Don’t Mind If I Do

A little dark chocolate to start my morning?

dark chocolate

Well, don’t mind if I do!

(Photos from my phone today, hence the reason they look a little ‘eh’)

This morning I kept with my usual Wednesday routine and headed on over to Starbucks for some breakfast in between clients. As I walked in, I was quickly greeted with some free samples of their Caffe Verona blend coffee and some 70% dark chocolate.

starbucks free samples

I never drink coffee black and this blend is definitely dark, so my free sample wasn’t exactly my cup of coffee tea. But hey, I needed an excuse to take some chocolate. 😉


I did manage to consume a little more than dark chocolate for breakfast though, don’t worry.

I was too lazy last night and didn’t have time this morning at 5:30am to put anything together at home, so I had to splurge a bit more on food. I paired my usual grande blond roast + skim milk with an order of oatmeal.

starbucks oatmeal

I opted for the brown sugar + dried fruit toppings, used about half of each, and also added in half of a mashed banana that I managed to grab from the fruit basket before leaving the house.

I’m usually pretty picky about my oatmeal consistency (not too watery, not super gummy either) but this batch was decent. I mean, it was no French toast oatmeal, but I’ll take it. 😉

I actually put this post together earlier from my phone while waiting for my final client for the day. Now I’m back home and it’s about time to grab some lunch!

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  1. says

    Samples are the best. That’s why I love to tag along with people to Costco! I’ve never really had any of their food from starbucks, I always just prepare my own if I go out for a coffee
    Lisa recently posted..WIAW #8

  2. says

    Starbucks’s oatmeal can be a savior when I have to have breakfast out! Easy to control the sugar intake, able to add some milk, and always at least decent…

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