Delicious and Devoured

Bright, beautiful, sunny skies over here this morning.  Oh, I just love it…but I’m not the only one.


The usual “super-spunky Codeman just can’t get enough of the sun this morning. Do they make kitty SPF sunscreen? Winking smile


I have a couple of quick clients at work this morning, so I put together a quick breakfast before heading out.

Scrambled eggs with broccoli, feta cheese, and ketchup. And I’ve determined that scrambled eggs are, by far, my favorite way to eat ‘em.


Whole wheat English muffin, half peanut butter, half pumpkin butter


Delicious and devoured in no time.

Plans for the rest of today include:

  • Two clients at work
  • Meeting with a head pastry chef(!) <—more info to come!
  • Picking up baking supplies
  • Baking some goodies
  • Attempting to figure out something for dinner(?)
  • Some decision making
  • Hopefully grabbing a little extra Vitamin D Hot smile

I’m pretty positive there’s more that I’m forgetting, but it’ll come to me eventually…hopefully. Any good plans on your agenda for today?

Gotta jet…catch ya later gators!


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    You have a busy day today!! I don’t have too much planned…but what I do have planned is BIG! My wedding dress is in – so I am going to try it on. I am SO excited. (But a little nervous.. I hope I still like it.. hahah)>
    Cait @ Beyond Bananas recently posted..Countdown Queen

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    work… blah.. I can not wait one min longer to order my stuff from NASM! then a Dr appt for my daughter and a quick workout later! what to make for dinner is always a challenge.. maybe a snappy fast quinoa greek inspired salad.. sounds good to me! Have a wonderful Day!!

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    I have a quick blogger question.. at the end of the other questions it says recently posted and a title of the last post that person posted on their blog. How do you do that? I’m fairly new to blogger land and I haven’t figured everything out! Thanks a million :) oh I’m assuming that it’s a feed thing.. I noticed at the bottom under the submit button it says: a feed could not be found at and then my blog address

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    Love scrambled eggs in the morning! I used feta today too, but not broccoli; I’m a spinach-lover in my eggs! And I’ve never had eggs with ketchup before-maybe I’ll venture out of my usual salsa!


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