Cans and Bottles Pay for Take-Out

I am happy to report some good news on this Good Friday…

The phone is BACK!


(Yes, I have the Draw Something app and am obsessed with it – feel free to start a game with me) Winking smile

Yesterday afternoon, I made a trip out to the Verizon store to see if they’d be able to help me out and sure enough, they came through. I was totally embarrassed when I saw just how easy it was for them to get it back on (apparently taking out the battery and plugging it in at the same time was all I needed to do – I had only done one then the other) but hey, at least it’s back up and running!

Last Night’s Dinner

Jay and I have not been doing a very good job with dinners this week. We’ve both been super busy and honestly have just had zero desire to put any effort into making food in the evenings.

Last night, we had some cans and bottles to return, so I told Jay that we should put any money we make off of them towards dinner. We wound up with about $12.00 worth (not as good as our last trip, but still not too shabby) which was able to cover a good portion of this incredible take-out.


You may remember a couple of weeks ago when we found out about our new local food spot? Well, we hit it up again last night for some take-out and it was even better than the first trip.

I opted for the Capri Primavera, which was made with roasted eggplant, zucchini, squash, roasted red peppers, onion, fresh mozzarella, and sundried tomato mayo. It was a little heavy on the mayo, but other than that, this sandwich was unbelievable.


Just look at that thing!


Jay also picked up a few of their meatballs to try out so we could compare them to our other local favorite.


We both agreed that they definitely give our other favorites a run for their money. Super flavorful, with lots of garlic action…just how we like it.

That meal was SO filling and definitely sat like a rock in my stomach for the entire remainder of the evening. Holy cow.



This morning, I had a couple of early morning clients and actually had a chance to squeeze my own strength session in between. Today’s Bootcamp workout was a pyramid pull workout, which I really enjoyed. Lots of work on the back of the body, including hip extensions on a cable machine.


I honestly had never tried these before, but it was a very effective move which will now most likely be making its way into my rotations a whole lot more.

Today’s workout also calls for 20 minutes of HIIT, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to do that or not. Right now I’m just not feelin’ it, so I’m not going to push it. If I get the motivation later, I’ll give it a go. If not, no biggie.


Part of the reason that I didn’t do the HIIT work this morning was because I was too hungry to hold off on breakfast any longer – I needed to make my way home for some food!


On tap for today was a batch of Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast Oatmeal, which was easily the best I’ve ever made. I made the Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter a little but runnier than normal so it was melting all over the place. I’ve also decided that half the banana in the oats + half the banana sliced on top is key.


Oh yeah, and I promise…there was some oatmeal under all that jazz. Winking smile


As for the rest of today, I have a meeting for work at noon, I have to finish cleaning up and preparing for tonight’s festivities, then I’m back to work this evening for a couple of hours before said festivities begin. It’s definitely another long one today…but luckily, I have something to look forward to this evening!

Question for the Morning:

With the holiday weekend upon us, do you have any plans? Doing any traveling?


  1. says

    The sandwich does look good … I really love good rolls like that. I never seem to buy them for home but love them on sandwiches that you get when eating out.

    We are doing only a tiny bit of travelling for the weekend – we’ll be eating Easter Dinner with my family who isn’t too far away. My brother, grandmother and Uncle all live within 2 hours of us. It is so nice to have more family in the area! It used to be my grandmother. Unfortunately, though, it means my mom has to travel for almost every holiday so that she can be with us all. :(
    Carolyn recently posted..Leftovers and The First Step

  2. says

    For the first time in forever (or ever for that matter), I did a double workout today abd it felt great- upper body weights in the morning and a run mid-afternoon! Glad to see your phone was saved :)

  3. Renee @ Bendiful says

    That sandwich looks amazing! Returning cans is like finding free money! :) I downloaded draw something last week and am having some seriously problems putting it down. Might need an intervention!
    Renee @ Bendiful recently posted..The good the bad and the pretty

  4. says

    No plans for Easter. Just my family and my uncle are eating Easter dinner together. Holiday dinners are always small- I like it that way. :)

    What’s your username on Draw Something? I’ll look you up when I charge my iPod later.

    That’s a huge, mighty tasty looking sandwich. And those meatballs?!? Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I feel deprived of tasty dinners- yours always looks SO good! But I do have tasty dinners; I just never take pictures and share with my blog readers.
    Shannon recently posted..Question for you: Dream on?

  5. says

    Wow, that sandwich looks incredible!! I had a delicious vegetarian sandwich at “Which Wich” yesterday … tomato, pesto, and melted mozzarella cheese on toasty whole wheat bread … yum!! :)

    We’re staying around here for Easter, but then I plan to drive down to Florida on Monday to see my mom. I’ve never driven that far by myself before. Fingers crossed that it goes OK! 😉
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Just call me Shakira.

  6. says

    Plans for the weekend:

    1) host a huge Easter dinner with lots of extended family and hope I can pull it off :)

    2) Watch my kids get excited about what the “Easter bunny” brought them, and bask in the joy of living vicariously through my kids (I never had much of an “Easter bunny” experience as a kid, so I’d like to make it special for my kids.
    Janae Wise recently posted..10 Ways to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

  7. says

    You must be so happy that your phone is back. I was without mine for about 15 hours last month and it was terrible. I guess some people are more dependent then others but wow I thought I might go crazy! Your breakfast looks wonderful btw!
    Aleasha recently posted..42.2?

  8. Julie says

    Have you tried a class called VIPR? I tried it at my gym yesterday morning and HOLY COW am I sore!! It was a super tough class and I was sweating bullets within 10 minutes. I still prefer TRX, but this was a fun new class to try!


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