Touring with Love Grown Foods

Alright. Let’s talk about one of the most awesome afternoons EVER right now.

On Friday, after arriving at the airport and meeting up with this gal, the two of us found a few other of our Blend Retreat friends and were quickly greeted with a snazzy pick up service, in the form of the Love Bus!


A few of us Love Bloggers had been in contact with the wonderful Maddy for a few weeks leading up to the event, and she most graciously offered to not only be our “chauffeur” for the afternoon, but also to bring us to visit the “Love Pad.”

This girl has more energy than I will ever have in my entire life. She is seriously just amazing, and the passion she has for her product only makes me “love the Love” that much more.


So our crew boarded the bus and began our trek from Denver to Boulder…but, of course, with a couple fun pit stops on the way.

First up: The Love Pad!


Maddy brought us to the place where all the “love” happens, and it was honestly just so cool to be able to see all the “behind the scenes” things that we don’t typically get to see as consumers.



One of my favorite parts? The fact that the main focal point in their office was this awesome ping-pong table, which they actually made themselves using empty granola bags. Umm, I want a ping pong table in my home office…


Maddy also showed us the evolution of the Love Grown Foods bags; at first, they started out buying bags in bulk and would manually place the stickers on each and every bag. Now, they have their bags specially designed. So cool.


We also got to see their production room, which I’m sure you’re wondering why the heck it looks so empty? Well, the company has been doing SO well, that they are actually in the process of moving to a larger facility that will be producing their granola in much larger quantities. I’ll talk more about that in a few…


The Love Bloggers! Alex, Sarah, Me, Alyssa, Bobbi, Lindsay, Brittany, and Maddy.


Before leaving from the Love Pad, Maddy was so kind to give us all an amazing goody box filled with things from some of their favorite Colorado-based companies. Again, these folks are just incredible.


They made Alyssa and I quite happy. Winking smile


We boarded the bus again, goody boxes and all (plus a creeper shot of me in the mirror there) and headed to our next destination.


Our next stop before heading to the Retreat brought us to the new facility where Love Grown Foods will be processed, Fresca Foods.


While we weren’t able to bring cameras into the facility, we had the opportunity to get a tour of the whole facility which was just awesome. Have you ever watched “Unwrapped” on the Food Network? Yeah, it was just like that…


We got to see where and how the products are tested, which was so neat, but we also got to see the production of a few different companies, including Larabar and Justin’s Nut Butter. We had the opportunity to try a Larabar fresh off the line (it was so soft and gooey, just like eating a ball of nut butter, honestly) AND we even got to meet Justin himself!


He happened to be at the facility that day, checking out a new piece of equipment they were bringing in to speed up the production of his nut butters. He was such a cool, down to earth guy, and it honestly took all of me to not be screaming “oh my god, I love your nut butter.”

Would that have been weird? Maybe…ahh well.

So after our tour of Fresca Foods, we were off to our final destination for the weekend…


Chautauqua Park!

More info to come! Smile


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    OMG what a day! I am so jealous! I actually gave one of my good friends a bag of the Simply Naked Love Grown Foods granola last night, he can’t WAIT to dig in. Maddy seems sweet and I’m jealous you got to hang with all those awesome bloggers. I wish I could be at Blend Retreat, have fun! And OH YEAH meeting Justin must have rocked!
    Caitlin recently posted..So G Coffee Roasters

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    COURT!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! So freakin’ COOL!!! I can’t get over HOW AWESOME YOU ALL ARE!…I mean…I knew you were all AWESOME but you truly ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!!! Loved our LOVE Fest! Come back again soon!!

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    Wow, what a great day! I’m loving all these Blend Retreat updates! Sadly I’m not able to get Love Grown here but I love Alex & Maddy’s story & think touring with them would be so much fun. Can’t wait to hear more about the retreat!


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