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You know those days where you feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off? Yeah, that pretty much sums up everything I’ve got going on today. Wowweee. So much to do, so little time, and a dwindling motivation are all a recipe for chaos.

I’ve managed to hold it together so far and am doing my best to power through. After my couple morning sessions at work this morning, I found a little bit of time to squeeze in today’s workout. I spent a quick, steady 15 minutes on the elliptical (since the treadmill is still making my lungs feel like they’re going to collapse) and followed that up with an awesome circuit workout.

Today’s circuit was actually the same circuit that I completed last Tuesday, but I never got a chance to mention it since last week was so busy. One of my favorite moves from today’s circuit? Bench Hops!

bench hops

They may seem simple, for 45 seconds worth of these is definitely not simple. It was a great bootcamp workout, indeed. Oh, and speaking of bootcamp? I really have lost my marbles…yesterday, I mentioned that this week was my last week of bootcamp. But I quickly discovered that I actually have two more weeks coming after this one, which made me super excited. I’m seriously loving Tina’s workouts!

Once my workout was finished, I came back home and had a much later than normal breakfast…but I’m saving that for tomorrow’s WIAW post so you’ll just have to wait to see the goods. Winking smile


I spent the remainder of the morning and some of the afternoon working on about a zillion things, and am now getting ready to head back to work. I have a feeling I may be making a quick pit stop on the way…

It just seems necessary today. Smile

Blog Birthday Giveaway Winners

So when I first decided to do this little giveaway for the bloggy birthday, I certainly did not expect to receive so many supportive, encouraging, and just overall awesome comments and compliments from you all. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent the last few days grinning from ear to ear thanks to all of you.

So again, thank you all for continuing to follow me and STSL – whether it’s been for two months or two years – along on this crazy journey we call life. It’s been quite an adventure, and I’m even more excited to see what the future holds!

That being said, I’m sure you’ll all anxiously awaiting the announcement of the giveaway winners and I really wish I could afford to give all 413 of you commenters a gift card. But unfortunately, my bank account is nowhere near capable of that, so we’re going to have to stick with the original plan of two winners…


Congratulations, Julissa & Kendra! Please email me at sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com so we can get you set up with your gift cards! Smile


As a quick side note, there’s only three more days of voting open for the Fitness Magazine Blog Awards – if you feel so inclined, I’d love to have your votes in the Best Personal Trainer category! You can vote by clicking HERE.

To thank you all, I’ll work on putting together a brand-spankin’ new workout for you all later this week. Cool? Cool. Now I just need you guys to decide what kind of a workout you’d like next?

  • Full Body Circuit
  • Upper Body Circuit
  • Lower Body Circuit
  • Treadmill Routine
  • Exercises for a specific body part/region
  • Other

Whichever one ends up with the most votes by tonight will be the “Reader’s Choice” and I’ll start putting it together ASAP. In the meantime, feel free to check out some older workouts that you may not have yet seen.

Alright my friends…it’s back to work I go!


  1. says

    I’d also love some more circuits – full body, upper and/or lower body!

    I had been following the Jamie Eason Live Fit trainer and made it through week 9 (of 12) before work commitments took priority. I enjoyed the results but couldn’t manage the time commitments. A lot of workouts took an hour and a half which got tough to fit in. I enjoyed sprints and want to keep doing them/HIIT cardio but would like to combine them with quicker circuits too.
    Lindsay @ LindsayInNYC recently posted..Old Navy – $8 Cardigans

  2. Jill says

    I was just thinking i need to mix up my weight routine… a full body circut with compound movements would be great!

  3. Ashley says

    I vote for an upper body circuit! I feel like there are just so many muscle groups and I never know how to put together an effective workout to cover everything!

  4. A.V. says

    I like workouts that can be done at home with minimal equipment, like the 7 Moves to Shredded Shoulders one! How about a workout for the legs or glutes?

  5. Claire says

    How about an abs workout? I’m getting pretty bored with my basic core exercises and would love to learn some new ones!

  6. Marley says

    I would love a full body circuit. I always find those the most challenging and they make me feel great after! :)


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