Post-Workout Rewards and Snacks

Okay, get ready for some information overload in this post!

Remember how I told you guys this morning about my little workout date? Well, let’s talk about that…in a word, it was awesome. On so many levels.

First, we got started by grabbing a couple of elastic bands and a medicine ball and then we headed outdoors. At first I thought, outdoors? Oh crap. But it was actually pretty fun.

My workout buddy had us do things such as…

  • walking lunges
  • running up and down the stairs in the back of the building
  • dips on the railing
  • jumping jacks
  • placing the elastic bands around poles and using them to do squats with rows
  • mountain climbers off of a random bench
  • running side by side around the perimeter of the gym, both forward, and side to side, while tossing a medicine ball back and forth (like you see below)


By the time we made it back around to the front of the gym, she turned to me and said, “Alright, I think we’re warmed up!”

WARMED UP?!? Oh good lord…

Once we were inside, we ended up doing a few core moves before heading over to the kettlebells. This was probably my favorite part of the whole workout because not only did we perform a few different moves, but we performed them correctly.

As it turns out, there were a few moves that I have not been doing properly and she actually took the time to explain not only how to do them, but why to do them that way. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was doing them slightly wrong (hey, we’re not perfect, right?), and I was so incredibly grateful that she took the time to work with me on a few things. (I found out she’s actually a certified kettlebell instructor, and her knowledge of them is phenomenal).

One of the moves we worked on was the kettlebell swing.


She explained that often times, people will use a kettlebell that is much too light for them, and in turn, they wind up using their arms to help them through the move. In actuality, the force and power should be coming from the core and legs. The difference I felt once I started doing this properly, with more force and a “pop” at the end was unreal.

Another move we worked on, which was probably the most challenging for me, was the kettlebell clean and jerk.


The kettlebell clean and jerk is an explosive lifting exercise that involves the entire body – hamstrings, glutes hips, arms, shoulders, and chest. It took me a while to really get the form down properly, but once I did…woah, BABY! Talk about your heart rate going through the roof.

I loved everything about today’s workout because not only did a have a good sweat session, but I learned a LOT. There’s always so much room for improvement in the fitness field, with new things to learn everyday, and I’m so thankful that my workout buddy took the time to teach me some of them.

Now I need to somehow come up with a workout as awesome as hers for when we get together again next week. Ummmm, yeah. Gonna have to think for a while on that one. Winking smile

Once our workout was done, I felt like I deserved a little reward…so I went right ahead and rewarded myself.


In the form of an iced coffee from DD’s.

Check out the snazzy new straws from DD’s…lovin’ the new color scheme, Dunkin’.


Once I got home, I enjoyed my iced coffee with a little post-workout protein in the form of a plain Greek yogurt mixed with 4 drops of vanilla stevia and some fresh strawberries.


Greek yogurt + berries has probably one of my favorite post-workout snacks as of late; the protein from the yogurt helps replenish the amino acids that are often depleted after a workout, and the berries provide some extra carbohydrates for energy. You always want to strive to get some protein + carbs after a workout

Some other good post-workout snack options:

  • low-sodium deli turkey + a wedge of The Laughing Cow + a small apple
  • a protein shake + 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 banana + 1 tbsp. peanut butter + rice cakes
  • high fiber cereal + low-fat or non-dairy milk
  • small handful nuts + dried fruit

WHEW. Alright, if you’re still with me after all of that info, then thanks a bunch. You’re awesome. Smile

Now it’s time to go make myself some lunch…the tummy is a’-grumblin’!

Questions for the Afternoon:

What is something in the fitness world that you’d like to learn more about?

What are some of your favorite, post-workout snacks?


  1. says

    my favorite move with the medicine ball is a squat/toss (throwing the ball in the air and catching it while doing squats) not sure of the actual name :) Sounds like you guys had a fantastic workout!
    Becca recently posted..Another Good Day

  2. says

    Weight lifting for sure. Sometimes I feel super awkward doing moves and am not sure if I am doing them correctly or not, so then I just end up sticking to my regular exercises and not trying anything new.
    Protein shakes with almond milk or dates and peanut butter, and always a banana!
    Lindsey recently posted..Dressing For Spring

  3. says

    I love kettlebell exercises and after taking a class learning about form I realized how amazing they can be, but how easy it could be to have the wrong form and get hurt. I would always prefer someone (workout buddy, trainer, class instructor, whatever!) to tell me if I am doing something incorrectly or if my form could be better!
    Caitlin @ This Bride’s Joyride recently posted..“Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.” -Paul Tergat

  4. Allison F. says

    I hate those kettlebell cleans. They give me such bad bruises on my forearms that people ALWAYS comment on them.

  5. says

    best post workout snack is a smootie or some oats! the combinations are endless to keep it exciting.

    i used to be on an ice coffee kick but started to make my own at home to save $. there a must have for the summer though.

  6. says

    I need to find a workout buddy like yours! Sounds like an intense workout. I’ve been wanting to try kettlebells for the longest time. I hope you share all the secrets you learn about them, so I can pick up some of my own.

  7. says

    I see you’ve recommended a few options with fats in them post-workout. Fats are slow digesting which will slow down the absorption of the proteins and carbs after your workout. I think a protein source (whey protein) and a quick digesting carb are the best options post-workout!
    Carrie @ Lift Eat Repeat recently posted..Protein Oatmeal Crackers

  8. says

    I love kettlebell moves, they are intense, and love how they get my heart rate up. My favourite post workout meals are smoothies or yogurt with fruit. I can not wait until its warmer out, so smoothies can make more of an appearance!
    Lisa recently posted..Cheesy Balls

    • Courtney says

      I totally agree on the warmer weather needed for smoothies! I just can’t handle ’em when it’s still cold out…c’mon WARMTH! :)

  9. Kayla says

    Wanted to share the love of a new PWO protein concoction that is to die for!
    1/2 an apple (I use Gala) diced, sprinkle w/cinnamon to taste, heat for 1 min.
    Add 1 scoop Vanilla protein powder & ~ 1/2C of LF cottage cheese.. Tastes like apple pie & I don’t even like cottage cheese :)
    Also I recently experimented w/ a similar idea… (no heating req’d)… 1/2C LF cottage cheese, 1/2 banana (mush w/fork to spread the flavor) & 1tsp of cocoa powder & 1 scoop Vanilla protein powder…Tastes like chocolate & banana ice cream NO JOKE! :)

  10. says

    I wouldn’t have even made it through the warmups! Kudos to you. :) I do like Dunkin’s new straws; the orange and pink color scheme just doesn’t mesh too well. I didn’t know they had new straws until I read this post.

    After a time that I run, I take a nap, or just drink a glass of water. I don’t want to eat a big bowl of ice cream and then feel extremely stupid that I spent my time on my run.

    Something that I’d like to learn about? Hmmmmmm….. I don’t really know. Maybe tips from avoiding cramps while you run after a while besides the most common tip of keeping at a steady pace (which I do)?
    Shannon recently posted..Election nerves (part 2)

  11. says

    I love Greek yogurt with berries! I usually go with vanilla yogurt (for some reason it makes me think I’m eating candy – but only the yogurt flavor, anything else just tastes like yogurt), and add in some frozen berries. It’s so amazingly good!
    Fiona @ Get Fit Fiona recently posted..An Amazing Compliment

  12. says

    I was so excited that you stopped by my blog Courtney!! :)

    I always try to use any kind of nut butter after a workout…or some kind of nut, like almonds. My go to seems to be a protein shake. :)

    Have an awesome night!!


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