Who Woulda Thought?

I’ll tell ya…for the second weekend in a row, I spent a majority of my weekend away from the computer, so I really don’t have all that much to catch ya’ll up on this morning…

I think having the whole photo publishing ordeal on Saturday was just the boost I needed to power down again and fill my weekend with friends, family, and just some regular ‘ol downtime. I even finished my book…and omgitwassofreakingood.

Honestly, I’m loving the new weekend routine. I can’t tell you just how often I go to sit down, read a magazine, or just chill out, and then suddenly realize that “I must do x,y, and z” on the computer. Blogs to catch up on, posts to write, Facebook pages to check…but hey, you know what?

It was all still there this morning.

Who woulda thought, right?

Last Night’s Dinner

Jay and I were both pretty pooped by the time evening rolled around last night, and since we had both been out for a majority of the day, we didn’t have much of a chance to plan out dinner. But, we managed to rummage through the freezer and come up with a little somethin’ somethin’.


We created a simple meal out of a box mixed frozen veggies, a couple of chicken sausages, and some pierogies, which all came together super quick.


The pierogies we had on hand were Mrs. T’s Whole Grain Sweet Potato Pierogies, which I must say, were pretty awesome. This was our first time trying out the sweet potato variety (we usually get onion and potato) and I am definitely a fan.


I almost feel like they could somehow be turned into some sort of dessert? Ohhh, the wheels are spinnin’ folks!


Today’s batch of oatmeal felt enormous, which I’m sure probably has something to do with the fact that I had almost an entire pint of blueberries in that bowl there…


Usually I’ll just add my blueberries on top of the cooked oats and will sometimes mix a couple in, but I wound up accidentally dumping in most of the container right towards the end of cooking. Oops.


Hey, no worries. At least it was one of the best possible ingredients to get heavy handed with, right? Winking smile


Breakfast also FINALLY included some real coffee – all weekend, I’d been stuck drinking some old, expired instant coffee packets that we happened to have in the back of our cabinet. We ran out of coffee on Thursday and I never got a chance to make it to the store until yesterday.


The instant stuff was alright in a pinch, but it was definitely nothing compared to my usual mug ‘o joe. Ohh, how I missed that.

I feel like this week is going to end up flying by on me, since I’m traveling on Friday, but I’m hoping to get a new workout or two headed your way soon. Be on the lookout!

Question for the Morning: How are you getting healthy this week?

  • Getting some good workouts in?
  • Planning out your meals?
  • Packing a few lunches?
  • Getting to bed at a decent hour?

Let’s make some healthy choices today to kick start a healthy week ahead!


  1. says

    I love Mrs T’s Pierogies! We get those all the time and pair them with sweet sausage. I will have to try the chicken sausage now, it looks just as delicious.
    I am getting healthy this week by tracking the food I eat so I am accountable – I do much better at eating well when I actually write it down. I also plan on walking everyday this week. I usually walk 4 out of the 7 days, but this week I am going to attempt to do it everyday.

    How do you make your pierogies? We usually pan fry with a little evoo in the pan. Is there a better way?
    Ashlee @ A Step in the Right Direction recently posted..Feeling Down

    • Courtney says

      Jay is actually the pierogie chef, but I believe he boils them first, then sautes them in a pan with some EVOO and lots of garlic :)

  2. says

    I am going to stick to one real treat a week, last week got a little out of control with a dessert gala, lots of chocolate and a DQ milkshake. And drink lots of water!
    Good for you I need to be able to relax more, I can sit for 30 minutes and then all those things start nagging me…
    I saw The Lucky One book at Costco and did not buy it, but really want to read it, hoping the library has it soon!
    Lindsey recently posted..Sunday Via Instagram

  3. says

    I haven’t had pierogies since I was in college — now I want them for dinner more than anything, yum!

    I’m really trying to add as many veggies and fruits into my diet this week. Last week was full of eating out, fried foods and treats. I’d love to feel better this week!
    Caitlin @ This Bride’s Joyride recently posted..The 5k letdown

  4. says

    Im going to pack healthy lunches and snacks everyday this week. I am also going to switch my workouts to The AM. This way after a long day I wont have any reason to skip it :) I used to love morning workouts and I hope I can get back into the routine.
    Becca recently posted..The Five-Year Engagement

  5. Amanda says

    I just started Jillian Michaels’ Making the Cut book (again) yesterday. I’ve done the whole 30 day workout program 3 times, and I love the results and not having to come up with workouts for a month!

  6. says

    I wish I was going to BLEND! I just couldn’t get the time approved from work :( Its so close to me (I’m in Utah, so its a short plane ride…) and I would have loved to meet you in real life! Its something to work towards though – freedom of my work schedule!
    Kim @ The Family Practice recently posted..Affinity Fraud

  7. says

    Well, let’s home the rest of the week goes better than this morning. I slept through my alarm and missed my workout. I slept right through it! Didn’t hit snooze or anything. Whoopsie. I’m getting healthy this week by taking my Zumba instructor course on Saturday! I’m nervous. Eeeek!

    I love the idea of sweet potato pierogies! That sounds right up my alley…
    Yellow Haired Girl recently posted..My Current Faves

  8. says

    My husband always teases me because it’s like I’m permanently stationed in front of the computer. It’s definitely nice to take a break every now & then!

    I want to up my workout intensity this week! And of course, getting to bed early is a goal I’m constantly trying to acheive!
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted..Weekend Rewind

  9. Crystal C. says

    Oh my Gosh!! We had almost he exact same dinner last night! We had the Mrs. T’s Potato and Cheese pierogies, cut up and grilled italian sausage and some grilled veggies and a salad! It was pretty darn good and super quick to put together! I have not seen the sweet potato pierogies but I am going to be on the look out for them! Hey great minds must think alike when it comes to dinner! :) Have a good day!

  10. says

    I wanted to start this week on a healthier note by trying to make my meals less sugary (usually I would have flavored Greek yogurt with a banana and cereal for breakfast= so much sugar). This morning, I had an egg and cheese sandwich! I’ll try to keep this up for a while and see how tame my cravings get and possibly if it will reduce my break outs.
    Have a wonderful Monday!
    michelle kim recently posted..Breath of Life

  11. says

    Pierogies taste fantastic. I love them. :)

    My throat is killing me today, and I hope it gets better before Wednesday because I have to present a speech in front of my peers. How scary! It just started to hurt today so…I’m not really looking on the bright side on this rough patch.

    The healthy choice that I just made was to forgo the dish of Chocolate Therapy that I was planning on having after school. The craving is still VERY STRONG right now, but I’ll try to forget about it soon. Dinner’s early tonight.
    Shannon recently posted..Election nerves (part 2)

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