One Killer Salad


Whew! Talk about a busy day. I’ve been on the go since 6:00am this morning and actually didn’t even pick up my camera until about 6:00pm this evening. Between work, running some errands (including a beautiful Shellac manicure from Kelsey), and getting ready for Friday, it’s been non-stop over here. Before I knew it, it…

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Book Review & Giveaway: THE SWING!

Isn’t it funny, how just last week I was introduced more properly into kettlebell training and within the same week, I had the opportunity to review a book all about kettlebells? I was recently contacted by TLC Book Tours, asking if I’d be interested in reviewing a book from one of their tours called THE…

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WIAW: What Is Causing My Asthma Attacks

I think I sort of cheated for this week’s WIAW post… You see, today’s post actually includes meals from three different days: last Friday, yesterday, and this morning. Is that cheating? Maybe. But hey, I’m gonna do it anyway. Besides, I actually have some interesting insights as to what may be causing my latest asthma…

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