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Holla for Wednesday! WOOT WOOT! Hope everyone’s day has been awesome so far.

It was an early start for me, as usual for being a Wednesday, with my first client at 6:00am this morning. I swear, half the time (okay, who am I kidding, ALL the time) when I go in for early morning clients, I must look like a complete ragamuffin; total bedhead, sleepy eyes masked behind my glasses, and today even featured some mismatched socks and a pair of workout capris with holes in them.

Yes, I am one hot mess of a trainer between the hours of 6-9am, but hey; my clients still get a nice ‘ol butt-kickin’ to start their day.

Today, I had about an hour in between clients, and since I hadn’t packed my usual Wednesday work breakfast, I headed down the road to hit up Starbucks.


A grande coffee + 1 pump vanilla syrup + skim milk + 1 Truvia packet (my own), a spinach, egg white, and feta wrap, and a sample of blueberry scone that they had on the counter just waiting for me to take.


The egg wrap actually tasted much better than I remembered it tasting, but the scone sample was pretty ‘meh.’ My cinnamon chip scones are WAY better. Winking smile

A little while later, I had some time to kill between a couple other clients, so I squeezed in a little workout of my own: 10 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes treadmill, and an upper body workout that was, well…


Pretty darn awesome. I used the same ladder format for my workout that I used last week, doing the following upper body moves:

  • incline dumbbell chest press – 20lbs.
  • barbell bicep curls – 30lbs.
  • tricep pressdowns – 40lbs.
  • barbell row with underhand grip – 40lbs.
  • overhead shoulder press with dumbbells – 10lbs. (<—have always been my weakest!)

My arms were a shakin’ mess by the time I was finished up. Whew!

Post-workout (and shower), it was snack/mini lunch time…


A lemon Chobani + some Love Grown Foods granola, baby carrots and grape tomatoes + hummus.

Shortly after chowing on that, I finished up my last client of the day and headed home. I was in need of another light snack, so I ended up topping two Wasa crackers with some Chocolate PB2.


Believe it or not, today was actually my first time opening the chocolate PB2 that I got exactly three months ago. (I know, I’m crazy like that) but OH.MY.GOD…

That stuff is soooo much better than I thought it was going to be and I can totally foresee this making an appearance in some after-dinner dessert concoctions. Wow. Since I’m about one serving away from running out of my regular PB2, I’m thinking that I’ll have to place another order with (<—affiliate link, yo) and add both of these to the cart.

*FYI: For the month of April, there is no charge for International Airmail shipping on orders from $40 to $80, and orders of $60.00 or more receive a minimum 5% discount applied toward their order total. Plus, as always, first time buyers can receive $5.00 off with my coupon code SAZ564.


Get Your Questions In – New Blog Page Coming Soon!

One last thing before I scoot for this afternoon…

I’ve noticed recently that quite a few of you have had questions about my NASM studying and personal training – things such as how I started, why I started, what working as a trainer is like, etc. I’ve decided that it’d probably be best to have all of the Q&A’s in one place, so I’m going to work on putting together a new page for the ‘ol blog with everything you may possibly need or want to know!

That being said, if you have any questions at all that you’d like to have answered, please feel free to either leave them in the comment section of this post, (or email me if you’d rather remain private – sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com).

In addition, if you’ve emailed me in the past with questions and I have not yet responded, I will be adding those to the page. And if I have responded to you, and you still have the email, feel free to send it back to me so I can include those as well.


Alright, I’ve chatted your ears off enough for now…I’ll catch you gators later. Winking smile


  1. Sarah J. says

    Does getting your personal training certification only involve studying and taking a test? I’m sure the test is extremely difficult, but I just always thought you had to have a degree in exercise science. I have a bachelors degree in education and cannot find a job :( I can really relate to your experiences and feelings. I have been thinking about personal training a lot lately and I am soo excited that you are creating an info page for NASM!

  2. Allison F. says

    Wow I feel like Sarah J. and I are in the same boat! My question for you is once you got your training certificate, how did you land the job at the gym? Did you apply for the position or did you know someone who approached you?

  3. says

    Chocolate PB2 is amazing! You can make your own with regular PB2 by adding cocoa powder and a little bit of powdered sugar. I don’t have the exact measurements but I’m sure I could dig them up if you need them for emergency situations :) PB2 + Wasa + Fresh berries = Awesome snack.
    Shana recently posted..Sweet-Ish

  4. says

    I am thinking of working toward my certification after I graduate college (next week!) so I am excited for your new page! I know there are a few personal training “schools” to choose from, so how/why did you pick NASM?
    Megan recently posted..Big, Big News!

  5. says

    1. I was thinking about this while reading your post; are you still on “the plan”, and if so, how far along have you come? Are you impressed with the results? Do you feel great?

    2. How do you deal with clients that can be pushy/demanding/mean? Do you send them to another trainer or do you make their workouts even harder? 😉
    Shannon recently posted..Election nerves (part 2)

  6. Jenny says

    Just a couple questions…
    Do you have to find your own clients or does your gym have training coordinators who set you up with them?
    How long are your training sessions?

  7. says

    This isn’t as much about your new career as you old one: Do you ever regret or miss teaching? I have 20 more days of my teaching career – I have a feeling I won’t feel any regret (since I haven’t felt even a little teeny bit yet) but I’m always a little nervous about making big changes!
    Michelle (Better with Berries) recently posted..No Road Rage for Me

  8. says

    Not a question about your accreditation or training, but rather about nutrition and exercise. I’m two months into a gym membership and have a lot of weight to lose (25kg or so). I’m doing 3-4 big cardio sessions (45mins-1 hour), generally doing intervals, including some of yours (I love them!)! I follow this with about 20 minutes of weights. I’ve seen a few people drinking protein shakes before/during/after their workout and I wondered if I should be doing so too? If I get enough protein in my meals, do I need to have the shake as well, or is it more for muscle building, which I also want to do (but i’m focusing on health and weight loss for now).

    • Courtney says

      I’d say that it very much depends on how much time is in between your workout and your next meal. Typically, after a workout, you want to replenish the body with some form of protein + carbs within 60 minutes (90 minutes max) of finishing. If your next meal is still a few hours away, then a protein shake would be a good option for you post-workout.
      Before working out, I’d recommend eating a small snack (100-200 calories) about 30 minutes before, with something that would be a fast-digesting carb fruits, pretzels, bagel, small energy bar, etc.) That will give you the energy to sustain your workout!


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