Good News Comes In Threes (Giveaway!)


They always say good news comes in threes, right? Well, I’ve got three little pieces of good news this evening! Good News #1: I got my nap! I was able to spend a good hour outside this afternoon in the beautiful sunshine, listening to nothing else but the birds chirping all around me. Well, almost…

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Quite A Peach


Holy moly…long morning/afternoon of work! How’s everyone doin’ today? I just got back home from my work shift that started this morning around 6:30. Typically, I really don’t mind getting up early but today I was exhausted. I stalled way too long going to bed last night and just felt totally unrested. Boooo. I did…

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WIAW: Snacky Girls Night Edition

Welcome to another always fun What I Ate Wednesday! I must warn you though. I didn’t get home until later last night, I had to work early this morning, and any sort of structured, healthy eating went out the window after about 3:30pm yesterday afternoon. I’ll fill ya in with the what and the why’s…

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