Dinner at Tortilla Flats

Alright, so let’s continue where we last left off

fitblognyc (25)[8]

After yesterday’s Meet & Tweet event, Julie, Jillian, and I had a couple hours of downtime in the hotel before eventually heading out to join a small group dinner at Tortilla Flats.

fitblognyc (20)[8]

The restaurant itself actually kind of reminded me of my favorite local Mexican spot, Bombers; small, intensely decorated, and lots of character.

The three of us ended up getting there a little later than everyone else, so we had a booth all to ourselves. Luckily, we were able to enlist a few different visitors throughout the evening. Winking smile

Anne, Me, & Julie

fitblognyc (24)[8]

Jillian & Meredith

fitblognyc (23)[8]

Our table was given some fresh chips and salsa to start. Chips = amazing. Salsa = way too spicy for this gal.

fitblognyc (19)[4]

The three of us also got a pitcher of sangria to share, which was surprisingly strong but super delish.

fitblognyc (21)[4]

For dinner, I rolled with a soft chicken taco combo plate, which came with rice and refried beans.

fitblognyc (22)[4]

Everything tasted awesome and I was surprised at how much I was diggin’ the beans. I don’t know what’s happening to me…a year and a half ago, I wouldn’t have touched the things.

After dinner a few members of the group decided to go out for a drink, but Julie and I headed back to the hotel. It was a LONG day for me and I was definitely feeling wiped.


This morning, the two of us both got up and headed down to the hotel’s “fitness center” for a workout; I use that term lightly though, considering their fitness center consisted of a treadmill, an elliptical, and a few sets of free weights.

Hey, better than nothing though, right?

We also ended up running into Miz, who was dominating the elliptical, so Julie and I decided to do a bit of an interval workout; we each alternated two minutes on the treadmill with two minutes of strength training. It wasn’t the toughest workout I’ve ever done, but we were both sweating like pigs by the end of it.

hello, awkward self-taken mirror photo

Once we showered up and packed up, our small little group grabbed a quick meal, boarded the train, said goodbye to the city, and headed on over to Boston.


We had stopped quickly at Chickpea in Penn Station and I was absolutely torn on what to get; I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, but their salad stuff looked amazing. I ultimately decided to stick with breakfast, since I can never made lunch-type foods my first meal of the day, but it was a good decision.


Iced coffee + the Healthy Breakfast Wrap, which consisted of egg whites and veggies wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.


I also snacked on a box of vanilla yogurt raisins that I snagged from yesterday’s event.


Once we get into Boston, we’ve got plans to explore the city with our tour guide for the day, Sarah. Looking forward to scoping out the scenes! Smile

Fun at the Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet

Talk about a busy, fun-filled day!

Yesterday morning, I was up nice and early (once again) for a 6am train ride to New York City.

Besides having to walk a ways in the rain with no umbrella (yeah, that was a blast!), I had no problems with my train ride or making it to my final destination…

fitblognyc (2)

Fitness Magazine’s Meet and Tweet event! Before actually heading to the event I made a quick pit stop to meet up with Julie, Tina, Theodora, and Anne at the hotel to drop off my luggage.


IMG_1846photo courtesy of Anne

By the time we made it to the event, the place was already hustlin’ and bustlin’ with plenty of fitness-minded peeps.

fitblognyc (3)fitblognyc (4)

After signing in and grabbing our name tags, we headed around to meet up with all of the different tables who were there. One particular brand in attendance was Oakley, who totally blew me away with their different styles of sunglasses.

fitblognyc (5)

I guess I had long assumed that all of their sunglasses look like the pair that my brother always wears, but boy was I wrong. I opted for a pair of their Oakley Overtime Those things were SO cute – and I’m super psyched that I have a pair of my own now.

Also in attendance at yesterday’s event was Mia Hamm, which I thought was cool.

fitblognyc (8)

I, myself, have never really been much into soccer, but Jay is a soccer player so I guess I know a thing or two about the sport. I was planning on getting a signed soccer ball for him, but by the time I got around to it, Mia had already left. Sorry, Jay.

Julie (aka, my blog twin & roomie last night), on the other hand got an autographed ball for Ryan (err, should I say “Bryan?”). Winking smile

fitblognyc (6)

Shortly after arriving at the event, my hunger seriously started to kick in, so I was super psyched to see that there was a little snack station nearby.

fitblognyc (7)

I made myself a piece of bread with almond butter and jelly which helped tide me over a bit until our actual lunch.

After spending a couple more hours walking around, chatting with friends, meeting new friends, and talking with vendors, it was lunch time.

fitblognyc (10)

I was totally diggin’ the healthy variety of foods that they offered.

fitblognyc (9)

I filled my plate with a little bit of everything: house salad, farro salad, fresh fruit, salmon, and some chicken.

fitblognyc (11)

Everything was great, especially the farro salad, but I didn’t totally love the chicken. There was something weird about it…almost like it looked undercooked or something?

After lunch, we had a little more time to browse the sponsor tables and socialize with friends, which c’mon – let’s face it – is always the best part.

Theodora, Sarah, Ashley, Julie, Me, and Tina

IMG_0011photo courtesy of Sarah

In the afternoon, I took some time to check out a panel that Miz, Kelly, Julie, and Tina were on.

fitblognyc (13)

It was a fun Q&A panel and all four of them had some really great responses on how to make your blog into a business. It was actually probably one of the only panels I really sat down and listened to all day, but that’s just because I spent all of my time talking with everyone. Whoops. Just call me a social butterfly. Winking smile

Toward the end of the day, things finished up with some mini cookies (which were AH-mazing) and a pop-up Tabura workout.

fitblognyc (15)

I actually really only participated in the abs portion of the workout at the end, but from watching everyone else, it totally seemed like quite the workout. Rather than using regular music, the instructor directed to live bongo drums, which was awesome just to listen to.

fitblognyc (18)

Finally, before leaving for the day, I made sure to pick up my swag bag. Seriously, how cute is this bag?!?

fitblognyc (16)

Our bags were filled with tons of goodies from Reebok(!), Camelbak, Vichy and more.

fitblognyc (17)

Honestly, I still haven’t even had a chance to go through it all, so there’s probably still a few more goodies hiding out in there.

I had such a good time at the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet event, and loved being able to hang with everyone. Thanks so much for having me, Fitness Magazine!

Stay tuned for a recap from last night’s dinner soon. Smile

Blend Retreat: The Final Recap

Well, we’ve finally made it to my final recap of the Blend Retreat. I still need to work on putting together a recap of all the fun that was happening here in NYC yesterday, which will hopefully happen later today. But for now, let’s talk Colorado.

I honestly can’t even begin to tell you what an incredibly awesome weekend it was, and I’m SO glad I made the last minute decision to attend (after being easily persuaded by Ms. Alyssa). The people were great, the sponsors were amazing, and the swag? Oh man, it was out of this world. I realized that I actually never took any photos of our swag bags, but Jillian did – feel free to check out our spread of goodies!

Before I forget, I need to backtrack a bit…do you guys remember when I told you I had the chance to meet the one and only Justin himself from Justin’s Nut Butter? Well, here’s my proof!

Maddy from Love Grown had taken this photo before we started our tour and I had totally forgotten about it until I saw it over on Lindsay’s post. (Speaking of, her recap post is awesome, so feel free to check it out – she did a much better job of capturing scenes from the whole weekend than I did!).

I should also add that when I received that awesome box of goodies from Love Grown, this little gem happened to be hiding out in there…

Oh yes. It’s just like a Snickers bar, but better. And healthier. And it was thoroughly enjoyed last night while hanging out with Jay after work. I have yet to see them anywhere, but you can bet that I’ve got my eyes peeled for ‘em.


So now…on to the recap! On Sunday, we all had another early morning wakeup call for bootcamp, which was led by the Chobani Fit team.

photo courtesy of Chobani

The bootcamp had us broken into groups and completing a number of different stations of workouts that ended up hitting the whole body. It was a bit chilly on Sunday morning, so I was glad that we got things moving quickly.

Once we were finished bootcampin’ it, we were treated to another delicious breakfast spread, sponsored by Chobani.


Fresh fruit, vanilla CHO, Love Grown granola, half a cinnamon raisin bagel with PB&J and some more yummy coffee. Filling, delicious, awesome.

After breakfast, the group gathered around for closing ceremonies and a raffle where I’m pretty sure there were enough giveaways for everyone to win something.

photo courtesy of Bobbi

I ended up winning a Chobani Fit hat and bag, but never took a photo. Woops. But I did finally get a chance to meet my wonderful and awesome Chobani friends!

photo courtesy of Alyssa

Once the raffle was over, everyone headed back to pack up, said their goodbyes, and before I knew it, I was on my way back home. I shared a cab to the airport with Alyssa and Jillian, and since we all had a little bit of time before our flights took off, we decided to grab something to eat…

I’m starting to think I may have a problem?

Alyssa and I opted for a fro yo “lunch” of sorts to help get us through our travels.

Hey, sometimes it’s just necessary, mmmkay? Winking smile

From there, the rest is history – I made it back home safely and I now have a full weekend full of amazing memories with some incredible ladies.

photo courtesy ashley mclaughlin photography

I’m already looking forward to going back again next year.

A great, huge, enormous, big ‘ol thank you to Janetha, Lindsay, and Katie for making this happen! Smile