep, that was definitely the highlight of my day right there.

How ‘bout you? What was the highlight of your day? Smile


  1. Elizabeth says

    Meeting a friend for a drink at starbucks today. So much fun :)
    And that looks delicious! I had TCBY froyo a couple days ago, but they only had the chocolate and vanilla flavours. Very jealous of your variety!

  2. says

    My highlight of the day was finding out I got a 92 on my Biology test that I took on Tuesday. It was the first A I have gotten this year on my Biology tests- usually I just get continuous B’s. I actually screamed out loud when my teacher told me, and got a bunch of side glances from the 11 other people in my class. I didn’t care. I was extremely happy.

    It may not have been fro yo at TCBY (that combo looks delish, btw) but a high test grade made me so happy and so hopeful that I can continue to work on achieving high test grades for Biology.
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  3. Karleen says

    omg! my ultimate weakness is fro-yo! that looks delish!! I’m content with my glass of wine and homemade popcorn with a touch of olive oil and salt at the moment:)

  4. says

    So funny- last Friday the hubby and I made a little trip to TCBY and I got White Chocolate Mousse and Mountain Blackberry! I topped mine with raspberries and granola & it was delish :)

    When I was there I requested they bring back a favorite flavor- Rootbeer! We had it last summer and have been waiting for its glorious return. If you ever see it there you MUST try it!
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