Reebok + A Surprise For YOU, Part 2

Hey guys! So let’s get back to where we left off this morning with my recap of Reebok. You’ve already read Part 1, so now let’s wrap up with Part 2. It’s a long post, but I promise…you’re going to want to stick around for the end!

Once we finished our CrossFit workout, we headed back to our “home base” and got ready to learn a little bit more about some of the various Reebok sneakers that are currently out on the market, as well as a few different pairs that should be hitting stores this coming summer.


Our presentation was led by Kate Young, U.S. Women’s Merchandising Manager, who I found to be very well-versed in not only her knowledge of the products themselves, but also the ‘how and why’ of the various sneakers based on different foot types.


If you’re unsure of what your foot type is, Kate told us a super-simple trick: place your foot in a bucket of water then step onto a piece of newspaper to see what kind of a foot print you leave. Based on that, you would want to pair your own footprint with one of the ones shown below, and look for those keywords when investing in a pair of sneakers (i.e., stable, flexible, etc.).


One of the questions that I had for Kate during the presentation was about those of us who may have different running styles. For example, I’m in the minority of those who tend to run on their toes (my mom blames my 18+ years of dancing), so I was curious whether or not there were certain shoes that would be better for me than others.

Kate explained that for people who run on their toes (aka, their forefoot) a low drop shoe, such as their RealFlex Optimal would be best; it’s similar to a minimalist shoe, but with more cushion. I didn’t have a chance to try that particular pair on, but I’m glad to know!

For most people, however, Kate explained that the RealFlex Transition (shown below) is their best-selling, multifunctional shoe.


This shoe is ideal for overall fitness, and best for the type of exerciser who likes to switch back and forth from some plyometrics, to some some HIIT, to perhaps running 3-4 miles.

The RealFlex technology helps promote natural movement of the foot, and the “nodes” are designed to help the feet move and flex.


In addition to the RealFlex Transition, we were also given a pair of their ZigNano Fly 2 sneakers, which are a lightweight, multifunctional running shoe.


They have a “wave-like” sole, which Kate told us is to help propel you forward as you run…almost the way you’d think of a slinky moving.


I have yet to try these out yet, but I’m definitely excited to give ‘em a go.


After we finished our session, it was time for some lunch!


I took a piece of a grilled chicken sandwich and made a side salad topped with mixed veggies, a few chicken slices, and a slice of roast beef. All of it was delicious…especially that sugar cookie you see up there in the corner. Winking smile


Once we finished with lunch, it was time to continue on with our tour of the facility and head into the Human Performance Engineering Lab. Sounds pretty fancy, right?


We first met with Bill McInnis, the head of Reebok Advanced Innovations. Bill actually used to work for NASA, so I found it pretty incredible that a former rocket scientist is working at designing all of Reebok’s footwear.


Bill gave us a thorough presentation on the various steps it takes for a sneaker to make it from design to store. We also learned that Reebok gets a select group of runners to log about 200-300 miles on each of the various Reebok “trial” shoes and has them share their thoughts with the employees.

It was pretty cool to see some of the different pairs that didn’t “make the cut” for one reason or another.


Reebok definitely doesn’t fool around when designing their shoes, and each and every detail gets equal attention.


Next, we got a chance to meet with Paul Bates, head of the CAD department. He showed us a 3D representation of the shoes before they go to “print.”


Then, we were able to see some of their 3D printers at work.


These machines were serious business…and would you believe that that creepy looking head on top of the printer was actually made with that printer? Soooo creepy!


We also learned a bit about Reebok’s new “U-Form” technology. The “U-Form” is a heat activated, custom-fit technology built into the lining of some of their newer shoes. When a consumer buys a pair of shoes with the U-Form technology, he/she uses a hair dryer to heat the shoes for two minutes. This causes the shoes to soften, so when he/she puts the shoes back on and allows it a few minutes to harden, you end up with a pair of shoes that are perfectly molded to your feet. So, so cool!

Almost as cool as these snazzy glasses we had to wear. Winking smile


Hey, safety first!

After our tour was complete, it was time to head to our last event for the day: a Cardio Dance workout led by Ilyse Baker. Reebok actually flew Ilyse in all the way from California just to teach our class, so I felt like I better whip out my best dance moves…errr, at least try to.


When we first started, I honestly didn’t know what to think of the class; I’ve taken a few dance-like classes before, and I haven’t loved them. But I also danced for 18 years of my life, so I’m familiar with the continuous choreography too.

picture courtesy of Tina

Well, the energy that Ilyse gave off was so captivating, that I found myself bustin’ a move like it was nobody’s business, and I’m pretty sure I left the class being the sweatiest. (You can also watch our dance moves HERE!)


Great workout = awesome…having to travel back home without showering = not so awesome. Sorry, Cat.


So finally, I have one last exciting thing to share about my day at Reebok. During the afternoon session that I mentioned above, we also had a few opportunities to “test our listening skills” and try to earn some prizes. Well, as it turns out, my listening and note-taking skills paid off, because I wound up winning one of the prizes:


A gift card to create a custom pair of Reebok shoes!

reebok custom shoes

I’ve actually already decided that since I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten a couple pairs of Reebok sneakers, I really don’t need another pair, so I’m going to give my gift card to Jay, who really does need a new pair (yup, so if you’re just reading Jay, surprise!).

But you guys want to know the coolest part?

I didn’t just win ONE gift card…

reebok gift card

I won TWO gift cards…which means I have one to give away to one of YOU!

One lucky winner will receive a gift card to create a custom pair of Reebok shoes!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me which shoes you would want to design for yourself and why (you can check out the site HERE).



Alex, please email me at sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com so I know where to send you your new gift card!



  1. Bethany says

    I would LOVE the DG Fly Zig Zag shoes!! I run outside and treadmill so I think it would be the best of both worlds :)

  2. Andrea says

    I would love to customize a pair of the running shoes, ZigNano, because I am a runner! The light-weight, wave bottom really makes me curious to test out! Looks like it was a great time :)

  3. Lauren says

    I’d LOVE the RealFlex Run shoes! I’m dying to try a more minimalist shoe and definitely want something snazzy with neon colors!

  4. Rachelle says

    Oh my gosh what an opportunity! I’ve had the same running shoes for 5 years! I know you’re supposed to change them every 6 months, but they’re so darn expensive and I’m a college student! I’d love to get the Zig Nano shoes since I love to run!

  5. Mary says

    i’d really like to try out the realflex transition. i’ve read some good things about them on a few other blogs and have been looking for a new pair of sneakers to wear for Insanity (running shoes just aren’t cutting it!).

  6. Sasha says

    Hi Courtney!
    I would LOVE LOVE to own a pair customized RealFlex Transitions! I’ve been wearing my old nikes for 4 years now and have logged in about 6000 miles on it (if not more) and I think I’m due for a new pair. If luck permits, I hope I can get this gift card to avoid making a hefty purchase!!!

  7. melanie says

    I am also a “toe runner,” so I would try out the Optimal shoes that they recommended for you! I’m always looking for running shoes that will help prevent the soreness and pain I often get, so this is definitely worth a try!

  8. says

    I have quite a bit of joint pain when I run so I would love to see if the U-Form would help with that.

    And PS I totally thought that head was a real man, and thought to myself that he was either really nervous or really creepy. Glad to know it’s fake!
    Sam recently posted..Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

  9. Heather B says

    Ooh, can I pick them all?! I think I’d go with the zig fly sneaks though if I HAD to pick. How sweet of you to share the gift cards!

  10. Jess p says

    I want the real flex in pink/green. I found them in the store but not in my size :( I’d get those!

  11. Ashley B says

    I would like to try to the Zig Fly shoes in hot pink! I run outside most days and these shoes seem perfect for that.

  12. says

    I would love to try the real flex. I’ve read nothing but good things about them. I know I would for sure have purple on there but not quite sure about what other color(s) yet.
    Jillian recently posted..Accountability

  13. Leah says

    Definitely the ZigNano shoes! I’m a runner and just started training for my second marathon so a customized pair of shoes would be amazing!

  14. lesley says

    I’d design a pink and gray cross training shoe! The real flex shoes look nice too, so I’d want something similar.

  15. Cristina says

    I’d definitely design the ZigNano Fly shoe! Running has taken over as a huge passion for me (running my first half this weekend!) If only I had them to push me forward this weekend!!

  16. Kattreena says

    I would definitely love to try the RealFlex Transition because I often switch up my cardio from long sessions to HIIT! These would be perfect :) thanks so much for this giveaway!

  17. Ali says

    I love the flexible fit and the “slinky” like soles of the sneaks! I want to create a pair of BRIGHT colored shoes for my night runs

  18. Nicole n says

    I love the new colors they have been coming out with! I’d probabley choose the premire zigfly or the realflex optimal – so cute!

  19. Sarah says

    I love the Zig fly! The look is awesome and I could spend all taking playing with the colors. I think that’s such a neat thing to be able to do.

  20. Jenna says

    Awesome giveaway! I think I’d like to customize a pair of their transition shoes, so I could do my run and strenght train in the same pair.

  21. Sarah says

    I would love to try the RealFlex Transition shoes! My workouts are always a little different, so they seem like they would be the perfect fit:) Also…embaressingly enough, I’ve been wearing the same tennis shoes since 2008:/ EEK!!! I constantly look for new tennis shoes, but I’m picky..clearly.

  22. says

    I LOVE the look of the REAL FLEX Optimal shoe! It is non-bulky(a must for me), light and I think would be an excellent cross trainer. I change up my workouts often, doing everything from Turbo Kick, Zumba, weight training and plyometrics so this would really be the perfect shoe!

  23. annmarie says

    I would LOVE to try a pair of the Reebox realzig shoes…i just started P90x and would love a shoe that isn’t geared only for running! LOVE all the colors and would customize my pair to something real funky and cute!!! <3<3

  24. Jill says

    I’d love to try the Reflex Optima- i have running shoes that i love, but i’ve been looking to try something different for my non running workouts.

  25. Laurel C says

    The new Reeboks are so cool!!! So many fun colors and designs! I’d love to be able to customize a pair of Women’s RealFlex Run shoes :)

  26. ashley says

    i would love to win and customize the women’s zig pulse sneakers. they look like great shoes to wear during BodyPump!

  27. Michelle says

    This is so exciting! I would def want to try the realflex transition ones because I have been looking for a good shoe for cross-training workouts.

  28. Cristin says

    I would love to try the RealFlex Transitions. There are so many colors to chose from, that would be the hard part. It must’ve been so cool to see all that you did while you were there! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  29. Morgan says

    I want the Crossfit U-Forms so badly! I have pretty flat feet with a minimal (but collapsing) arch and anything that can conform to my feet is a win!

  30. says

    Gosh, it would be so hard to decide, but probably the RealFlex transition shoes in super hot pink! I LOVE the neon colors in shoes lately! I can’t get enough!

  31. says

    I’d love to try the RealFlex Run shoe. I’ve had plenty of running issues in the past, so a shoe that is “all about natural movement” sounds perfect!

  32. Courtney says

    So cool!! I would love a pair of the bright, funky colored shoes for Zumba!! The crazier, the better!

  33. Stacey says

    I love the realflex sneakers – they seem like they would be perfect for me – I run, I do HIIT and lift!

  34. Sarah says

    I would love to try the RealFlex Run. I tried on some Reebok CrossFit shoes this past week-end at a competition and I am now IN LOVE with Reebok, especially after reading all the posts from you girls! I see many many hours spent on the Reebok site customizing shoes now!!!!

  35. Emily says

    I’d love to try the Realflex shoes!! I love lifting weights and doing HIIT workouts and I think they would be perfect!!

  36. Karla says

    I would love to customize the DG Fly Zig Zag shoes! They are so cute and I think they would be perfect for my summer running (outside) and my winter runnnig (inside). I didn’t even know you could customize shoes… awesome!

  37. Kalynn says

    I would love to try the RealFlex Run shoes! I’ve been in the market for some new training shoes for the gym and shorter runs and those seem great!

  38. Jill says

    Wow, this place looks awesome! I’d love to visit someplace like this sometime!

    I recently started on my fitness journey (just a year ago), but I’m now starting to get really serious about it. Since I’ve been doing a lot more running outside with this beautiful weather, I would try one of the Zig styles. They look fun & functional!

  39. says

    I would love to try the RealFlex! I think they would be great for my non-running workouts, whether that be strength or plyo, they seem like they would be a great shoe!

  40. Kristina says

    I just love the womens realflex I’m looking for new gym shoes! They have some cute kids shoes i know my daughter would love to design her own shoes,

  41. Cara says

    I’d love to try the RealFlex Transition because I’ve really been enjoying my HIIT workouts lately :)

  42. Erica K. says

    It would be hard to decide on one shoe but after reading reviews i think that ZigNano Fly is probably the best fit for me! great post!

  43. Amy says

    I would love to try the RealFlex transitions! I do three days of strength training, running to and from the gym and having these shoes would be perfect!

  44. Megan says

    I would definitely love to try the RealFlex Run shoes. I like the idea of a more minimalist shoe. I got a kick out of looking at the old school top downs.

  45. Beth says

    I would definitely get the Reflex Optimal because I also run on my toes!! And in my favorite color, PINK, of course! :)

  46. Amy says

    I would love to try the ZigNano running shoes. I’m always so hesitant to try new shoes since they’re so darn expensive, but this would be awesome!

  47. Leah says

    I would love to try the RealFlex shoes. I recently started CrossFit and would like to try them out!

  48. Stacy says

    I would love to try the RealFlex Transition since my workouts vary from running to classes to at-home videos. Plus, I really need new tennis shoes!

  49. Andrea says

    I would love the RealFlex shoes, perfect for cross training and a hot color would be awesome for spring/summer running!

    umm how do I become a tester! I would love some free shoes anytime lol!

  50. marcie says

    I would love to try the ZigFlys. Many of the women in my gym have them and they look really fun!

    I recently had a baby and I’m trying to get rid of the bit of baby weight so these would be a great addition to my workouts.

  51. Megan says

    I would love the Realflex because I like to mix up my workouts with running, spinning, and cross training. Sounds like those shoes would be perfect!

  52. says


    I would choose the RealFlex shoe because I love strength training, plyometrics, and running! It’s perfect :) Please please please pick me!

  53. Jamie says

    I love how you described the RealFlex shoes because that’s exactly what I need! I need to stop wearing my running shoes for other workouts. I would LOVE to design a pair of Reebok for cross-training!

  54. allison says

    Honestly, I’d love anything pink, but I’ve been wanting to try out some shoes that are made for weight training!

  55. says

    I would love to customize a pair of the running shoes, ZigNano, because I am a runner! I love to run in my Nike Free’s, but have heard so much positive feedback about these Reebok ones! I would love to try them out.

  56. Jordank K. says

    OMG what an awesome giveaway! I run a few times a week and do CrossFit, so I think the ReelFlex shoes would be perfect! I’d make ’em as colorful as possible! :-)

  57. Lily says

    I would love to try the RealFlex Run shoe. My boyfriend has a pair of minimal running shoes, and I have been dying to have a pair of my own. I all things custom, so these shoes would be perfect! 😀

  58. Lisa says

    I would get Zigactive or Realflex in bright fun colors! I want to start working out more this summer now that I graduated college and some bright new custom shoes would definitely motivate me to get moving :)

  59. Cassie D. says

    I would love to create a pair of the RealFlex Transition sneakers, since my workouts often vary. And the customization option is so cool – I would love to make a pink, purple and black pair!

  60. Kenzie says

    I would LOVE to design a pair of sneakers. I have been looking for some new shoes because mine are about three years old and this would be the perfect opportunity!… Would definitely involve some teal in the colors :)

  61. Laura says

    reading all these bloggers post about the RealFlex has actually made me really want to buy them, even if I don’t win the gift card – but it’d be cool to be able to customize them! thanks for the giveaway!

  62. says

    I would love to own the ZigFly shoes! They are so fun and bright, I could sit there and customize all day long. Work outs are always more fun when you have fun things to wear :]

  63. Tiffany says

    OMG way cool! I would get the zipfly ones since I am on the treadmill alot and also trying to get use to running outdoors maybe soon!

  64. Katherine says

    I would LOVE to try the RealFlex Transition shoe. I have a great shoe for my long training runs, but I also incorporate shorter runs, boot camp classes, and Zumba. These seem like they would be perfect for all of my different workouts!

  65. Brittany says

    I have been plagued by shin “issues” since I started running in middle school, which culminated with being diagnosed with interior compartment syndrome, and had to have surgery when I was 16…. i still struggle with shin pain almost daily, and I have to very careful about running :( So I would be very happy to design a shoe that would help me alleviate some pain and let me run more frequently!! :)

  66. Abigail says

    I would love to make a pair of the RealFlex running shoes! I’ve been wanting to try running in a minimalistic shoe to see if it helps my knees. :)

  67. Katie says

    Not sure which one I’d pick–I’d have to search for one that has a bit more support as my feet an ankles have been a bit wonky lately. I do know one thing–they’d definitely be purple!!

  68. Jessica says

    I would love to design a pair of the RealFlex Transition shoes just because they are so multifunctional!

  69. says

    I would design a pair of RealFlex Transition. They seem very functional, are super cute, and I love what I’ve read on your blog and a few others- that they are suitable for all kinds of activities including strength training and running. They sound perfect! :)
    Kristina recently posted..10k Wrap-Up

  70. Crystal says

    I would love to customize a pair of the zig fly shoes. I think I would have to pick black and pink as my colors because they just go so amazing together. I would love to win these shoes because I think they would help me run faster and give me the proper support to do so.

  71. Kate says

    i have been running in vibrams for a few years, but they give me such bad blisters so i would love to try a different minimalist shoe!!

  72. AJ says

    I’d love to try the real flex run shoes. Though the Freestyle does bring back memories (I would only wear Reebok hightops for awhile haha).

  73. Lynn says

    I would design the Women RealFlex Running shoes and I like the orange and gray. 3 years ago I ran my first half marathon, then got married and pregnant shortly after. I have not run much since, but the warm weather lately has been inspiring and I am starting to get back into running and good shoes would be great!

  74. Meaghan says

    I think I’d customize the RealFlex Run. I’m about to start training for my first marathon, and these would make logging the miles more fun!

  75. Dana Schulman says

    I would love to design a Realflex pair! I don’t usually run more than three miles, and like to do different types of exercise.

  76. Kate says

    I would love a pair of RealFlex shoes. I’m a huge runner who has (over the past couple years) incorporated a lot more cross-training into my routines. It’s been great for my health, but not so great for my feet — I still haven’t found the perfect pair of shoes that work for running and my cross-training/plyo-craziness!

  77. says

    I think I would pick the women’s zig fly. They are so neat looking and I like that all the shoes can be personalized to your preference. Everyone tells me I need to invest in a good pair of walking/running shoes. I use my sketchers that look like the old keds to do everything in as they are comfortable. Just don’t know how supportive they are.

  78. Shelby Heffernan says

    I would go with the RealFlex! They seem to fit my training and they look extra comfy so that is a plus!

  79. Christina says

    Zig Zag shoe would be best for me I think! I love the option to pick your colors, I am SOOO picky about colors, I LOVE bright funky colors, but has to be a right combo of them or they are just to much color.. So neat you got to see all the interesting things you saw!

  80. Jackie says

    i would LOVE to have a pair of the RealFlex transition shoe! I’ve been looking for a new pair of running shoes, but wanted to buy a pair that i can also wear during my fave group fitness classes too (body pump). This looks like a winner! i would LOVE to have some shade of purple in my shoe too :) awesome giveaway (and so generous of you!)!!

  81. Haley says

    I would love to try the RealFlex shoes! They look awesome and so comfortable! I think I’d want to make mine some bright summery colors!

  82. Kate says

    I’d want the ZigNano Fly 2s in white and pink. They look like awesome running shoes and the colors are cute and would match all my pink running clothes perfectly!

  83. Angela says

    I would definitely try the Zig Fly shoes, and hopefully I could get them with the U-Form technology! Customization is awesome, especially because you can match it to all your other gear!

  84. Christine says

    I love the Zig Fly. I just designed a pair in dark pink, light pink, and silver for fun. They are so cute!

  85. Chrissy Bruckner says

    Amazing Giveaway! I would have to choose the realflex shoe. I am always changing up my workouts, treadmill, elliptical, workout dvds. This one seems to be the best fit for me :)

  86. Mailoha says

    I would to design a RealFlex transition because I like to have one shoe that I can do my entire workout with comfortably.

  87. Marci says

    I would customize the ZigFly… i really like some of the shoes others have already designed, and i am training for my 1st half marathon (in Disney) so would love a new pair of shoes :)

  88. Amanda says

    I would choose the RealFlex! I was actually reading the reviews of them this morning and decided I should give them a whirl as my next running shoes. And, I of course would choose some bright obnoxious colors, like hot pink and purple with speckles, because it would spice up my very dull looking workout wardrobe!

  89. Katrina says

    I’d love to try the RealFlex!! I usually go from one type of workout to another so these would be great for that purpose! Thanks Courtney!

  90. says

    I would love the Realflex Optimal or Transition. I mix it up (not strictly running/walking). The hubs has been doing Insanity and is encouraging me to try it. New sneaks might help as a motivator to keep with it. I’ve always had a hard time finding sneakers that fit correctly based on the arch of my foot. I’m very interested to try out the footprint test.
    Christy recently posted..You learn something new…

  91. Jamie S says

    Definitely the Zigfly shoes for running! I’m an avid runner and ex- college track athlete so I’d love to test out Reeboks for running- I’ve never had a pair but after looking at your blog (and other bloggers sites who went to Boston this past weekend!) I’m intrigued to test out a pair of Reeboks!

  92. Patty says

    I would choose the RealFlex. I like the idea of having one shoe to use for all different types of workouts.

  93. says

    I would love a pair of the freestyles. I have rhematoid arthritis in my ankles and have to make sure I always wear really supportive shoes. I have a pair of similar Nikes at the moment but I wear them so much that I definitely need a pair of something new!
    Allie recently posted..Oat Breakfast Muffins

  94. Marjorie says

    I definitely want to try one of their minimalist shoes like the RealFlex Optimal! I have been wanting a pair forever and my shoe size seems to always be sold out in stores!

  95. brandalyn says

    I would probably want to customize the realflex transition. I am just starting to get into fitness and would want a shoe for different activities!

  96. Tori says

    I would LOVE to try the RealFlex shoes! I have been wanting a new pair for awhile now and love the versatility of them :)

  97. Makenna says

    I would want to design the zigflys..I just recently got into zumba, but need more appropriate shoes, and those seem great!

  98. Jen says

    I would love to get the Zig-Fly. I’ve heard these are great for cross-training and I’ve been looking for a new sneaker!! Looks like you had a great time! :)

  99. Nicole says

    Wow, this could be the best giveaway ever! As I was reading your post, I kept thinking how cool it would be to create a pair of shoes that actually conform to my own feet! I could really use that perfect pair of running shoes – this is great! :)

  100. Kristin says

    realflex transition for sure. I am currently doing P90x and if you ever done this workout you know everyday is a different exercise. The realflex transition would be perfect while doing this workout.

    You are way to kind for doing this – I also wanted to know if the reebox place is open to anyone? It is somewhere I would love to visit myself.

    Thanks again

  101. Kristie says

    I love the transition shoes with the nodes on the bottom! I do a lot of classes but also run a decent amount, so it sounds like a great shoe for both! Sounds like you guys had a blast at reebok :)

  102. Rebecca W. says

    I would love to be able to customize the Zig Fly! I think a new pair of brightly-colored kicks would be an even greater motivation to high tail it to the gym!

  103. Kaelin says

    I love the looks of Reebok’s RealFlex or their ZigNanos. Thank you for sharing your prizes with us!!!

  104. says

    I’d LOVE to try the realflex in bright, bold colors! I run a lot, and I usually stick to shoes I know will get along with my feet, but it’d be fun to try something new. Hum…bright pink, blue, or yellow? All three! :)
    Kellie recently posted..Birthday Gift

  105. Jessy says

    I’d love a costumized pair of RealFlex Run. I’d probably go for black and blue with some other bright colours kicked in! :)

  106. Tracey says

    What a fun give away and looks like you had a lot of fun on all your trips. I would probably opt for the RealFlex or the ZigPulse.

  107. Nicolette says

    I would like to customize the RealFlex Run shoes – I am currently in desperate need of new running shoes, but being a student I need to wait before I drop any real money on some.

  108. says

    My sneakers have been giving me some pain and are on their way out so I’d love to design a pair of the RealFlex shoes. I love to switch between different types of workouts so they sound perfect for me!

    My boyfriend got to tour the Nike facility with his baseball team earlier this year, and he said it was really interesting, but it looks like Reebok definitely gave you all the star treatment… Very cool!
    Megan recently posted..Changes To Come

  109. Emily says

    I would definitely want a pair of the realflex transition shoes…love that you can take these from the treadmill to the weight room!

  110. Amy says

    I would love to try the real flex run shoes! I am loving all of the bright colors- especially the pink!

  111. Sarah says

    My running shoes are super worn out, so I’m in need of a new pair!
    I would love the Real Flex Transitions that you mentioned earlier.

  112. mom#to#three says

    I would LOVE a pair of “zigs” – because that is what all the cool kids are wearing! :) And, I would design them to be bright – hot hot pink baby!

  113. Jessica says

    I want to try the RealFlex Runs because I always see people with awesome looking shoes and I get jealous!

  114. says

    Oh my goodness I’ve been so jealous of all you lucky bloggers and your pink Reeboks! I would totally customise myself a similar pair of pink RealFlex!

  115. Kortney says

    I would love to try the RealFlex Transition because my workouts are both running and crossfit so I think that shoe would be an awesome multipurpose shoe for me and I love the colors! :)

  116. Amber says

    I would love to design the real flex transition as I like to do all different types of workouts! Sounds like an awesome experience!

  117. Veronica says

    I would love the RealFlex shoes because not only do they look great but I’m sure they would feel fantastic to run in!!

  118. Beverly Aragon says

    The RealFlex Transition’s would be awesome for my cross training class. Would definitely customize a pair of those if I’m the lucky winner!

  119. Natalie says

    wow i NEED a new pair of sneakers! I’ve had the same pair since 2009 (I know, awful!) I would love to get a pair of the RealFlex Transition, i definitely want something I can wear both to the gym and running. Plus the colors are cute! I love wearing bright workout gear.

  120. Sara says

    I’d try the real flex run. I can’t believe how cute all their shoes are, I have a feeling I’ll be customizing a pair with or without winning this!

  121. Alexandra says

    Such a great giveaway Courtney!! I would LOVE to get my hands on a pair of the U-Form shoes! That sounds so cool to me!! Also, I tihnk a new pair of kicks is exactly the motivation I need to get my butt into gear!

  122. Cassie says

    I’d love to win a pair of RealFlex running shoes for my boyfriend. His birthday is coming up, and since I love mine so much, and he’s been asking for a pair, it’d be awesome to create a pair for him! :)

  123. Amy P. says

    I would LOVE a new pair of RealFlex Run shoes. Like you, I love to workout! Unfortunately, I have a knee injury (for the past three months) and now might have to have surgery. A new pair of shoes would give me the support I need to get back into the fitness world comfortably! (Which I hope is sooner rather than later) Thanks for all your fitness tips…can’t wait to try them out when I can walk again! :o)

  124. Natasha says

    I would love to get any of the shoes! My current running shoes are worn out and ugly, but the Reebok shoes come in the coolest colours and designs! I would love to create a multicoloured neon shoe.

  125. says

    How fun! I’d love to design a pair of the RealFlex Optimals. I just went to the podiatrist today because my big toe has been bothering me, and he said it looks like I run on my toes a lot, and that’s what caused my cartilage to get inflamed! So, I’d love to try these out, and it says they work with orthodics, which my pod also suggested!
    Steph @321delish recently posted..Karting Around

  126. Karen says

    I would want a pair of RealFlex shoes. As I am in need of a new pair of running/strength shoes. I have been telling myself to get a new pair since I had my baby but haven’t had the chance yet.

  127. says

    I would definitely try out the ZigFlys. That sounds like such a cool concept, and man, I’d take anything that says it’ll propel me forward!

    Your time at Reebok looks like it was SO much fun! I’m such an active shoe junkie. I would’ve been in heaven there!
    Bethany @ Accidental Intentions recently posted..Officially a Runner

  128. Liz says

    I would try the ZigNano Fly 2, because as a new runner, I need all the help I can get!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  129. Anna says

    I’d try the RealFlex ones because I am trying to learn to run on my fore feet rather than landing on my heel, and I like that it is so flexible for maximum foot movement!

  130. April Miller-Rose says

    This is amazing and it looks like you had an incredible time there! i would absolutely love to get the amazing opportunity! I would definitely get a sweet pair of RealFlex Run! woo!!

  131. Jessica says

    I would customize the RealFlex shoe because I have been looking for a good sneaker that I can use for various activities…running, etc.! Thanks what a great giveaway!

  132. Natalia says

    Oh gosh, I almost don’t know where to begin! I would really love to design the DG Fly Zig Zag shoes, though, just to start :)

  133. says

    I want to hear more about the ZigZag shoes! The ZigFlys. I’m hearing good things for cross training but I want to know about RUNNING.

    I love the shot of all the shoes on the table….I adore sneakers! I may make it my screen saver!
    Renee recently posted..Goals for May

  134. Kristen B says

    I would love to try the new RealFlex shoe! I’ve just started training for my first half marathon and although I’m fairly active, I know I will need new shoes before the race!

  135. Brittany says

    I would love the RealFlex shows becasue I am currently training for my first half marathon. These shoes would definitely help me achieve that goal. Looks like you had a blast! :)

  136. Jackie says

    I’d love to try the DG Fly Zig Zag shoe. I am just getting into running so they’d be the perfect motivator!

  137. Sara says

    I love the ZigFly. The design is awesome and reading all about your trip to Reebok has me very interested in their shoes.

  138. Shannon Smith says

    What a great giveaway! Someone is going to be lucky to win this one! I would love the RealFlex Run shoe in Black and Pink! It looks super flexible and easy to run in. I just moved to a new city and I need a new pair of running sneakers for the summer!! :)

  139. Courtney says

    I would LOVE the DG Fly Zig Zag shoes!! I run outside a lot and treadmill sometimes too, so I think these would work great!

  140. Missy says

    I have been following your blog for over a year now and throughly enjoy all posts! I would love to have the Zigfly Nano shoe, I just had a baby 6 weeks ago via c section and have yet to be able to get back into my running while trying to heal. I would love a new shoes to help with the comfort and support to get back into it, I love running outside and on the treadmill!

  141. Liz H. says

    I’d love a pair of RealFlex’s! I am finally due with my 2nd little munchkin in 5 short weeks and have been running on my shoes these past 8 months..a new fancy shoe will definitely motivate my post baby runs!

  142. Jenna says

    I would love the ZigFly shoes! Ive been on the lookout for new workout shoes so this would be awesome!

  143. Michele says

    I’ve been wanting to try the Real Flex ones for awhile now! And it just so happens that my Nike’s are about ready to retire!

  144. Brittani says

    I would choose the RealFlex shoes. I do Crossfit and Crossfit style workouts and almost bought those recently!

  145. Katie Marie says

    I would definitely say the realflex run! I just graduated college and ran cross country and track throughout couldnt tell you how many miles i ran but we always recieved free shoes, i dont know what im gunna do now!

  146. Ashley says

    I would absolutely love the realflex transition shoe. This giveaway would be perfect for me because after reading your morning post I instantly went on the website and searched around for shoes but couldn’t afford them :-( I just finished my second year of law school and finally have time to work out so this would be the perfect way to jump start sumer for me. Thank you!!

  147. Jill says

    I would like a pair of real flex because I do a lot of HIIT and Interval exercising.

    Thanks for sharing your prizes :)

  148. Ashley says

    I would absolutely love the realflex transition shoe. This giveaway would be perfect for me because after reading your morning post I instantly went on the website and searched around for shoes but couldn’t afford them :-( I just finished my second year of law school and finally have time to work out so this would be the perfect way to jump start summer for me. Thank you!!

  149. Kate says

    I would design the realflex run mesh shoe because I run xc for the college i go to and I can always use a back up shoe to run in (:

  150. Courtney says

    I would do the Real Flex Run model- aah having a custom pair would actually be so cool! I am in need of new tennis shoes, too!

  151. Angela says

    Thank you for being so awesome! I would love to try the real flex since I do a lot of bootcamp style workouts as well as running.

  152. angela says

    I would want to try a pair of the realflex transition shoes…love the idea that they are so versatile!!

  153. says

    Sounds like your trip to Reebok was an absolute blast. Their Headquarters looks so nice and modern. It seems like an awesome place to work.

    I’d like to try the Real Flex Run shoes…or the Zig Fly ones. All of them are so cool; it’s tough to choose!

  154. natasha says

    New reader…since reading other Blend updates (: and following linkbacks!

    I would want the optimal ones because I was a former dancer with high arches and a tendency to toe run too!

    Thanks this is awesome!

  155. Emily S says

    Well, I have been watching the ZigFly since they came out. I tried on a friend’s (actually the guys shoes– they were huge but so comfy!!) and I wanted them so bad. But, they’re a bit pricy!! Prices haven’t dropped, but I’m sure a gift card could help!! Also, I think the support will be awesome… I have a bad knee so my early morning runs at the gym can be a little painful sometimes!!

  156. Claire Smith says

    I would choose one of the Realflex shoes. I have a nice pair of running shoes, but lately I have been incorporating more plyometrics and high intensity cardio routines into my workouts. It would be nice to have a better-suited shoe for all that jumping! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  157. Christina says

    I would love to try the Women’s Zig Pulse in some bright/fun colors! I love your blog, been reading for a year :) Thanks for doing the giveaways!

  158. Sri says

    I would love to get a pair of Zig Flys. I’ve had the same pair of workout shoes for years! Now that I’ve trying out more classes (besides yoga) I think it’s about time I look into getting a new pair.

  159. Laurel says

    I love the realflex shoes! I love the pair I have for running and cross training. I tend to plow through shoes quickly

  160. Jessica Kane says

    Hmmm I don’t know much about shoes other than I need a new pair of running shoes BAD! I’d probably opt for something crazy and pink because I’m a boring white / grey shoes kind of girl! And I usually get Nikes, but I’d be down to try a pair of Reeboks!

  161. Vicki says

    I would love to try the RealFlex shoes! The stress of nursing school has helped me put on a few pounds that I need to work off and my current shoes are old and lack support. The RealFlex look like they would be really comfortable! Thanks for this awesome chance :)

  162. says

    I’d want to try out the women’s Zig Fly because I love the idea of a sole that propels you forward. Every little bit helps, right? :)

  163. Taryn says

    I would love to try out the ZigNano Fly sneaker. I have recently discovered a passion for running but have yet to commit to a good pair of running shoes. Those shoes sound perfect…and super cute!

  164. Kristin says

    I would love to try the Zignano fly shoes. Though after seeing all the options I want to check them all out before I purchase my next pair of shoes!

  165. Scott says

    I would love to try the ZigPulse. I do need a new pair of shoes to work out in. I just wear my everyday work shoes to run or workout in. This would be a nice little treat!

  166. Sherri says

    I’m not sure of the exact shoe I would customize but I do know it would have to fit someone who is a severe heel striker. I am currently in a “boot” from my podiatrist due to a ruptured achilles tendon and a bone spur that formed, thus from my heel strike running. I am by far the worst runner ever but it is something that I absolutely love to do. As a mom of 6 I use running as my escape (no pun intended) and just to let my mind rest. I haven’t been able to enjoy running for about 8 months due to the severity of pain I endure but I cannot wait til the boot comes off and I am free once more.

  167. Melanie says

    I would love to try the Zigfly shoe! I am training for my first half marathon and would love a new pair of sneakers as I train!

  168. Cassie says

    First lets just say I desperately need a new pair of shoes! I have been doing tons of workouts lately and its time!

    I would love to have the RealFlex since I am always changing my workouts! I would HAVE to get it in bright colors too =)

  169. Emily says

    The RealFlex shoes seem amazing, and it would be great to have such a transitional type of shoe :) Thanks for sharing one of your gifts!

  170. Celina says

    The ZigNano Fly 2 sounds perfect and lightweight in order for me to be able to run and do HIIT workouts!

  171. Kim F says

    Wow! That looks amazing to go spend the day there. That would truly be my dream job to work at a place like Reebok or Nike…I’m uber jealous of your new kicks. They are beautiful! I am in horrible need of new kicks myself and haven’t been able to justify the 100 dollars on some yet :( Bad I know and the blisters on my heels yell at me everyday. Anywayyyys, I would totally design some of the RealFlex. I work on my feet all day and need a sneaker that will be comfortable for that and then transition nicely into the gym. In all honesty I have never ever tried a Reebok sneaker on before! I’ve been a Nike girl all of my life. Maybe its time for change?!

  172. Michelle says

    The RealFlex Tradition sounds like the perfect shoe for me! I’m love alternating workouts between DVD’s (like Insanity and Jillian Michael’s workouts) and some 3-4mile jogs plus lifting! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  173. Jamie G says

    I’d love to try the RealFlex shoes! I wear sneakers throughout the day, both in the gym and around so it’d be great to have a pair that is versatile and can be worn for both!

  174. Liz says

    Ahhh I would love the DG Fly Zig Zag shoes!! I do a ton of running on the tredmill and now with the nice weather coming I’ll transtion to the road outside! I’ve had the same pair of sneaks for way too long (4+ years, yikes) so I woudl LOVE to win!

  175. kayleigh says

    So generous of you, Courtney! I think I would probably get the real flexes to wear for both running and crosstraining.

  176. Katie says

    I’d love to get the RealFlex Run! In carbon, with black logo and purple accents!!
    Great give-away!

  177. says

    I have awfully flat feet, and they cause pain in my shins and thighs. I would need a sneaker with good support and stability. So, I would have to get the Premier Trinity 6 shoes!

  178. Christina says

    What a fun giveaway! I would love to customize a pair of the RealFlex Run with some bright colors.

  179. alycia says

    Awesome giveaway! You are so generous!

    I’ve dying for a pair of the Realflex Transitions but can’t spare the money right now.

  180. Marilyn says

    I would love ( need) a new pair of sneakers for walking. Until I actually had to decide what color to order, I love them all!

  181. Kassidy says

    I’d love to customize the RealFlex Run as I’m in the market for a new pair of running shoes right now! And being able to customize it to suit me is pretty awesome.

  182. Lisa says

    I would LOVE to customize a pair! I Really enjoy the look of the reebok sneakers but don’t own a pair. I want to see to experience how fabulous they are!!!

  183. Christine says

    i would definitely go with a RealFlex Run, i would love to incorporate some minimalist work into my runs, but i’m afraid to take the leap all at once so these would be great! thanks for the great giveaway :)

  184. Tonia says

    I would love to design a pair of RealFlex Run Sneakers in flashy colors…I’m getting back into running and I think a new pair of sneakers would be lovely :)

  185. Meghan says

    I need to try crossfit!! I love the look of the zigfly’s, it’s awesome that you can customize them!!

  186. Brienne says

    what a great giveaway! I’d love to try the RealFlex Transition ones you mentioned because the seem so universal! I’d love a sneaker that can multitask, especially since I’m not a huge runner.

  187. Madison says

    I would make the Women’s RealFlex Run! I would make them a combo of grey and frenchy blue! I need new shoes for running as I am getting married in 2 months and would love to get back in shape again before the honeymoon :)

  188. Laura B. says

    I would love a pair of the RealFlex Transition shoes to train for the Atlanta 2 Day Breast Cancer walk.

  189. Emily says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I think you are so inspiring! I also need a new pair of running shoes and the RealFlex Transitions look perfect!

  190. Brenna says

    I would like to try the RealFlex Transition shoe! The ideal uses you described sound exactly like my typical work out routines and I have had my eye on some shoes like this for a while.

  191. Sarah says

    I’d love the RealFlex Run shoes. I’ve been looking at them but don’t need them right now and can’t afford them yet

  192. says

    I always have such a tough time picking out the right pair of sneakers. It takes awhile for me to find a right pair and a lot of the time the shoes I pick end up giving me the worst blisters for the first month or two until I break them in completely. I definitely think it’s awesome how different feet are made for different sneakers. I would find the perfect running shoe for my type of feet.

    Oh and I would most definitely pick my custom colors of neon pink, blue and purple. If it ain’t neon it shouldn’t be on! 😉
    Sara @ The Foodie Diaries recently posted..“Endorphins Make You Happy”

  193. Amy says

    I would like to design my own RealFlex run shoes! I have not worn Reebok’s for running and would love to try them out!

  194. says

    I would love a custom pair of RealFlex Optimal shoes. I have very small feet so the more cushion in my shoes the better!

  195. says

    I’d have to pick the Realflex Transition.. I really need a new pair of workout shoes and since I’m totally down with the H.I.I.T workouts and I like mixing up my workouts, these sound like they’d be a great fit. Plus they are in your face sassy just like me!!!

  196. Kim Lee says

    I would love to design ZigNanos! I’m a runner and it would be so cool to have my very own shoe that I created!

  197. nicki says

    I would love the Real-Flex transitions!! Perfect for my group fitness classes and I need new ones so bad. :) Love your blog!

  198. Megan says

    I like the ZigPulse and the Real FlexRun sneakers. I teach spin class and a guy from my class who is a triathlete was saying how he loves the ZigPulse shoes! he had told me to check them out!

  199. Laura says

    Awesome post! I would love to try the Realflex run because I will officially be in marathon training in June! :)

  200. kristin says

    I would love to customize a pair of the running shoes, ZigNano, because I am a runner and i love The light-weight shoe!

  201. Cassie says

    How fun!! I would love to design some new shoes for myself. The RealFlex Running shoes look amazing!

  202. Dana Isaac says

    Real Flex Run or Women’s SuperCourt. Too hard to pick- I can’t tell if another pair of running shoes or a pair of awesome kicks for hitting up the town would be best!

  203. Taylor says

    I would love to try the Real Flex or the Zig Fly. The Real Flex would be perfect because I typically do a variety of workouts so a multi-funtional shoe would be awesome!

  204. Amber says

    I’d love to try the ZigNano because it seems like a great running shoe and I could pick colors that make me look faster!

  205. Sarah says

    Great post, sounds like an amazing experience! I’d love to try the RealFlex shoes. I do treadmill running, strength training, and also use workout DVDs, and these shoes seem like they would be perfect for any of my workouts! Very versatile.

  206. sarah says

    I would love to design a pair of the reflex run shoes. running is my main ‘thing’ and I’m on the market for a new pair!

  207. Emily says

    I would love to win the Realflex run shoes. In the past 3 months I have gotten into running. When I started I bought Nike running shoes. They have since served their purpose but now that I am increasing my daily/weekly miles, I really want a well designed shoe that would gie good support!

  208. Julie says

    I’d love to try the RealFlex Transition shoes. I try to switch up my workout a lot so these would be great!

  209. Marcy says

    I would looove a new pair of Reeboks, as mine are definitely on their way out. I am digging bodypump and various forms of cardio lately, and these seem like they will be a great fit!

  210. says

    I would love to design some RealFlex!! I am always looking for a shoe that I can cross train and put some easy miles on running. Plus they have some super cute options – this is really cool!!
    Kim recently posted..My New Love

  211. Rachael says

    Real Flex transition, I have such a difficult time finding cross trainers and these seem like they would be sweet! Wow Reebok has come a long way since I last considered purchasing them…

  212. Kristen says

    I would choose the RealFlex because I totally switch it up. I would love creating my own because having cool attire totally makes working out easier 😉

  213. dee says

    I would love a pair of the RealFlex Runs in pink, grey, and yellow, PLEASE! I could use a cool-looking pair of shoes to motivate me to get up and get moving. Plus, I think they’d be nice for working out/cross training :)

  214. Alana says

    I would want to have a shoe that supports my knees and high arch. It makes running very difficult. And they’d be pink, naturally.

  215. Randyll says

    I would pick the realflex transitions. I like to include all types of exercise into my routine so these would be perfect for me!

  216. emily jo says

    i would love to have realflex! probably black and teal.. and im in a need of new sneakers, i only had three sneakers in 10 years of working out– not so good!

  217. april says

    how awesome! i would love to customize a pair of zigfly shoes! they look super lightweight and perfect for running :)

  218. Megan says

    I love the look of the ZigFly shoes, and I would want them in yellow (my favorite color) or scarlet and grey (go bucks!). I’m running the Columbus Marathon in the fall and need some new shoes to train!

  219. says

    I would want the realflex transition shoes! I’ve been looking for a good pair of shoes to use for my strength training sessions and pylo since right now I use my dedicated running shoes but the support isn’t really what I need for different workouts!

  220. Giovonne says

    Definitely the Zigflys! They’re different than anything else I own, and I want them in BRIGHT colors!

  221. Clarice says

    I would definitely get the Zig Pulse shoes! I’ve always wanted a pair of those fun neon shoes to workout in!

  222. sarah r. says

    OMG, i would get the real flex run. i just spent 10 minutes customizing the colors. um, how fun is that???

  223. Rose Ann says

    I could definitely use a good sneaker for my very flat feet! This girl needs some help! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  224. says

    I would customize the Zig Flys! I teach a boot camp and spin class and its always fun to have bright and fun workout clothes. I think I could put them to the test!

  225. Elizabeth says

    I would love to design the RealFlex. I decided 2 weeks ago to start training for my first ever 5K and these would definitely help motivate me!!

  226. Lisa says

    Customizable real flex transition shoes… I NEED a pair of shoes to wear to the gym. My running shoes should stay in the closet unless I’m RUNNING. It’s so hard to justify spending so much on another pair of shoes though. Love these! Love this giveaway! You rock!!

  227. Bonnie says

    I would love the Zig Fly shoes. I am a new runner and the propelling motion would be a great little push to keep going!

  228. Erin says

    I would love to customize a pair of zig flys in hot pink! Looks like you had an amazing trip, that dance class looks like so much fun!

  229. Erin says

    I would get the RealFit CrossFit Nano. I am a runner so have MANY pairs of running shoes, but no good shoes for cross-training activities. I like the minimalist technology with the stability for lifting. They would also be great to leave at work for lunchtime workouts :)

  230. Lisa says

    I would pick the RealFlex Transition in awesome bright colors…since it’s very versatile it would be prefect for me!

  231. Anna says

    I would love a pair of of the Realflex Run with some gray and coral colors. I’ve been loving everything coral this summer!

  232. Emmah says

    I the zigactivateb ecause they’re cool looking and expensive! I never let myself buy “nice” , cute shoes, and these would really rock!

  233. marci says

    Real flex would be great, actually any would be nice, with some bright color to make the day brighter

  234. Seema says

    All the shoes look awesome!! I think I would opt for the ZigFly 2 since I’m training for my first full marathon 😀 Great giveaway Courtney + Reebok!

  235. Carrie Sear says

    I would love a pair of Real Flex Transition shoes – something I could use for any working and pick out some perfect colors to look good doing it!!

  236. Tasha T. says

    I would love to get my feet in some U-Forms! They sound like they would be an amazing shoe because they are customized just for you! I am currently looking for some new footwear since mine are getting too old to workout/run in, so this would be perfect!

  237. Claire K says

    I would love to design a Light Blue & Green RealFlex Run shoe. I’m an upcoming Junior at Tulane in New Orleans, LA working for Freshman Orientation this summer and would love to show off my Green Wave spirit with Tulane colored sneakers. Roll Wave!

  238. says

    Wow this is by far the most detailed recap I have read of that Reebok day! SOOOooo cool, I’m so jealous- – what an AHmazing facility and team of employees and fitness instructors – so cool!

    I actually really like the first ‘all around like’ shoe, but of course, the wave-like on the running shoe is awesome too so i would probably add that! …. and ya know, a little color of course!!

    What a nice giveaway, thanks for the opportunity! :]

  239. Joanna says

    I would probably choose Real Flex Transitions, just because I like the design! I could definitely use a new pair of work out shoes!!

  240. Krai says

    Wow, that site is addicting! I could spend all day designing a shoe! I would love to try the DG Fly Zig Zag shoes.

  241. Kaitlyn says

    I would like the ZigFly Running shoes. One of my goals this year is to successfully run a 5K, I think these would be a great fit. I’ve also been in the run to purchase a new pair of sneakers, but haven’t had the time or money to get a good quality pair. I hope I win :)

  242. Hannah says

    I would want to try the RealFlex. When I buy a pair of shoes, I use them for everything and after years of just taking whatever color is in stock it would be awesome to finally get to pick the color!

  243. Kelsey Y. says

    I’ve been a diehard for Nikes, Mizunos, and Brooks, but have never had the opportunity to experience Reebok. After following your blog, plus Julie and Tina’s as well… I want my feet to experience Reeboks!
    I would design the RealFlex Run, since I love the look of them, and most of my time is spent running in my shoes! Personalizing shoes is always the best!

  244. Jill says

    I would choose the realflex for sure!! and to choose the colors i want would be amazing!!! sounds like you all had a blast !!!

  245. Becca B says

    RealFlex! I love to run and have worn asics for as long as I can remember, so this would be a good way for me to test something new!

  246. Caitlin says

    I love to run, so the chance to try it out using the Zig Pulse would be amazing! I’d have a blast choosing the colors for them, too :)

  247. Christina says

    I would love to own a pair of the Reebok Real Flex! I am a group fitness instructor and find it hard to find a good pair of shoes to transition from studio classes to outdoor running/circuit training style classes, and they come is such awesome colors!

  248. Susan says

    What an awesome give away! I would pick the RealFlex Transitions in a heartbeat. Blue is my favorite color so I would probably incorporate blue but I would have to really think about it – how many times do you get the chance to design your own sneaker?

  249. Michelle says

    I love the RealFlex Transition shoe. I love to always work out in a variety of ways and this shoe would be perfect to keep up with my every changing workouts!

  250. Kristy says

    I would love the realflex transitions. I have a job where I am on my feet and athletic shoes are not only acceptable but recommended. Cute custom shoes would be amazing!

  251. Drew says

    I would love to try to RealFlex shoes! I love running and I am actually in need of a new shoe for tempo runs!! Thanks for being so sweet and giving up one of your gift cards!

  252. Kristen P. says

    I would love the Zigfly shoes!! they seem like they’d be so comfortable and flexible for strength training as well as running :) great giveaway!!

  253. Jessie says

    I just got a new pair of running shoes in February and am not thrilled with them. I keep hoping that they will get more comfortable, but they don’t. This would be perfect for me! I would love a pair of ZigNano2s!

  254. Amy says

    I’m starting to train for my first half — a new pair of the RealFlex would be a great motivation to keep the training up!

  255. Nicole S says

    oh my goodness…what a COOL give-away!!
    I’m super intregued by the zig fly for running. I’ve been wearing the same model of Saucony’s for YEARS because I’ve been afraid to take the plunge and switch :)

  256. Ayzada says

    I’ve started to run again, and a cool, bright RealFlex would be a great way for me to stay motivated! Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  257. Sienna says

    I’d love to try the RealFlex Transition. I already have running shoes but nothing for cross training or when I switch up my workout.

  258. says

    I would do the RealFlex since it’s multifunctional and I do lots of things like Spinning, wii Dance games, walking, and Pilates Barre!

    I also just went on and designed my own pair and shared them on FB. Now I NEED them!!
    Amanda recently posted..House Hunting: Take 3

  259. says

    oh my! what a great giveaway! I really hope I win this giftcard I really need a new pair of tennis shoes!! I would love to win the RealFlex Transition!! They look so cute!

  260. Sarah S says

    I’d love to try the ZigNano Fly2 shoes and think that the U-form technology sounds awesome as well!

  261. Karleen says

    Courtney! You are so awesome! I would want to try out the u form shoe that they recommended you for the minimalist type. I have never been interested in reebok shoes before, but I have friends who have tried them and love them! I am interested to see how the ‘nodules’ on the bottom feel especially while running. It appears that I have a forefront ‘normal arch’ footprint but have occasional hip flexor pain so I am interested to see if they would be able to ‘straighten’ me out per se:))

  262. Leah says

    Would love to try the zigfly sneakers because they look awesome and I am due for new running shoes! Thanks for sharing!

  263. says

    I am really intrigued by the Realflex run and Reebok’s idea of minimalist shoes. It is so different from what I’m used to, that I would love to try one out. Especially since I’m in the market for new shoes. Plus I love that you can totally customize the color. So many awesome combinations!!
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  264. Amanda says

    I am pretty loyal to my current running shoe brand, but I would LOVE a pair of RealFlex shoes! I really want hot pink and black shoes, so this would be perfect!!

    p.s. as a Boston native, I’m SO glad you enjoyed your trip! Come back soon!

  265. Jen says

    I could really use this gift card as I’m running my first half marathon this fall & would love some bright new shoes to run in!

  266. katie says

    I’d like to design a pair of the Real Flex since I change my workouts up or the U Form sounds pretty cool too

  267. Kristen says

    I would love to try the Zigzag ones! I’ve been hearing about them for a while and would love to try them out!

  268. BEcca says

    I would do a pair of easy tones. We are moving so I would go with the new school colors that we are working at to make it more fun for the kids :)

  269. Erin says

    I would love to win and create a pair of those running shoes that are supposed to simulate barefoot running. I hear they help with shin splints, so I could really use a pair!

  270. Lindie says

    I would LOVE to try the RealFlex Running Shoes!! They look light and just comfortable! It would be awesome to have some new running shoes for after I have my baby in a week!!

  271. Gina says

    I would love, love, love to try the Real Flex shoes. I’ve never owned a pair of Reebok before and think it would be fun to try a new brand. I’m excited about their partnership with Cross Fit too, which is super fun. Thanks, Courtney, for the opportunity! :)

  272. Sage says

    I would love the RealFlex! I like the natural movement of the shoe and how it can form to your foot while working out. I think stability and comfort are one of the most important aspects of getting a great and safe workout and these shoes look perfect!

  273. Shoshana says

    I would most definitely want to design my own pair of RealFlex Transitions. They sound like they would suit my needs perfectly!

  274. nicole schulien says

    It’s so hard to choose but the RealFlex Transitions sound perfect for me, I’m definatley interested in the zig fly though, the propelling help sounds awesome.

  275. sarah says

    I’d love to design a pair of the realflex running shoes!!! I love all of the color choices that reebok offers!

  276. Carol says

    I would love to try the RealFlex Transition shoes! I like to do many different types of workouts..weightlifting, yoga, walking/running, HIIT training, etc. I have to have a really good pair of shoes for working out because I have suffered from plantar fasciitis in the past and need really good arch support!!

  277. Natasha says

    I would love to try the Real Flex! The Real Flex would be great for me because I do a variety of workouts and these would be so great to have on my feet!

  278. audrey says

    I would love to try out a pair Reeboks, love their new design. Getting back into shape from fracturing my foot back in the winter time. Thank you for giving the chance for this! :)

  279. Jess says

    I’d have to say the zig pulse shoe. The bottom is so awesome and I heard they’re great for cross fit which I really want to try out, especially after the awesome review!

  280. Olivia says

    RealFlex Run for sure! With the nice weather coming I need a new pair of light weight running sneakers to get me motivated!

  281. says

    I am not sure how I would decide between customizing the top down’s to wear with a pair of skinny jeans and the realflex runs to wear to the gym. Love them!

  282. Veronica says

    RealFlex Run for sure! I am in dire need of a new pair of exercise sneaks, these would be amaaaazing to have!