Aurorae Yoga Mat Giveaway

Over the weekend, I quickly mentioned the fact that I took some time to incorporate a little yoga back into my life. I know I say this every.single.time, but I really wish I would do it more often. I just love how relaxed and stretched out I feel afterward…even if I do need to work on being able to really “zone out” (my mind is still going a mile a minute during all of those sun salutations).

Lucky for me, I had a little extra motivation this time around to get into some downward dogs, thanks to my brand new yoga mat.


A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Aurorae Yoga and was asked if I would be interested in testing out one of their yoga mats. I was most definitely interested (I’ll show ya why in a second), and early last week, my package arrived, complete with an Aurorae Northern Lights yoga mat + yoga mat wash.


So for those of you who have been reading for a while, you may remember when I showed you all my horrendous yoga mat. That was back in June.

We’re now in April, ten months later, and guess which yoga mat I had still been using…


Oh gosh, I’m embarrassed. Is that thing not atrocious looking or what?


Well thankfully, that old pink thing is now out in the trash and I’m sporting my brand new Aurorae mat. Honestly, I would have been excited over any new yoga mat, but this mat is absolutely great.

For one, it’s an extra long length (72 inches) so I didn’t feel like my limbs were hanging off the ends the whole time. It feels much thicker and softer than my old mat (5mm), which is much easier on the joints, absorbing impact better. All of the Aurorae mats are also made of a PER Eco Safe Material, are Biodegradable and Phthalates free.


So not only do I love the feel of the mat, but I think the look of it is absolutely beautiful. The Aurorae Northern Lights yoga mats were actually created to replicate the phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, and no two mats are exactly the same.


In addition to that, the mat also came with a little booklet with information on their products, including a couple pages of sun salutations and yoga poses.


I really love everything about this yoga mat, and I’m hoping it will serve as a good motivator to keep me coming back to my yoga practice. Who knows, maybe I’ll even try another hot yoga class with it?

But honestly, as soon as I tried it out, I knew it was too great of a product to not be able to share with you. So I got in touch with the company again and asked if they’d be willing to let me spread the wealth a little more, and they said yes! So…

I’m giving away an Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga Mat + Yoga Mat Wash to one very lucky reader! (Giveaway is open to US residents only, sorry)

To Enter the Giveaway:

  1. (mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me why you need this yoga mat in your life.
  2. (optional) Check out the Aurorae Yoga site and leave an additional comment about another product of theirs you’d be interested in trying.
  3. (optional) Share the giveaway on Twitter and leave an additional comment letting me know that you did: “@SweetToothCourt is giving away an @AuroraeYoga mat! –”

I will choose a random winner on Thursday, April 4th. Good Luck!! Smile


  1. Mary says

    I actually would love to pass this over to my mom. She loves yoga and desperately needs a new mat but will not spend big bucks on one! She is an amazing person so I would be so incredibly happy to win this and give it to her for all her support in my life!

  2. Erin says

    I am embarrassed to say I love yoga but I don’t own a yoga mat :0!!!! I use the ones at the studio, eeek!!!

  3. kathy v says

    I need a yoga mat because I have been looking to buy one to bring to classes and I don’t want to use the studios since they never clean the yoga mats after each use.

  4. Megan Joy says

    I need a yoga mat in my life because I always just use the ones at the gym. I would love to have my own at home!

  5. says

    I don’t have a mat right now, so it’s harder to do yoga in my living room, and a gym isn’t in the cards right now. I’ve got a video, but it’s hard on my carpet.

  6. Jenab says

    One of my 2012 resolutions is to try out yoga. I think a yoga mat in my life would be just the push I need to begin! Also those colors are beautiful!

  7. says

    I checked out the website, and I would love to try the yoga blocks. I’ve been seeing them incorporated into workouts online lately, so I would love to try them out.
    Liz recently posted..Seasonings

  8. says

    I’d love to try the yoga block. It would help get me back into yoga and provide the extra support until I’m loose enough to do the poses without help

  9. Alexandra C says

    OMG I would LOVE to win this yoga mat!! I have recently become a huge fan of Bikram Yoga and have been atttending a studio in my area but do not have a yoga mat so I have to rent one of theirs which has kinda been grosisng me out seeing as thought Bikram is by FAR the sweatiest form of exercise I have ever experienced in my life!! That place is HOT!! Awesome giveaway!!

  10. Alexandra C says

    Ah now after looking at their website I could definitely use the sweat towel (or like 5 of them) too!! haha

  11. Lindsay says

    I am a yoga newbie so this mat would be wonderful! I just signed up for months worth of hot yoga classes and am super excited to add this type of workout to my routine.

  12. Mandie Powell says

    I need this mat because after 3 yoga classes every week my mat now looks exactly like your old one!

  13. Katie says

    I need this mat for so many reasons. I’m in desperate need of some mat spray. I can’t ever find one I really like. IT’S GREEN! Hello, Earth Month! It’s extra long. My legs need the extra space. Plus if you have an extra long mat, other people can’t get as close to you. Plus, it’s pretty! Can you just skip the contest and pick me :-)

  14. Lauren Theis says

    This mat sounds wonderful because I ALWAYS hurt my knees and spine on my thin mat. I’ve yet to be able to find a thicker one that I like but your recommendation sounds great!

  15. Erin says

    I would love to update my Walmart mat to something a little bit nicer (and not falling apart). My mat has quite a resemblance to yours at the moment, it is quite embarrassing!!

  16. Elizabeth R. says

    I’ve been borrowing my sister’s mat and owe it back to her! This would be a much-needed new one!

  17. Dayna Gaunce says

    I NEED this beautiful Aurorae yoga mat in my life because I just started attending a yoga/pilate studio with a variety of classes and would LOVE to have this mat to accompany me :) Plus my old yoga mat looks worse then yours did Courtney!

    I would love to try the Aurorae Yoga strap – what a neat idea!

  18. Erika says

    I need this yoga mat because maybe it will motivate me to do more yoga! I love how I feel after too but never seem to do it regularly.

  19. Rebecca says

    My muscles are always super tight after I run. This mat would be great motivation to get me to stretch them out with yoga more often!

  20. Olivia says

    I have the TIGHTEST hamstrings in the world and absolutely need to do more stretching! A new yoga mat is just what I need! :)

  21. Jill says

    I need this yoga mat in my life because my old mat looks very similar to your old one! I’ve had it since college- which i hate to admit was almost 8 years ago!

  22. Colleen says

    I would like to also have a yoga strap from them. I have seen these used in class but have never really used one myself.

  23. Kristin says

    I would love to try out the Aurorae yoga mat so i can actually do yoga with my whole body on the mat. I have a 5 below yoga mat which i bought 2 of and line them up so i fit :0

    i would also love to feel the thickness to it as my is as thin as a piece of paper haha.. i roll mine up 3 times to get the thickness i need!!!!

    good luck to all!!!

  24. Lauren says

    I need this yoga mat so I can try different workouts! I tend to stick to the same routine at home, so it’d be nice to have a different option on the days my normal routine just doesn’t sound appealing. :)

  25. Gabrielle says

    I would love to have this yoga mat to get started on Yoga because, I need to de-stress and yoga seems like a perfect fit.

  26. Meg L. says

    My current mat has been used in our garage for situps after boxing and is now dirty and has some oil stains on the bottom. I would love a new yoga mat since I’m starting P90x now!

  27. Divya says

    I would love this yoga mat because I do not own one and I am currently doing P90X. Doing the yoga portion of the workout without a mat is not too fun so I know I would put this yoga mat to great use.

  28. Rachel says

    I need a new yoga mat like whoa. I do hot yoga 2-3 times a week and a funky smell has started to develop. This looks perfect!

  29. Lauren Theis says

    I just checked out the website, and I would also love to invest in a good sweat towel! It’d be nice to have a designated “gross towel”.. :)

  30. Amanda says

    omg i need a new mat so bad! mine looks exactly like yours and i always slip in warrior two and wheel (dangerous!)

  31. Daybelis says

    I checked out the site! Umm I would love to win this giveaway because I am in serious need of a yoga mat. I’ve recently started to practice yoga and let’s just say it doesn’t feel very comfy on my hardwood floors lol. I would also love to use it for stretching after tough workouts:)

  32. Kristin says

    I would also love to try out the yoga blocks. I am actually doing the p90x and the blocks would come in handy big time. The slip free bags also look pretty neat – there are actually a few items i woulf love to try on that site.

    Thanks again

  33. Helen says

    I recently moved to New York and didn’t bring my yoga mat from home with me! I would love to have this Aurorae one because it sounds amazing! Thick and high quality, and the ombre color is gorgeous!

  34. Caitlin says

    I would love have this beautiful mat! I have just started to practice yoga a few months ago, and fell in love! I always use the ones at the studio and haven’t purchased my own.. this would be wonderful for my practices, since i’m pretty tall and the mat is long :)

  35. Carly says

    This mat looks awesome! I currently have a mat but would love to have an extra for when I try and talk friends into coming to a class with me. The first excuse is always their lack of mat – problem solved! :)

  36. Brooke says

    This would give me an excuse to finally try out yoga! I have been wanting to for so long, and it’s gorgeous at that!

  37. Kelly says

    I would love this mat. After moving across the country twice in 1 year, my yoga mat has mysteriously disappeared!

  38. says

    The hubs and I preparing for our upcoming vacation (the need for better bathing suit physique has kicked into high gear.) Needless to say, I have purple yoga mats and the blue/green mat would be more “masculine” for the hubs. Not to mention he’s a little taller than me, the longer mat would be more beneficial.
    Christy recently posted..Furry Friday: On the mend

  39. Annie says

    I need a new yoga mat because my lovely cat took an interest in doing yoga on it too if you know what I mean!

  40. Tracy says

    I don’t own a yoga mat. I would love to have one. I often get rug burn on my elbows or slide during a warrior or crescent position. :)

  41. says

    I need this yoga mat because I’m committed to practicing more yoga. These high intensity workouts are wonderful, but I need to make myself slow down and stretch out on the regular! This mat would be a great, beautiful, wonderful incentive! :-)
    Lindsay Farrar recently posted..How-To: Home Gym!

  42. Kelly says

    I would also like to try the slip free package. I need a good yoga towel and anything to help stop slipping sounds great!

  43. Kristin says

    I need this mat because my current mat is too short for me. I always have to adjust to make sure I stay on the mat.

  44. Cassie D. says

    I tried yoga once years ago, but would love to use this mat to try it again. Plus, it’s beautiful!

  45. Linda says

    Ive been trying to get into the habit of doing a little yoga every morning before class. This would be great motivation to stick to it!

  46. Tracy says

    Just saw their site. A yoga block and a yoga strap look very interesting to me as well as a definite need.

  47. Brittany V says

    I would love a new yoga mat, as mine, sadly, looks very much like yours!! I’ve had it a very long time, and it torn up – and my puppy also enjoys “practicing yoga” on it as well…

  48. Laura says

    I go to yoga classes on a semi regular basis but haven’t bit the bullet to buy a mat yet. Usually I have to borrow the stinky ones that the gym provides for those that don’t have one. In addition to using it for yoga, it’s a goal of mine to stretch more this year (I am terrible at making time to stretch!) and I would love to have this for my apartment to do some simple stretches on. Great giveaway!

  49. Linda says

    This is next on my list of things to do on my healthy journey. I am working the meditation and now feel I am ready to do yoga. This would be mu sign! YAY!

  50. Kaelin says

    Wow! My “yoga” mat looks just like your pink one! It gets beat up pretty regularly with all of the mountain climbers, burpees, etc that I do everyday. Not a lot of relaxin’ happening with my mat. I guess it’s time for a new one!

  51. Megan says

    I’ve wanted a yoga mat for so long! I’ve never had the opportunity to practice but I’d really like to start, I so need this mat in my life 😀

  52. Kalynn says

    Like you, I always say I’m going to incorporate more yoga into my fitness routine and I never do! I know it will help me in my running and preventing injuries, so I really need to do it more often!

  53. Kaelin says

    I have seen their mat+towel on other blogs and think that sounds brilliant! I would love to try that out too!

  54. Julia says

    I would love to finally have my own yoga mat! every time i go i have to use the studios….and its been years of using the communal ones

  55. Angela T. says

    I NEED a new yoga mat. My last yoga mat was in the trunk of my car – sold my car and forgot to take my yoga mat out first! I’ve been using the yucky ones at the gym, so I need a new one ASAP!

  56. Alycia says

    I so love and need that mat! I’m currently practicing using a beach towel. Let me tell ya, that just isn’t working out so well for me! I slip and slide all over the place, not to mention the fuzzies that end up all over me.

  57. Kelley says

    I’d love to get a new yoga mat!
    My current mat is pretty old and it’s a bit too short for me. At 5’11” I could definitely use a longer mat, like this one!

  58. Kelly says

    Oh my gosh, I have been having back problems and am supposed to do yoga exercises to feel better…and nothing motivates me more than something pretty! Love this.

  59. Cassie says

    Just started incorporating yoga into my workout routine and am loving it! I especially love it right after a high intensity workout. I NEED this! :))

  60. Marie says

    I love the colors of this mat; they’re my favorite shades! I use my mat very time I workout, for yoga, BodyRock workouts, ab workouts, and stretching. I would love to replace my current one.

  61. Lauren says

    How funny that you are giving this away today…I just completed my first hot yoga class this morning and was thinking how badly I needed to get my own yoga mat because a) I loved the class!! and b) the one I rented smelled so bad!

  62. Karleen says

    I so need to add more yoga into my life. I used to work at a gym a couple years ago and a member gave me their old mat when they bought a new one. It’s still sits in my car to this day but I rarely pull it out even though I should!! I have very tight hip flexors which has created slight hip strain and ankle pain on my inflexible side. ugh but hopefully a new, pretty yoga mat will get my butt to more yoga classes! Lord knows I need it!

  63. Andrea says

    I would love to win the yoga mat because I would actually give yoga another shot, it’s been far too long and as someone that danced for 13 years I know how important streaching is for the body!

  64. Cristin says

    Oh my goodness! That mat is beautiful! I need to incorporate yoga into my routine. There are so many benefits….if I had a mat like that, I’d have no excuse!

  65. Stacey says

    I do several classes at my gym where we need a yoga mat (Barre class, yoga, pilates) and mine has definitely seen better days!

  66. Lauren says

    Just checked out the website and after class this morning and seeing how sweaty and gross it got in there, I think I would like to try out the mat wash, just to make sure it really is clean from bacteria and such!

  67. says

    I neeeeeed this yoga mat in my life! For one, I need to do more yoga and I know this mat will motivate me. For another my old yoga mat is currently sitting under my indoor bike trainer for sound proofing so using in a yoga class would be difficult :)

  68. Lauren says

    I checked out the website and I could definitely use a strap. I’m a runner with naturally tight hips and a strap would come in handy every now and then!

  69. Taylor says

    I have been VERY tempted to try yoga at my local gym, but using their mats gives me the heebie jeebies…if I had my own mat, I guess I wouldn’t have an excuse not to go anymore!

  70. says

    I need this yoga mat because mine is in a very sad state, it doesn’t ever unroll float, it has knicks in it and all sorts of scuffs.

  71. Cassie says

    I desperately need a new yoga mat! Mine has been used inside (with the animals practicing yoga as well!), outside…gym, studios, camping…everything and anything….and i dont really clean it :/


  72. Sarah J. says

    I would love a nice yoga mat like the Aurorae to do Bethenny Frankel’s yoga DVD and the P90x yoga session! Great giveaway :)

  73. Annie says

    I’ve been using my cheap yoga mat since four years ago, and now it has a bunch of marks in it. I would love to have this yoga mat for my morning yoga sessions!

  74. Cassie says

    After looking at Aurorae’s website, I would be very interested in the yoga strap! It seems like a great way to stretch out tight muscles!

  75. Jamie says

    I need this yoga mat because I live in a small hard wood floor apt in NYC and I need a nice soft roll up mat for when I want to stretch or do yoga at home!

  76. Kate says

    I have just started enjoying yoga in the evenings after a stressful day at work. I’ve been doing some research on mats but don’t own one as of yet. I’d love to try this one out and hopefully enjoy yoga more often!

  77. gabriella says

    Since I’ve been training for a marathon for the past four months, yoga fell by the wayside, but after experiencing some calf/shin discomfort it’s come back into my life at least once a week, maybe twice until the marathon. I would love this mat to help my practice, my current mat is old, falling apart, and doesn’t support my knees as I would like.

  78. Patty says

    I need that yoga mat because of how calming it is just to look at. The mat I currently have is a mess. Its got chunks out of it and its stained; not very relaxing to do yoga on.

  79. Natasha says

    I am super motivated to bring yoga into my life, but currently I don’t have an awesome yoga mat like this that would help me reach my fitness goals! So please help me bring yoga and the mat into my life!

  80. Sue says

    Maybe if I had a nice yoga mat, I may actually be inspired to do yoga, because right now, my shag rug is not inspiring and not comfy enough to do it on!

    Love your blog, by the way! I’ve never commented, so had to add that! :)

  81. Tori K says

    I need this mat because also like you, I enjoy yoga but need to incorporate it much more! If only I had some supplies to help me out… : )

  82. Natasha says

    After looking through the website at all of the Aurorae products, I would also like to try the Aurorae Yoga Sport Sweat Towel to have by my side when doing yoga! This towel seems awesome to have and useful!

  83. Tiffani says

    I would love to try this yoga mat since I just recently started bikram yoga again and have been looking for a thicker mat for extra padding

  84. Kathryn S says

    I have been having really bad sciatica for about 6months now. I finally started attending yoga on a regular basis and I’m feeling much better. I seem to be too busy to find the time to buy a new yoga mat. Mine is 3 years old

  85. Ashley h says

    My yoga mat is several years old. I’m completely clueless about yoga, but try to get a session in once a week. My old pink one is looking kinda like yours!

  86. Emily says

    I need this yoga mat because I need to start forcing myself to incorporate yoga into my workouts! I could definitely use the added flexibility!

  87. says

    ahh that mat looks awesome! I need that yoga mat in my life because I recently got my mother hooked on yoga, but she keeps stealing my mat!

  88. Nicole S says

    I would love this mat because I practice yoga frequently and my boyfriend leaves every summer to be a fishing guide in Alaska, so it would remind me of him!

  89. Nicole S says

    I would like to try their yoga blocks – I always need/use these when I practice at a studio, but use books and other objects at home because I’ve been lazy and haven’t bought some.

  90. Ashley W says

    I would love a new yoga mat! I’m embarrassed to admit it, but the one I’ve been using came free with a dvd I bought. The mat is so thin it’s like doing yoga directly on the floor.

  91. Brianne says

    After seeing so many bloggers out there trying yoga and raving about it I want to try yoga and I think having a mat of my own would be better than using the ones provided at my gym.

  92. Diana says

    What a great give-away, I would love to win! I just became obsessed with hot yoga but dont have my own mat yet so I am still paying the $2 mat fee.

  93. Kay says

    Like you, I want to get back into a more regular yoga practice and this beautiful mat would definitely be an inspiration :)

  94. Kay says

    and I loved checking out the Aurorae website – I’d also want the value props set, what a great deal!

  95. Briana says

    It would be so nice to have one to keep at my house and one at my apartment at college so I don’t have to bring it back and forth!

  96. Sylvia says

    I need this yoga mat because I’m a yogafanatic! I do power yoga and my current mat is actually do for a replacement :-)

  97. Jennifer says

    I would love this mat because I am almost six feet tall and the regular-sized mats just aren’t cutting it!

  98. Jennifer says

    I just went to the website and I would love any of the products. They all seem to have a great price. In particular I think I would buy the Value Props Package!

  99. Erin says

    I need this yoga mat in my life so that I can have one mat at school and one mat at home! Then I don’t have to transport it each time I go home for breaks!

  100. Brienne says

    Oh I love that this is extra long! I feel like I keep needing to adjust my feet to stay on my mat in Warriors these days. Love this giveaway!

  101. Stacy says

    I need a new yoga mat so I can practice yoga at home now that my gym changed the class schedule and moved yoga to a time that doesn’t work with my schedule :(

  102. Ginny says

    I would love to win this yoga mat! My current one looks a lot like your old one and every time I take it out my cats think its either their bed or a scratching toy. If I won a new one they can have the old one and I’ll have one all to myself :)

  103. Jenny says

    I need a new yoga mat because mine looks just like your old one! Definitely time for an upgrade! Awesome giveaway!

  104. Jenny says

    I need the new yoga mat because my old one is worn out. I love how this mat is thicker than my current one.

  105. says

    Entry 2: I want to try one of their yoga blocks…I sometimes use the blocks in class, but the gym’s blocks are kinda sub-par, plus I’d rather have my own (less germy germs).
    Coco recently posted..A Birthday!

  106. Jamie says

    I am super sore from LiveFit and need some yoga in my life! If I had this mat it’d be a great motivator to hit up yoga at my gym. :)

  107. Bri says

    I need this yoga mat in my life because my old one is getting a bit ratty and I’m a tall gal so that extra long length would really help!

  108. Bri says

    I would love to try Aurorae’s sweat towel – I am always looking for nice, absorbent towels for working out!

  109. Kate says

    Ooohh I love how think and long it is! Definitely would inspire me to practice yoga more! Lord knows I could always use another way to de-stress!

  110. Kelsey says

    I’ve never done yoga before, but would love to start taking some classes to balance out my running!

  111. Kate says

    I would also love to try the Aurorae Yoga Slip Free Rosin Bags…I hate how my current yoga mat always slips when I use it in the living room.

  112. Rachel S says

    I just completed my first Triathlon! I loved it, but am ready to try some new things. I really want to go to hot yoga and get a good stretch! I don’t have a yoga mat and this one would be great to have.

  113. Courtney says

    I would love this yoga mat because I am going to try to start adding yoga into my exercise routine!

  114. Tessa says

    I would love this yoga mat because I have recently started doing hot yoga twice a week, and am obsessed!

  115. Erin says

    I’m a runner and I know it would be good for my tight muscles to do yoga but I just haven’t taken the time – this might be the motivation I need!

  116. Romana says

    I will be driving across country soon to begin my first year of medical school, and nothing would make me happier than a brand new mat so I can still keep up with pilates and yoga, and have a way to de-stress!

  117. Jessica says

    I would lvoe to win this yoga mat because I am pretty sure it would be just the motivation I would need to start practicing yoga more!

  118. Marisa says

    High intensity exercises leave my muscles very sore for the following few days. I love practicing yoga to relieve this soreness and relax me! A new yoga mat could come in handy for that:)

  119. Stephanie Walter says

    I am now 4 months pregnant and need to start incorporating yoga into my life, so this mat would be perfect for that! Also, I am on the taller side so I would love the longer mat!!

  120. K Brady says

    I love the style of the mat — especially because I live in Alaska, where we get to see the Northern Lights. The bright colors in the mat might provide a little extra motivation to get moving in the long, dark winters!

  121. Emily says

    I started working out again a couple months ago but I am so not flexible! I would love to do yoga to work on my flexibility and core strength!

  122. Aska says

    I would love to win this yoga mat! I need it in my life because I’ve recently grown to love and appreciate yoga and practice it at least four times a week. I used to be a self-proclaimed cardio queen but due to an illness I had to switch to a less intense workout. I love that the mat comes with a cleaner! Thanks for the opportunity!

  123. Jordan K says

    I need this yoga mat cause I’ve been “borrowing” my Mom’s mat for the past 6 months or so! Whoops! I think she’d probably like her mat back! 😉

  124. Corinne says

    Ah! Loving all the giveaways lately :-)

    I could totally use this Aurorae mat- I’m a college Yogi and definitely on a budget. While I love practicing yoga, buying a new mat as frequently as I should just doesn’t seem worth the money sometimes (my current one looks something like yours :-/ hah) . Having a new mat would totally inspire me to amp up my at-home practice.

  125. Erica says

    Just checked out the website…..ALL THE COLORS ARE SO PRETTY!
    And the “Synergery” Yoga Mat seems very interesting.

  126. Kate says

    I would love this mat to encourage me to stretch more after my runs. I would like to get more into yoga!

  127. Mary says

    Yoga is one of my favorite workouts!! That Aurorae Mat looks so pretty. And a nice thick mat is always a plus!

  128. Meagan says

    I would love this yoga mat, because my mat looks exactly like yours (same mat, color, design!). From doing hot yoga and athlete’s yoga it is destroyed! This mat looks awesome and I would definitely like to try it. I would also like to try their mat spray; I am always looking for a new fun scented spray!

  129. Jackie says

    I have been looking into doing Yoga for awhile now and was always a little intimidated to start but a new mat will give me the little extra push to start.

  130. Kenzie says

    I would LOVE to have a new yoga matt in my life. I love that this one is longer in length and that it is thicker. Mine is about two years old and I could definitely use a new one. I use to be faithful at attending yoga classes and now only do it as often as time allows, but a new mat would be very motivating :)

  131. says

    I am still relatively new to yoga and pilates so I have yet to find a mat that I truly love. My current one leaves my bones and joints feeling bruised – I don’t think it’s the best option for me and I’d love to try the Aurorae as it sounds much better for my needs!
    meg recently posted..The Big Business of Race Expos

  132. Ellyn says

    I would love a new yoga mat for my Tuesday night power yoga class! I love the design of this mat and it would be nice to have one that isn’t too short!

  133. Jess P says

    I NEED this mat because mine is so gross. First, my dog chewed the corner of it while I was trying to practice at home, haha. 2nd- I’m 5’11” and that mat looks like it would be long enough for me!

  134. Jaime D. says

    I need this amazing mat b/c mine is pretty sad looking and a new mat would give me motivation to practice yoga consistently!

  135. jackie says

    I would love to win this mat. If I won it i know it would make me happy each time I look it at – it’s beautiful.

  136. says

    Goodness! my current yoga mat (also pink) is in the exact same condition that yours was. Every time I practice, I come away with pink pieces of mat on me. 😉 I definitely need a new mat like that gorgeous one in my life!

  137. Amanda S. says

    I’d love a yoga mat – mine right now looks exactly like your pink one! It’s time for something new :)

  138. Heather B says

    I have a grungy old mat, this one is amazing. AND it doesn’t have any of those holes that my current mat has.

  139. katie says

    I’ve been training for a half marathon (and just ran a 10 mile race on Sunday!) and am in desperate need of some stretching!

  140. Michelle says

    I would love a new yoga mat, mine is starting to look like your old one. It would be so nice to practice yoga and pilates with a new, extra long, thicker mat!

  141. Bethany Irwin says

    I need a new yoga mat because mine is too short for my leg span and my cat had a little scratching party on it.

  142. Elizabeth says

    It’s beautiful, and my current mat has no grip! I love love love yoga, and this mat seems perfect :)

  143. Bethany Irwin says

    I like the Aurorae Yoga Sport Sweat Towel because I’m an avid hot yoga goer and I hate it when I have nothing to wipe off my brow with.

  144. Bree says

    Just bought an unlimited month of yoga Groupon, because just like you, I’ve been trying to get more yoga in my life! However, my current mat has seen better days…

  145. Sara says

    I love this mat, its so pretty. I would love to be able to upgrade to this from my old mat plus I love the fact that its longer.

  146. Emily says

    I’ve been using the same yoga mat for the past 5 or 6 years……. ummmm that’s really gross! I’d LOVE/NEED a new one in my life!

  147. Katie Ciresi says

    I need this mat because I am college student/student teacher who does yoga on the carpet of my apartment!

  148. Raheen says

    I need this mat because I just started doing yoga and considering I don’t have my own mat yet this would be perfect!! I’ve been running but, always relunctant to do yoga, this would be a great incentive to keep up with it! :)

  149. Patty says

    I checked out there website and though its also a part of the giveaway I would love to try there organic mat wash as well.

  150. Catherine says

    one of the reasons I don’t practice yoga as much is because I don’t have a mat! The ones i’ve owned in the past either are not “cushy” enough and don’t offer enough support and comfort, or they’re super slippery! I’d love to try this!

  151. Katherine M. says

    My yoga mat is embarrassing haha. I would love a new one! Plus I just bought a groupon to try out a new yoga studio in the area so I will be getting a lot of good use out of it!

  152. says

    i totally need this yoga mat in my life because the colors are absolutely amazing and so calming to look at. AND if i had a 2nd mat, it could help me TRY to convince the husband to join me for a class! ;p
    erica recently posted..weekend highlights

  153. Ally says

    I would LOVE this because I am 5’10” and I would kill for a longer mat!

    I also would love a yoga microfiber towel from Aurorae as well!

  154. Erica says

    I would love to win this giveaway! The state of my current yoga mat rivals your old one– it has definitely seen better days!

  155. Shannon says

    I would loooove to win this! I have been wanting to go to yoga, but the reason I haven’t is because I don’t have a mat! This would be perfect!!!

  156. Alexa says

    I would love a new yoga mat because my old one Gaiam one is becoming quite ratty and I practice yoga daily!

  157. Sadie says

    My feet keep sliding on the carpet. I know they sell yoga mats many places, but I guess I just keep forgetting.

  158. Alyssa says

    Wow what a gorgeous mat! I definitely NEED it! I currently have a mat that is such a disappointment. It’s so thin and sticky, not sure why but i hate using it and actually prefer the gym mats even though they are also very cheap. It would be great to have one that doesn’t stick to me and provides some support.

  159. Megan says

    i got a gift card for valentines day for ten hot yoga sessions and am lacking motivation! Also! My mat (from target) looks exactly like yours! I need a new one something fierce!

  160. says

    I’d love to win this beautiful yoga mat! My mat that I’m currently using is not designed for yoga, it is kind of like a foam mat. It does not have the sticky surface or the adequate padding. So I probably need this 😉

  161. kelsey says

    Like you, I keep telling myself that I am going to practice Yoga more often and slowly fall beind (reeeally behind). I think this new mat would be just the motivation I need!!

  162. Alyssa says

    I do not have a yoga mat right now but would love to have one so I would be able to incorporate yoga more often into my life. Being a college student, stress is always riding on my shoulders and I love the way yoga makes me feel afterwards!

  163. Kalyn says

    I would LOVE, LOVE to win this yoga mat because I just recently received clearance to restart exercise after having a spinal fusion surgery in December! Yoga sounds like a nice place to start.

  164. Kalyn says

    I was initially also interested in the yoga strap since mine has gotten a ton of use over the years and is actually extremely long, but since I don’t currently own a yoga block, I think that is the other product that actually interests me the most.

  165. Kellie says

    My children have decided that my yoga mat is fun to do crafts on. Unfortunately there is now paint and glue all over it. A new mat would be great.

  166. jeanne says

    I would love to win because my yoga mat seriously looks just like your old one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. kait says

    I *need* this yoga mat because my current mat is super grungy and because the new house I just moved into ~with my fiance~<3 has zero carpeting only hard floors . (My current thin mat + hard floors = hurting back!)

  168. marci says

    O I’d love this I have never owned my own mat, so I am always using the old gym ones, this is great.

  169. stina says

    I would love to win the Aurorae yoga mat, because I am just about to start a yoga class and it would be great to have a wonderful mat to start it with! :)

  170. Lauren says

    I’ve been traveling for the past few months and left my yoga mat at home (too much to bring with)! So I’ve been doing all my power yoga sessions on carpeting…I slip all the time! I definitely need this :)

  171. Lauren says

    After looking at the webiste, I’d love a bag for the mat, too! The website has a lot of great options.

  172. Cheryl says

    I’m leaving a comment about the yoga mat. I am just starting to incorporate yoga into my weekly workout routine and would love a mat as nice and as beautiful as yours! Would love to win it!

  173. Sarah says

    I’ve been meaning to sign up for a yoga class for awhile. Maybe this will give me the kick in the butt I need to actually sign up for one. :)

  174. A.V. says

    I’ve done yoga in the past and enjoyed it. I want to get back into it, but I need the equipment. This mat would be great!

  175. Caroline A says

    I need this yoga mat, because mine is doing the exact same thing yours is! It is roughed up and in terrible condition, but I don’t have the heart to throw it out, because I don’t want to just buy another cheapie, but I don’t yet have enough to buy a nice, quality mat! Help a sista out! 😉

  176. Shannon says

    I need this yoga mat because I would like to start doing yoga to reduce the stress I have from being a student!

  177. marcie says

    I would love a new yoga mat. I had a baby 2 weeks ago and soon I will have to get back into shape! This would help me practice yoga and watch my little son.

  178. Melissa says

    This yoga mat would make the perfect addition to my life, because it would allow me to reduce my stress and participate ina fun, aerobic activity!

  179. Megan says

    My yoga mat looks a lot like your pink one lol so I need this mat in my life! I have incorporated therapeutic yoga into my life lately and love it!

  180. Michelle D says

    I need this yoga mat in my life as bad as I need yoga. I am so tense. Travelling non stop for work will do that to ya though.

  181. Lisa says

    I would love this mat because mine is a cheap-o one from Walmart, and it has definitely seen a better day. A good mat would be awesome!!

  182. Lindsey says

    I checked out their website and I have to say the thought of using ‘Yoga Blocks’ is intriguing…

  183. Kim says

    omg i have been using the same yoga mat for 2 years and it is so ugly and sad :( i would love this new one, its so pretty!

  184. Anna says

    I need this yoga mat in my life because the one I have right now is very close to looking like your old one :) And I’ve just gotten into hot yoga and am loving it! I’ve been going 3-4 times a week!

  185. Kim says

    also, i checked out their website and i was super interested in the yoga mat with the towel already attached, perfect for hot yoga!

  186. sarah b. says

    my yoga mat is in shambles as well. i am getting certified to teach so i go through them fairly quickly. i need to invest in a quality one so i stop wasting so much money!

  187. Melissa R says

    I’m going to be working out at a friend’s house doing different DVD’s and I don’t want to stink out her carpet!

  188. Abbey says

    I would love this yoga mat!! I do all my workouts at home because with classes it is hard to make time to go to a gym, so I am always either slipping around on my carpet or tiled floor! A yoga mat would make things so much easier!!

  189. Tiina says

    I need this mat because the one I’m using right now has definitely seen better days – I often find pieces of it stuck to me after class!

  190. Alana says

    I need it to start practicing the stress-relieving, meditative poses of yoga. I need some of that in my life!

  191. Tiina says

    I’d also like to try the slip free package – when it gets hot during class I could definitely use something to keep my from sliding all around!

  192. Laura says

    I started doing hot yoga about a month ago and am totally addicted!! My mat was a $9 one from Wal-Mart and it’s just not cutting it anymore. I would also be interested in checking out the non-slip yoga mat/ towel on the Aurorae site!

  193. Rachel says

    I need this mat because 1) it is gorgeous and 2) I practice yoga 3-4 times a week and my mat is a total piece of garbage!

  194. Shannon says

    That mat looks awesome! I actually have only tried yoga about 4-5 times before but after suffering a small injury, I just bought a monthly pass to a new yoga studio by my house! I think this mat would be the perfect item to pump up my motiavtion!! :)

  195. Shea says

    I like you have taken a break from yoga, and I miss it so much. I need a new mat to get me back to it- like a few new songs in the playlist on a long run.:)

  196. Jamie G says

    I would love a yoga mat! With all my running and strength training, I could really use the stretch and core strength gained from yoga.

  197. Lindsey F says

    I’ve been doing yoga to assist with injuries that I got way back when I did gymnastics as a child. This would be a great motivator to practice regularly.

  198. sarah says

    I would love one of their mats!! my current one is an 8$ splurge at walmart and I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for. these are beautiful!

  199. sarah says

    i checked out their site- I would love to try one of those yoga straps. the pictures of the lady stretching make me imagine that it would feel so good to get a good stretch with one!!

  200. Michele says

    I rarely do yoga but it is my resolution to add at least one session a week to my routine to balance out all the bootcamp!

  201. Stephany says

    I need a new yoga mat in my life because I recently started doing yoga consistently and I don’t own a mat

  202. Angela says

    Wow, what a gorgeous mat! This would be the perfect motivation for me to finally get up early and go to that 6 am yoga class :)

  203. Julie F says

    I need yoga in my life. I’ve never been a fan, but I know it will be good for me so I’m hoping this will be a good motivator for me!

  204. Kristen says

    It is seriously so pretty! And I am really tall, would love the extra length when I’m laying down. On nasty gym floors, you shouldn’t have to choose head off or feet off 😉

  205. jennifer says

    Need to stick to my commitment of hot yoga 1x/ week minimum….and this mat.would be the perfect companion !!! Love it and hope to win. Thanks!

  206. Laurel C says

    this yoga mat looks awesome!! I have yet to find the perfect yoga mat for me, and practice yoga enough that it is necessary for me to have multiple high quality mats! I’d love to win and try this one!

  207. Claire says

    My yoga mat currently looks not entirely dissimilar to your pink one! I could certainly use a new one and love the looks of the Aurorae one!!

  208. Laurel C says

    I’d LOVE to also have the Aurorae Yoga Sport Sweat Towel in addition to the Northern Lights Yoga Mat!

  209. Rachel says

    I love yoga! I slip and slide all over my current mat even when I am not sweaty, which means I think I am in the market for a new one. I would love to win this giveaway!

  210. jackie says

    I would be interested in trying their towel. I sweat a lot in hot yoga classes so this could be very helpful!! Great blog Courtney!!!

  211. Erica says

    I would love to win this giveaway! I went to a hot yoga class last week and they offered to let me borrow a mat since the one I brought was in such bad shape :(

  212. says

    What a great product! I NEED this yoga mat in my life because I don’t have one and am dying to try out a yoga class! I’ve been doing yoga for a few months but haven’t gotten around to finding a good mat

  213. Connie says

    getting this yoga mat would definitely motivate me to incorporate more yoga into my life..i tell myself the same thing you tell yourself, that i need to do more of it! i love the colors of the mat too!

  214. Haley says

    “Yoga is the fountain of youth. You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.” – Bob Harper (from The Biggest Loser)
    I am 19 years old. I exercise and try to eat healthy every day. I would consider myself to be an energetic, active, outgoing young woman. After reading this quote, I realized I might not be as young as I thought…my spine is not at all flexible as it should be haha. The cure must be yoga! I would love to have this mat to help me become a better yogi and help me stay close to the fountain of youth for as long as possible haha :)

  215. Marissa says

    I need this yoga mat in my life ASAP because…I have a hot pink yoga mat that looks pretty similar to the one that you just tossed! After yoga I am always picking off bits of my yoga mat that are stuck to my yoga pants!!

  216. Alyssa Travis says

    unfortunately I don’t have a twitter, but I love yoga! I started it because I have always been very top heavy in the boobie department. I never believed in having anything medically done to yourself, so I have started yoga as a means to strengthen my back and love my body more. I bought a package of yoga classes and it would be nice NOT to use mats that other people’s sweaty parts have been on. lol. So I would love this mat because it would help me to continue my journey toward more self love! :)

    Thanks! Love your Blog!

  217. kelsey8 says

    I graduated college in December, helped my parents move to Texas and then drove alllll the way back to VA to look for a job here. My yoga mat literally could’nt fit so it didn’t make the trip :(. It’s almost bikini season and I need a new one stat!

  218. says

    I need this mat because 1) it’s beautiful and everyone will be jealous of me :) 2) it will prevent the slip-sliding mess I’ve been dealing with with mine 3) the extra cushioning will give me the extra push to do my best with yoga!

  219. Seema says

    Any extra motivation to get me back in a yoga class would be beneficial!! This yoga mat is BEAUTIFUL and the aurorae products in general sound awesome 😀

  220. Alyssa S. says

    I love the fact that it is extra long. I am planning to start taking yoga classes at my gym, and would love to have this mat for them!

  221. Jessica says

    I’m moving, getting married, and starting a new job all within the next two months. I could definitely use a little yoga in my life to help destress : )

  222. Tasha says

    I need this mat in my life because I am a yoga newbie and have not purchased a mat yet. This would be just what I need to get on the right track for my yoga adventure!

  223. Angie says

    I have just started looking into yoga (several blogs that I read have been talking about yoga a lot); would love the mat to take to my first class!

  224. Kattreena says

    I would love to have this may for 2 reasons: 1.) the mats at the gym ate always a little iffy.. 2.) I want to incorporate more yoga into my life as well! It’s such a relaxing way to exercise! :) great giveaway!!

  225. Emily says

    i have been practicing Bikram yoga for almost 2 years now, but i still don’t have a mat of my own for other yoga classes!! the aurorae is just too pretty… how could you not want to practice??

  226. Kelly says

    I actually am on the market for a yoga mat. The one I currently own I got four years ago and has developed a case of mildrew. yuck! I currently take a yoga class weekly and am embarrassed by the state of my mat.

  227. says

    My old yoga mat is so beat-up (sort of like the one if your photo)–I could definitely use an upgrade to one of the wonderful Aurorae mats! Thank you for the opportunity to win!
    Robin O recently posted..Kiss Nail Dress

  228. Kathy says

    oooh that yoga mat is beautiful!! I could really use one to stretch out my muscles…. I’ve been so sore lately, and I know I should spend more time on yoga but I just haven’t gotten myself motivated yet!

  229. Jenn says

    I NEEDDDD this yoga mat because I currently don’t have one! I’m usually begging my roommate to borrow hers… and it’s about time I get my own :)

  230. tracy pennebaker says

    i would love to incorporate yoga into my excercise. maybe if i had a brand new mat i’d be less nervous to try hot yoga.

  231. Sarah L says

    This yoga mat might actually make me finally attend some of the yoga classes I keep getting Groupons for!

  232. Lauren B. says

    I do yoga once or twice a week, and my mat is really starting to show its age! I would love this pretty mat!

  233. Jerica says

    I just discovered the wonders of Yoga recently and have found it to be a wonderful supplement to my regular workouts, especially as a great strength and stretch workout after a long training run! Unfortunately the “yoga” mat that I’m using now is an old pilates mat from college so I could desperately use a new one and this mat looks fantastic! Great giveaway Courtney!

  234. Maria says

    I find my yoga mat to be a bit worn, and not soft enough! My tailbone is not happy with my current choice.

  235. LC says

    That mat is so pretty! I would LOVE a new one, since my husband has taken over mine for his P90X workouts. So happy he is working out, but the sweating all over my yoga mat…notsomuch.

  236. stacey says

    maybe this would encourage me to try yoga again. I have tried numerous times, but i tell you i have a hard time being still for that long.

  237. Drew says

    I need a new yoga mat because I practice hot yoga and my old one has seen one too many session of bikram!

  238. LNK says

    I have been getting so many injuries from running and I think the problem is lack of stretching! I need to get back into the swing of yoga!

  239. Christine says

    I would also like to try their Yoga Strap – I have been wanting one for some deep calf stretches.

  240. Nicole says

    What a beautiful yoga mat, I love the look! Sadly, mine looks even worse than your old one – AND not as cute… at least yours had the flowers!

  241. Nicole says

    I’d definitely get the yoga blocks – I never seem to have enough support for my lower back, and those things are a tremendous help!

  242. Crystal C. says

    This mat would be awesome to have! I want to get back into yoga but after I moved my yoga mat vanished! No idea what happened to it! This would be the perfect thing to get my behiond back into yoga. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  243. April V says

    I’ve planned to start yoga this year, but haven’t started yet. This would be absolutely wonderful to have (and it would definitely push me to start!!)

  244. Krista says

    Love yoga…Just went back to yoga last night for the first time since I started my teaching felt amazing!!!!!! Could use a new mat! :)

  245. Nicki says

    Eeek! Hope I’m not too late!
    I’m moving into a new home with…hard wood floors everywhere! I currently don’t have a yoga mat and will be 20min from the nearest gym, so I’m planning to start working out from home. Big step for me as I’m a gym junkie! I would LOVE this mat! Thanks!

  246. Kelly says

    I would actually start doing yoga if I had this mat, I’ve been attempting to get into it for years but I’ve been too afraid!

  247. Kelly O-ski says

    My mat is pretty awful-looking. And I use it almost eeeevery day, whether foam rolling, stretching, or just not putting all the pressure on my bum. haha

  248. susan says

    My daughter gave me a yoga dvd for Christmas to help me destress. i still haven’t opened it. Maybe a yoga mat will get me inspire to start.

  249. Summer K says

    I need it for some of the floor stuff in Insanity – Give my carpet a break! and it is SO pretty!!!

  250. April says

    I just started taking yoga classes and I’ve been looking all over for an inexpensive good quality yoga mat and I have yet been able to find one

  251. Dandi says

    I am going to attend my first bikram yoga class soon! I was given a free pass at my 10k expo last week and I cannot wait to go!

  252. Michelle says

    I NEED this mat because I would really like to start Yoga and this would give me the perfect excuse to finally get my butt in gear

  253. brittani says

    I am really wanting to try yoga to work more on my stretching. This would be great to have and an extra motivation to get into it!

  254. says

    I neeeeeed this mat, I am always a little intimidated about yoga classes and don’t take them often but I also don’t have my own mat and have to use the grody gym mats.. ew. If I had a brand new pretty one I would want to go more!
    Candice recently posted..Nice Boots.

  255. Brooke Lemmons says

    I don’t even have a yoga mat! I’ve just been doing yoga in my living room floor without one. A new yoga studio opened down the street from where I live and I would love to have one and start going to the class!

  256. Sarah says

    I finally just signed up for the gym to bring a little variety in my life and the gym includes Yoga classes! A cute yoga mat would be a great start!

  257. Christina says

    I’ve been incorporating more yoga into my life and my mat is starting to look like your old one! It’s somewhat embarassing, haha. I need that new mat!

  258. Erin says

    I’ve been trying to do a little more Yoga to prevent injuries but don’t own a real Yoga mat just yet, I’d love to win this one!

  259. Cristina says

    Such a great company! At 5’8 the longer mat will definitely help my practice! My current mat has had one too many run ins with my kitten Willow.

  260. Randyll says

    I would love to include more yoga into my exercise routine and this mat would totally motivate me to do that.

  261. Krista says

    Ah! I have been wanting to get into yoga for so long, but would feel totally lost in a class without a few basic poses as background. Plus I don’t even have a yoga mat! Having one would definitely be motivation to get out there and try a class!

  262. Ashley says

    I have been wanting a yoga mat forever!! I am a college student and I started taking the yoga classes offered at our wellness center and I swear its the only thing that keeps me sane! I attend the yoga class twice a week and I always look forward to taking the class. I use the “community” yoga mats but have wanted to get my own for a long time!!


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