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Supersets & Super Scrumptious

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood around these parts! Highs today are reaching into the mid-70’s which is about 30 degrees above normal. All I’ve got to say is…if Mother Nature decides to bring back winter after tomorrow’s first day of spring, I will not be very happy with her. I LOVE this warm weather!


After teaching Tabata this morning (with blog reader, Amy – Heyyyy Amy!) I got to work on my own workout. Today officially kicked off week 3 and phase 2 of Tina’s Bootcamp and I was really excited to get things started. The workout on tap for today called for circuit intervals + lower body supersets.

There were three supersets which I performed 3 sets of each on, with a 5 minute cardio burst in between each superset. So things pretty much went like this:

  • Superset #1
  • 5 minutes jumping rope
  • Superset #2
  • 5 minutes treadmill running
  • Superset #3
  • 5 minutes elliptical

By the time I was finished, my legs were pretty much like mush…I love it!


That workout seriously worked up an appetite, so I was starving by the time I got home. I really just wanted to eat whatever was in arms reach, so I was rather proud of the fact that I was able to hold off and wait for this delicious batch of pumpkin oats.


Yes, PUMPKIN oats! I had a craving, saw the can in the cabinet, and made it happen. To make today’s batch, I combined:

  • 1/3 cup Coach’s Oats
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie spice
  • ~1/3 cup pumpkin, stirred in at the end

I added more water than usual and just let the oats continue to cook slowly over low heat, which made for a nice, voluminous bowl.


I topped things off with a serving of Honey Cinnamon PB and some Sweet Cranberry Pecan granola.


It’d been a long time since I brought out the pumpkin…almost too long…so it’s always nice to bring it back into the rotation once in a while.



The rest of my morning was jam-packed with doing things around the house and catching up on blog stuff, and before I knew it, I realized I’d better make some lunch so I’m not late for my afternoon shift at work.


Veggies have not been getting enough attention for the past few days, so a big ‘ol veggie-packed salad was definitely in order. Along with the veggies, I topped my salad with a few slices of low-sodium deli turkey, feta cheese (another one that’s been outta the loop way too long), and some EVOO + balsamic vinegar + basil, oregano, and garlic.


Super duper scrumptious. Smile

To satisfy the sweet tooth, I finished things up with a black cherry Chobani.


I’ve gotta eat these quick…Jay found out just how good they are and now he likes to try and take ‘em on me. Sneaky sneaky.

I’ve got a meeting at work this afternoon, followed by a somewhat later than usual Monday shift so I’m not really sure what’s up on the dinner front. I’ll tell ya though…if another batch of last night’s quesadillas happened to make an appearance again, I certainly wouldn’t be upset about it. Seriously, if any of you decide to make them, let me know what you think; I’m pretty convinced they may currently be the best thing since sliced bread.

Question for the Afternoon:

Any foods you’ve recently brought back into rotation after taking some time off?

Chicken, Sweet Potato, & Spinach Quesadillas

Welcome back to Monday! How’s everyone doing this morning? I’m sure many of you were out having fun doing the whole weekend thang, so here’s a little bit of what you may have missed while you were out having fun…

So last night, I briefly mentioned that I had the most unreal quesadillas for dinner.


The funny thing is, Jay and I were actually planning on making pizza all day long, but while I was out getting my pedicure done, I happened to be reading through the latest issue of Health magazine and came across a recipe that I just could not get out of my head.


I mean, sweet potatoes? In a quesadilla? That’s like a match made in heaven right there! Lucky for us, we already happened to have all of the ingredients that we needed on hand, and I took that as a sign that these needed to happen. The pizza could wait.

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So the quesadillas happened…but with a few minor adjustments which I only think made them even more amazing.


I will tell you that these quesadillas were extremely filling. I wound up feeling like a load eating my entire quesadilla, while Jay ended up leaving one of his quarters. That probably would have been the smart thing to do, but I just could not put them down.


They were delicious and would be perfect for a quick and easy dinner (or lunch!). I’d definitely recommend giving ‘em a try. And another thing? Don’t skip out on the olive oil when cooking the tortillas; it helps them crisp up so much better than regular cooking spray would AND they taste so much better. Trust me!

What are some of your favorite quesadilla combinations?