Rested and Ready

Ahhhh, now that was a nice little afternoon nap!

You guys know that I’m really not a huge nap person, but I was informed last night by the husband that it would probably be in my best interest. Now, why is that you ask?

Well, because once Friday nights roll around, I tend to become a little bit of a waste and am ready to fall asleep on the couch by about 9:00pm. Usually, this is a normal event around here, and I’m okay with that, but since we’re planning on having our friends Joe & Kate over this evening for a fun little Mexican dinner, he told me there were no early-to-bed’s allowed. Fair enough.

So now I’m all rested up (*hopefully*) and ready for a fun evening…complete with homemade margaritas and everything. Ooooo, baby!


By the time I got back home from my doc appointment this afternoon, I was more than ready for a little lunch since I never got a chance to have any sort of mid-morning snack.


I made a quick, veggie-packed egg white scramble, filled with red peppers, onions, broccoli, and diced tomatoes. It was awesome, and I’m quickly finding that this is probably my very favorite way to incorporate veggies into a meal when I’m not in the mood for a salad. It’s perfect.


On the side, I enjoyed a toasted whole wheat English muffin with PB & J, which ended up getting eaten sandwich style.


I almost always eat one half and then the other (unless I’m having an egg sandwich), but I couldn’t decide which one to finish with last today, so I rolled with both.

Wow, talk about information you could probably care less about. Winking smile

After lunch, I got to work on a very important task…

Sorting out all of my Thirty-One party orders!


The box came the other day and I just finally got around to opening it up and sorting things out today. Check out the items I chose…can you tell I was slightly partial to a particular pattern or what?


There were SO many cute things, but ultimately I decided to get a large utility tote (left), a mini utility/storage bin (right), and my favorite…a jewelry pouch.


Whenever I travel, my jewelry almost always gets tossed in to some sort of plastic baggie, which ultimately leads to a tangled up mess. Now, I’ll be able to travel tangle-free AND in style…which is good, since I have quite a bit of traveling coming up next month! Winking smile


Before signing off and heading back to work this afternoon, here’s the winner of my Naturalizer Shoe Giveaway: #194


Congratulations, Mary Beth! Please email me at sweetoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com ASAP with your shipping information so we can get you your gift card!


I hope you’re all having a fantastic Friday, friends! I’ll catch ya later!


  1. says

    I love random facts! I always eat the two sides of bagel separately and even if it’s two slices of bread I need two different toppings! Your purchases are super cute from what you’ve shown (looks like you got yourself a nice box load!) I’m the same on Friday nights, it’s 9pm here now and I’ll be in bed by half 10!
    Michelle@Peachy Palate recently posted..Breakfast for lunch

  2. says

    I’m the same way! My husband I plan date nights and when 8 or 9 rolls around I’m ready to call it a night. It’s so disappointing, but when I wake up at 5:30 every morning, I’m ready to go to sleep early.

    Naps are such a great thing, I wish I could take one every day!
    Janae Wise recently posted..What Jennifer Lawrence Can Teach Us

  3. Amanda says

    I’m always exhausted Friday night after working all week. Nap, or no nap, I seem to crash pretty early for it to be a night of fun, etc. Never fails 😛

  4. Alycia says

    I love afternoon naps! Best way to spend some time IMO. :)

    The pattern you picked is super cute. I love black/white because it always stays trendy and looks good!

  5. says

    I’ve been napping more lately because I had recently only been getting a max of 4 hours sleep a night. I went to my doctor, and apparently that is the worst thing you can do for your sleep cycle. Oopsy. I agree that scrambles are the BEST way to get veggies in.
    Lisa recently posted..Fun Fitness Friday

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