Good News Comes In Threes (Giveaway!)

They always say good news comes in threes, right? Well, I’ve got three little pieces of good news this evening!

Good News #1: I got my nap!


I was able to spend a good hour outside this afternoon in the beautiful sunshine, listening to nothing else but the birds chirping all around me. Well, almost nothing else…


A certain somebody tends to get a little vocal when his mom or dad are outside and he isn’t. After about five minutes, he calmed down and had fun watching the squirrels in the trees. It doesn’t take much to keep the little guy amused.


Being outside in the peace and quiet today was just so calm and serene, and only made me realize that I really need to make more opportunities like that for myself. I felt SO much better afterward, even though I only probably slept for about 20 minutes. Ahhhhhh.

Good News #2: Another incredibly delicious dinner was had this evening.


I know that good news #1 & #2 really don’t affect you, but I promise, #3 might. Winking smile

I picked up some 93% lean ground beef from the butcher a couple of days ago so that we’d be able to cook burgers at some point during the week. Jay took care of making the burgers earlier today (since cooking red meat is his thing), using lots of yummy ingredients like chopped onion, garlic, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, and some others I’m sure I’m forgetting, My man sure knows how to make a mean burger.

Since it was an absolutely perfect night to fire up the grill, we declared tonight burger night. I picked up some Kaiser rolls on the way home from work this afternoon, but they ended up being WAY too big for these burgers (they were not as small as they look – 1/4lb. each).


I decided to ditch the top half of the bun and attempted to do some sort of makeshift burger on the other half. Let’s just say, Jay got a bit of a kick out of me. It was not a pretty sight…


I gave up about two bites in and wound up “fork and knifing” it. Still tasted just as good. Winking smile

On the side, I sautéed some diced sweet potatoes (I change from the usual) and Jay made another batch of his garlicky green beans.


The sides were good, but Jay’s burger totally stole the show. It’s not often that I get a craving for burgers, but when I do, I want a good one…but not one that’s going to leave me feeling like a greasy load when I’m finished. That’s the worst.

It’s funny actually, because quite often, beef and red meat get a pretty bad rap. If you had asked me about 3-4 years ago, I probably would have told you the same thing – it’s bad! At that point, there was no way you’d see me eating a burger…but then again, that’s a whole other story, and I’m so glad to be beyond that.

Truth is, lean beef has some great nutritional benefits…which leads me to:

Good News #3: I’ve got something to give away this evening!

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by The Beef Checkoff program – you know, the one that I’m sure you’ve all heard of before – 

asking if I would be interested in participating in the BOLD Lean Beef Challenge. Since I’m always game for a challenge, and I enjoy some nice lean beef every now and then, I decided to give it a go.

Recently, the Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet (BOLD) study found consuming lean beef daily as part of a heart-healthy diet lowered LDL “bad” cholesterol by 10 percent, providing support that nutrient-rich lean beef can be an everyday part of a heart-healthy diet.

Some Facts about Lean Beef:

  • On average, a 3-oz. serving of lean beef is about 150 calories.
  • Beef is an excellent source of nutrients, including protein, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and niacin.
  • Many of the most popular beef cuts sold at retail are lean, including T-Bone, Tenderloin, Top Sirloin and more.

So as a part of my challenge, in the next week or two, I’m going to try incorporating some different cuts of lean beef and try out some new recipes from The Healthy Beef Cookbook.


There are some amazing sounding recipes in here and I’ve already got quite a few of them “tagged” to try out. But the good news?

I’ve got two extra copies of the cookbook to giveaway!

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post sharing some of your favorite ways to cook lean beef. *You can also get a bonus entry for sharing a link to one of your favorite lean beef recipes (your own or another favorite!)

I’ll choose the two winners of the cookbooks on Friday, March 23rd. Good Luck! Smile

Disclaimer: The Beef Checkoff provided me with the cookbooks to giveaway to readers and a gift card to try out some lean beef recipes for myself. You know I’m a meat eater…all opinions on this are from strictly from Yours Truly!


  1. says

    Ah, lean beef, how I miss it!! (I went Pescatarian for Lent.) This cookbook would be AMAZING post-Easter to help me remember how to cook with beef! I love to do steak fajitas with lean cuts of beef, cut into thinny strips. I also am hoping to recreate a homemade Philly cheesesteak for my boyfriend to try!!
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Philadelphia Fears

  2. says

    i would love to win this and give it as a gift for my parents!! they are the big carnivores in my family and I want to make sure they are being healthy about it!!
    Molly recently posted..Feast

  3. Erin says

    I’d say lately my favorite was has been stuffed bell peppers/jalapenos!! Yummy…but you can’t go wrong with a good burger either :)

  4. Jenn says

    I tend to have lean beef once a week! Usually with taco salad (lean beef simmered with cumin, cayenne, garlic powder, and chili powder) as well as lettuce wraps!

  5. Liz says

    My favorite way to cook lean beef is in the form of stir fry! It’s so versatile, and you can throw any number of spices to change up the flavors depending on what you’re in the mood for, from asian to latin to middle eastern!

  6. Crystal says

    I use lean ground beef to make burgers stuffed with pepper jack cheese. Grated red onion helps to keep them moist.

  7. Annie says

    I love ground beef. It’s such a versatile meat! I love it spaghetti, with gravy and over noodles (ultimate comfort food!), quickly stir-fried with some garlic and eaten with rice … But my ultimate favorite is with taco seasonings. Delish!

    My link is not a recipe in a traditional sense, but it’s definitely is my favorite and go-to taco seasoning. I make 2-3 times what the recipe calls for and store it in a plastic container for easy use. It’s yummy AND it’s a lot less sodium than the mixes at the store – not to mention cheaper!

  8. AEWarner says

    Beef Manicotti Roll Ups!!! Perfect combination of spinach, garlic, lean beef all wrapped up in a crescent roll and baked…topped with mozzarella cheese and homemade tomato sauce! Mmmmm :)

  9. Cassie D. says

    I like using ground beef in tacos or making my mom’s meatballs, but my hubby is a huge beef fan, so I’d love to have some new ideas for meals with this cookbook!

  10. Brittani says

    I look w/ extra lean ground beef at least once a week! Stuffed peppers, taco salad, meatloaf! What a great cookbook

  11. Brittani says

    Love my taco salad recipe! Sautee onions and garlic for a few minutes, add beef and brown and then add a can of diced fire roasted tomatoes (I use TJ’s) and half a pack of taco seasoning(also TJ). Let simmer and then serve over lettuce and add anything you want on top. My favorite thing to add on top is TJ’s new black bean and quinoa infused tortilla chips…soo good!

  12. Ashley W. says

    Nothing beats hamburgers on the grill! But with summer coming around I would love some new inspiration for ways to enjoy beef.

  13. Kim Lee says

    Usually I substitute ground turkey for ground beef, but every once in a while I need a good ol’ lean beef burger! I also like to use it in taco soup.

  14. Kelsey says

    I love to make taco salads and spaghetti pie with top ground sirloin! My boyfriend will eat ANYTHING with ground beef in it though :)

  15. Tiffany says

    I love making vegetable beef soup using lean ground beef.
    It’s a tomato based vegetable soup with tons of veggies and one pound of lean ground beef.
    SO good and filling!

  16. Lindsay A says

    I’m making a spin off of sloppy joe’s tomorrow night for my family called Sloppy Joes Under a Bun…anyting involving manwich and bisquick has to be good :-)

  17. Jamie says

    My favorite recipe is a bbq meatloaf but I promised my hubby I’d practice cooking more meals with beef while he’s in Afghanistan this year. He’d love if I won this giveaway! ; )

  18. Elizabeth says

    I love beef in homemade hamburgers … my dad makes amazing ones, I’ve actually never tasted a bought one and I don’t plan to!

  19. Laurel C says

    I make a mean veggie and extra learn beef lasagna that is seriously out of this world!! I don’t have a link for it though because it’s a family recipe :/

  20. Jackie says

    i must say that after reading this post i’ll have to go with using beef to make a good ole’ homemade burger (by my hubby) b/c like yours, he makes the BEST burgers :) using beef to make a yummy meatloaf would be my runner-up!

  21. Cassandra Bishop says

    There are so many ways to cook beef! One of my favorites is just a simple roast beef. Always delicious! There has to be a lot of sauce or flavoring on any beef I eat, I don’t like a strong “meaty” taste

  22. says

    I’m pretty old fashion but I love a fat cheese stuffed burger!!! Especially my cheesy fat bacon burger!! I think burgers are the best way to eat beef!!! Yum!!! Dam, now I want a burger, guess that’s what I am having for dinner tomorrow!!!
    Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers recently posted..Honey Glazed Roasted Carrots

  23. Annie says

    I agree with you on the burger front. I don’t want burgers often but when I get a craving, only a really good one will do :)

    ps: your cat is too funny! Bit like mine actually!

  24. Cassie says

    I usually buy lean ground beef and make a really great chili! It tastes amazing and is good for you too!

  25. christy says

    Taco night or meatloaf… sometimes with meatloaf I do a mix of the beef and 99% fat free ground turkey, still lots of beef flavor but I feel less guilty!

  26. Brianne says

    I love to make beef, chicken and veggie Kabob’s every summer :) Its not enough to be meat overload but its def. enough to satisfy a meat craving. I marinate them in tastefully simple sauces (i tend to mix it up) then we grill them or if its raining i bake them in the oven. Still tasty either way!

    I am always looking for a new cookbook to try new things!

  27. Karen says

    I love Flank steak to make is so lean and yummy and if you cook it just right and slice it thin enough it’s fantastic!

  28. Linda says

    I am pretty new to cooking healthy but we swear by our grill and last night was the BEST burger night ever! (We only buy ground meat from Fresh Market where I can see them grind it).

    I LOVE marinated Flank Steak that they sell at Fresh Market and on a warm night we toss that on the grill with a wonderful side of freshly steamed veggies. So much flavor!

  29. Jessica says

    I don’t generally crave red met (I don’t like steak at all — in any form), but i do crave perfectly grilled burgers — especially when the weather starts to warm up, like it is now in upstate NY!!!!

  30. tracy pennebaker says

    There are so many great ways to enjoy lean beef. I like to use lean ground beef in mexican dishes and a sirloin in a spinach, steak, and strawberry salad.

  31. Destiny Ervin says

    I love making fijtas with a lean steak! So good with red and green peppers, seasoning and some guac on top!

  32. Amanda says

    My go-tos are spaghetti, tacos (shredded chicken variety gets a lot of love at my house too), meatloaf (it’s good, I promise!) and chili.

  33. Callie says

    I love beef! Burgers, steak, meatballs for homemade spaghetti! Yum! My husband could eat chicken every night…maybe some new recipes could persuade him to eat more beef with me! :)

  34. says

    Beef makes the best burgers and meatballs! Plus I used some lean ground beef to make Honey BBQ Blue Cheese Mini Meat Loaves last night. Given that they’re based on my hubby’s favorite burgers I make, he LOVED them!
    Lauren @ Call Me Mrs. Rapp recently posted..Family Fun

  35. Lindsay says

    I love taco soup and tacos! Also can’t beat a great cut of meat on the grill. Love this time of year so we can grill out and enjoy friends and family and this great weather. We only have a limited amount of beautiful outside weather in Texas.

  36. Cellabella says

    I like marinating a lean cut of beef overnight in a sweet and savory marinade and then grilling it the next day accompanied by rice and whatever veggies are fresh at the market!

  37. Crystal C. says

    Wow this is a hard question to answer. I love beef and use it in so many recipes. Since I just had it recently for dinner and it turned out great I am going to say chili colorado with homemade flour and corn tortillas! But with beef posibilities are endless!

  38. Janelle says

    Mmmmm…beef. Just changed my diet in January Paleo and haven’t felt better! I eat beef several times a week and I love throwing a steak in a marinade and bbqing it.

  39. Carly says

    I’m not a huge ground beef gal, but, man, do I LOVE a good medium-rare steak! Preferably, with a baked sweet potato and a side of garlic asparagus. Mmm…. I’m now ready for lunch and it’s only 10:30 on the west coast! :-/

  40. Karleen says

    I love a simple, lean beef burger on the bbq!! Add a little garlic and seasonings and toasted 100cal sandwich thin w/ healthy condiments, and you got yourself a delicious guilt-free burger!!

  41. Erin says

    I love marinating flank steak in garlic, fresh ginger, soy sauce and lime juice and then grillinb it. Its so flavorful and tender!

  42. Annie says

    I love love love, making taco meat and throwing all the fixin’s over a big ol’ bowl of fresh romaine….YUM :-)


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