Thursday, March 22, 2012

Peripheral Heart Action Training

by Courtney on March 22, 2012

PHA workout

I’ve got a new workout comin’ atcha today! One of my favorite things when I was studying for my NASM certification was learning about the different types of workouts. For so long, I had been doing various types of workouts without really knowing what the real name was (if there was even one) or why […]


I Would Love To Work With You

by Courtney on March 22, 2012


Good morning, friends! Psssst…be sure to check out the giveaway in last night’s post. Breakfast It’s been a few days since eggs made an appearance at breakfast, hasn’t it? Today called for another delicious veggie scramble made with two eggs, lots of freshly chopped veggies (including leftover sweet potatoes from last night), and about a […]