Good Thing You’re Cute

So glad you guys are liking this morning’s Chicken Parm Burger recipe! I’m tellin’ ya… they.are.awesome.

So how’s Tuesday treating you so far? Good? Great? Fantastic?

My day started out with a slightly later wake-up call (about 6:45, oh it was glorious) and a casual breakfast. As much as I don’t enjoy working until 8pm on Tuesdays, I sure to enjoy being able to move a little slower in the morning.


Breakfast today was two toasted Kashi waffles, topped with some honey cinnamon pb2, banana slices, and a drizzle of sugar-free syrup.


I added a little extra honey to my pb today, making it slightly more sweet and super delicious.

All during breakfast, this one below was having a field day; running around the kitchen, pouncing up and down, acting like a wild man. Seriously, you would have thought there was just an overly rambunctious cat a herd of elephants up in here.


And it’s all because of this little thing right here…


As a side note, please take notice of that mess he makes with his food. Yep, that is Just another one of his crazy quirks I suppose. <—FYI: one of my favorite cat posts ever linked right there.


Good thing you’re cute, furry one. Good thing.



Ohh lawdy, was I excited for lunch today…we had leftovers, baby!


In an effort to stick with this week’s attempt at less carbs with lunch, I opted to have my leftover chicken parm burger on a bed of fresh spinach, topped with a drizzle of Italian dressing.


I just topped the burger with more sauce, reheated it in the microwave, topped it with a little mozz, and quickly threw it under the broiler to melt. Surprisingly enough, it was just as tasty this way as it was last night. Jay, if the extra leftover burger is missing when you get home later, I swear it wasn’t me. It was Cody.

On the side, I had a my own personal veggie platter.


I thought about adding it to the rest, but figured it’d ruin it. They were better off on their own anyway.

I’m off to work shortly for my evening shift, where I’ll also probably end up doing my workout for today. I got so caught up in other things this morning, that I totally ran out of time, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get some time to at least squeeze a strength session in. We’ll see how it goes!

Question for the Afternoon:

I don’t know what it is, but I’m feeling rather positive and perky today! What about you?

Today is fantastic because _______________?


  1. says

    Today is fantastic because I got good news yesterday and the moment I woke up I had a chance again at life.

    Kids are healthy, husband is healthy and I have pushed through challenges stronger than I had in a long time.

    Also, because I have amazing people around me.

  2. says

    Today is fantastic because the weather is beautiful (albeit a little windy). Love seeing the sunshine!

    Today is also fantastic because it’s Tuesday … and that means a new episode of Glee is on tonight 😉 haha
    Yellow Haired Girl recently posted..Your Future Self

    • Courtney says

      Lately its all I’ve been craving at lunch so I’m working on just cutting back on them a bit so I can focus more on my veggies. :)

  3. Sarah says

    Today is fantastic because we just found out that my cousins are coming over for a few weeks (haven’t seen them in a year)- and we get to give ’em a tour of the east coast… can’t wait to get back to my good ‘ol home state of New York.
    Any one else singing Sinatra’s “New York” with me? :)

  4. says

    Today is fantastic because…my class threw me a surprise going away party. Friday is my last day of student teaching and they all made cards for me and then took turns giving me compliments and/or sharing a good memory of me as their teacher, plus they decorated the room. It brought me to tears, it was all so so sweet!
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted..The Benefits of Eating…Bananas!

  5. Kattreena says

    Today is fantastic because I found out my boyfriend has a job interview tomorrow for a better position than he has now! And because I had the BEST veggie burger at lunch today :)

  6. Kaelin says

    I am sooo excited to try your burgers!!!! I printed the recipe and am ready to go! Also, love your idea of putting it on spinach and skipping the bun! Yummy!!!!! Thanks Courtney.

  7. Kazsandra says

    This makes me really so hungry now and I think this looks perfect for weekend with the whole family.. Thanks for the idea of experimenting..
    Kazsandra recently posted..Gout Remedies

  8. brittany says

    my cat throws her food around all the time. her little place area has more food on it then in the bowl.
    that chicken parm burger looks good. i want to try it !

  9. says

    Yesterday was actually a REALLY BAD DAY, so bad that I didn’t want to go to school today. I had a MUCH BETTER DAY TODAY though! :)

    Today is fantastic because Revenge is on tonight, and I’m watching Betty White’s Off their Rockers instead of a repeat of The Middle.
    Shannon recently posted..Election nerves (part 2)

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