A Quick Hello

Somebody wanted to pop in quick this evening to say hello…


(Oh, no? You couldn’t tell that he had zero desire to take a picture with his mama? Hmmph.)

But all three of us over here would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter, Passover, or just a wonderful Sunday. I hope whatever you were doing today was filled with lots of fun, beauty…


…and maybe a few jelly beans.


I’ll be back to fill you all in on today’s Easter fun tomorrow…it certainly wasn’t the shenanigans that it was last year, but it was still a great day with family just the same, and that’s what matters most.

Goodnight, all! Smile


  1. Kimberley says

    Happy Easter!

    My mom gave me tulips for Easter today and she showed me the trick of putting a penny in the bottom of the vase helps make the tulips stick up straight instead of falling everywhere. Learn something new every day 😉

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