Win A Cake From Bountiful Bread!

Mmmmm, pastries.


So you may have caught my little blurb this morning about going to meet with a pastry chef in town. Well this morning after finishing up at work, I did just that over at Bountiful Bread in Stuyvesant Plaza.


I was invited to come in today to meet with the new pastry chef and hear a little bit about some new things that they have to offer. Unfortunately, I don’t get a chance to visit Bountiful Bread all that often since it’s not in a location that I typically pass on a daily basis, but I have mentioned it here on the ‘ol blog before (<—old school post!).

Bountiful Bread offers a variety of breakfast items, soups, sandwiches, paninis, freshly baked breads and, of course, sweets.


Giant cookies, homemade brownies, scones, cupcakes…


Oh yes, cupcakes.


But now, thanks to a new pastry chef, they’re looking to expand their repertoire a bit farther…with cakes.


After already working as a counter employee, Kristin Pallis was named the head pastry chef in March and has been hard at work ever since. Kristin graduated from the Johnson & Wales University’s Bakery & Pastry Arts program, and apparently has already brought quite a bit to the table for Bountiful Bread.

I had some time to sit down with Kristin earlier today and also get a little “behind the scenes” sneak peek on what goes down back in the kitchen.


Kristin was super sweet, and I was shocked to find out that this talented gal is young – not even old enough to come out for an adult beverage with me yet! She chatted easily with me as she continued to work on frosting a delicious strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream.

And yes, that is a full tub of buttercream frosting right there. YUM.


Oh, and the reason I know the cake was delicious was because she let me snag a piece of the crispy edges that she had to cut off.


Seriously the best part of the cake, if ya ask me. Winking smile

Kristin has to work some crazy early hours (think, 3:00am start time…oof) but those early hours ensure that she is delivering fresh, high-quality goods for the customers.


That’s one thing that I really admire about Bountiful Bread, who is also owned by White Management Company, the same as Creo Restaurant, which you may remember me visiting back in February. All of Bountiful Bread’s baked goods are made from scratch, using no preservatives and all-natural ingredients. In addition to that, they also pride themselves on wasting very little product and maintaining a very green, eco-friendly business.

Would you believe that their delivery trucks have been converted to run on recycled vegetable oil that comes from their other sister restaurants?


I mean, how cool is that?

So since Kristin has come on board as pastry chef, Bountiful has seen the popularity of its cakes rise, which has basically all been by word of mouth up until this point. The manager, Josh Olcott, told me that it’s been something they’ve wanted to do for a while now, but they just never had the pastry chef to do it.

Now, with a “Triple Chocolate Cake” as their #1 seller and a Red Velvet number coming in at a close second, things are going really well. Josh told me that if they continue down that road, it’s very possible that us locals may end up seeing a “Bountiful Cakes” popping up in the future!


Ummm, I’m in!


If you were to walk into Bountiful Bread on any typical day, you’d be most likely to see two to four different varieties of cakes available by the slice. There’s also the option to buy them whole, but that’s only if you make it in time before it gets cut into. Winking smile

If you’re looking to order a cake, they offer anything from a small, two-serving cake, up to a full size sheet cake. (<—perfect for all those upcoming graduations!) In addition to her staple flavors, Kristin said she likes to experiment with different flavors to match what’s fresh or in season, and she’s also very open to customer suggestions and is willing to try just about anything.

Just recently, she said she made a Coconut Rum Cake that was quite popular, and today, I had the pleasure of trying out her latest creation that’s new for spring and summer: Orange Creamsicle.


A vanilla cake topped with orange buttercream frosting, which actually totally reminded me of my Orange Cream Soda Pop Cupcakes…only her cake was WAY better.


Now, for my local readers, I’ve got quite a treat for you all today…

Bountiful Bread is offering STSL readers 10% OFF on any sweets from now through the end of May. Just mention that you read this blog post and you’ll be all squared away.

But in addition to that…

Bountiful Bread has offered to give away a “Cake For 2” in your choice of flavors, to THREE lucky (and local) STSL readers!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post saying what your ideal cake flavor creation would be – I’ll choose the (3) winners tomorrow, May 18th. Good Luck! Smile


  1. says

    OMG. Must get when I visit the fam in the fall. Also, I just started laughing, a lot. My “highschool sweetheart” (ex, clearly) is a chef a Creo. I’m loving your blog because you’re faboosh (obviously) and also because it’s nice to feel connected to a little slice of my hometown in my daily life all the way down here in VA. :)
    Sabrina @ Fit.Laugh.Love recently posted..In Which I’m a Regular, Imperfect Person

  2. Lauren says

    Oooh I would LOVE to try the Red Velvet flavor – my fave! and I love Bountiful Bread! I didn’t even know they made cakes! Guess I haven’t been in there in too long!

  3. says

    So VERY cool. I’m a bountiful bread fan, for sure: have you had their raspberry ganache brownies? LOVE.
    as for cake creations of choice – i am a fool for carrot cake of any kind.
    [and am also a fan of local giveaways. duh. :) ]

    Heather recently posted..My Love for Musselman’s

  4. Cristin says

    I am so sad I am not a local reader! Everything looks amazing! Maybe they might want to open another location in Fort Collins, Colorado???? :)

  5. A.V. says

    I love Bountiful Bread! My ideal cake creation would be some type of fruity cake, something with strawberries! But that orange creamsicle looks amazing!

  6. Erin says

    Alright, I’m going out on a total limb here. Judging by this post and by your post this morning saying you had some “decisions” to make, is there a chance that you’re going to be employed by Bountiful Bread (or the future Bountiful Cakes)? I hardly EVER comment on here, but I am an avid reader. Your cupcakes and cakes always look so professional and pretty…I’d hire you!

    • Courtney says

      Hahaha! That is a good guess, but no, I won’t be doing any baking for Bountiful Bread anytime soon.
      Thanks for offering to hire me though!! :)

  7. Nicole says

    YUM! That creamsicle cake looks fantastic! I’ve never been there before, but I love it even more knowing that their delivery trucks run on recycled oil – that’s awesome! :)

  8. Tammy says

    I always go for vanilla on vanilla…pretty boring, but I love it! However, that strawberry cake did look pretty amazing :-)

  9. JN says

    Mmm… chocolate cake with a strawberry filling/frosting. I was going to list a few more, but I honestly have to say, that would be my favorite.

  10. Kelli says

    Either carrot cake or chocolate with raspberry! I love BB too but do not get there as much as I used too!

  11. Denyne says

    Cake, did you say cake. Yes, please. My favorite is Strawberry Shortcake. But I would never turn down any flavor.

  12. says

    Hmmm… If I got to completely create my own cake it would probably be an almond-flavored cake, with peanut butter frosting and raspberry preserves between the layers, and then a dark chocolate ganache on the outside :-)

    If we’re talking classic cakes, I really like carrot cake and red velvet, but I mean, you can’t really go wrong with cake. It’s CAKE for crying out loud! Put enough frosting on it and I won’t care what flavor(s) it is!
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..5.17.12

  13. Rebecca says

    I LOVE Bountiful Bread!! My dream cake would be something “Snickers-like,” with peanuts, chocolate and caramel. Yum!!

  14. Theresa says

    I love, love, love red velvet cake! But a close second would be chocolate cake with Bailey’s Irish cream frosting.

  15. Susan says

    Coconut Rum. I’m not local but it would be one more reason for a road trip to my daughter’s house in Guilderland.

  16. Jessica says

    I love Bountiful Bread. Their sandwiches always fill me up, so I’ve never really checked out their baked goods (which I definitely need to do now!). Even though I love all things chocolate, I’d have to say my favorite cake combo is yellow cake + strawberry filling + butter cream frosting.

  17. Jennifer says

    I will be at Stuyvesant Plaza tonight for a cooking class at Different Drummer’s Kitchen; I’ll have to stop by Bountiful Bread to grab a sweet treat!! I am a red velvet girl through and through, so I would definitely love their red velvet cake (maybe for my upcoming bridal shower!).
    Jennifer recently posted..What’s Beautiful {Under Armour Challenge}

  18. says

    Obviously I won’t be entered since I’m not a LOCAL reader – unless you want to come visit NYC and bring me some cake! :) haha!

    But anyway- I’m drooling right now. I’m usually a chocolate person but that strawberry cupcake pulled me right in. I had cake with orange buttercream at my friends wedding shower last year and fell in love. I didn’t think I’d like it–but it was amazing. That cake looks JUST like it.
    Jillian @ Sprinkle Massacre recently posted..CrossFit Fund

  19. says

    I’m all over that triple chocolate cake. I don’t eat as much chocolate anymore than I used to but this would DEFINITELY be an exception. :)

    How is it possible that Kristin is younger than 21 and already a graduate of Johnson & Wales???

    This has got to be in your top 5 best giveaways ever on here list of mine- which includes your baked goods in the giveaway week, the Technogel pillow, and other things that I won’t mention and keeping blabbing on about.

  20. Cassie says

    Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting. Actually, anything with cream cheese frosting. Or just cream cheese frosting. 😉

  21. Brianne says

    Red Velvet for sure!!! That has always been my favorite cake!!! That tub of frosting looks heavenly!! :)

  22. christy says

    Chocolate with peanut butter frosting! Bountiful Bread is one of my favorite places… everything is always so fresh and delicious, especially the tomato soup!

  23. Meg Tri. says

    A chocolate cake with a carmel coconut frosting — basically, a Samoa Girl Scout cookie inspired cake.

  24. Kristen says

    Bountiful Bread is a favorite gathering spot with my girlfriends…we love their soup, salad and sandwiches. We try to resist the delicious goodies but at least enjoy sharing a treat. Where would I start with a cake flavor??? Coconut rum pineapple would be yummy…chocolate fudge is always a winner…some kind of almond sounds appealing. Really anything conjured up by a master pastry chef would be fine with me :-)

  25. Kelly says

    Oh definitely Creamsicle… my boyfriend’s favorite thing ever. I made him your Orange Cream Soda Pop cupcakes, and he LOVED them…I’m sure he would die for this too!

  26. Stephanie says

    YUM I love bountiful bread! Their cinnamon raisin bread is the best :) if you ever get the chance I believe the Log Jam in Lake George is one of their sister restaurants! On the other hand, I’d totally go for that orange creamsicle cake!

  27. Emily says

    OMG…I’m all over this! Almond cake with raspberry preserves and white chocolate frosting. To die for!!

  28. says

    My ideal cake flavor would be Cookies ‘n Cream! I’m not sure if I am considered a local reader by the way (I am from Utica, NY) with a 315 area code. Hope that works 😉

  29. Jean says

    Love Bountiful Bread!! My favorite cake would be a lemon cake with a lemon buttercream icing!! Yummy!!!

  30. Laurel says

    What a delicious giveaway!

    I actually just moved to Albany a few months ago, and have been trying to get to bountiful bread for a few weeks. I will have to make it a point to get over there next week. A chocolate raspberry or strawberry vanilla cake sounds delicious right now, as does creamsicle! YUM!

  31. Erin says

    Almond cake with white chocolate frosting–just like our wedding cake <3

    Love Bountiful Bread! I like to go sit near their fireplace and have the tomato pesto soup and their tuna, carmelized onion and cheddar sandwich!

  32. Erin says

    Well I haven’t meet a cake yet that I don’t like :) Now that dreamsicle sounds amazing…my faaaaaaavorite all time cake though is tres leches. SO.AMAZING!

  33. Lindsey says

    I’m a local! …and my dream cake creation flavor would be banana foster cake with butterscotch flavored icing!

  34. tara says

    I love a classic carrot cake with cream cheese frosting…especially beautifully layered cakes! (mine taste good but aren’t so pretty….)

  35. Karleen curran says

    Omg! I’m totally feeling the raspberry truffle cake pops that are new from Starbucks! If they could make that into a mini cake, I would be in heaven! It’s a soft brownie consistency with a hint of raspberry flavor….mmmmmmm:)

  36. says

    I love Bountiful Bread! I seriously eat there at least twice a week, hahaha (LOVE the tomato pesto soup). My favorite cake is good old fashion yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting :)

  37. Jolynn says

    YUM! I’d love to try that orange creamsicle cake but if I had to create my own ideal flavor combo… I think I’d want something lemony. Lemon flavors always seem so light and airy, like you’re not eating something horribly bad for you 😉 Maybe a white cake with a lemon custard/curd filling and buttercream frosting?

  38. emily jo says

    im a carb and sweets girl, anything like that right in front of me- say good bye! 😉

    chocolate peanut butter with oreos cake!!!

  39. Danielle says

    My dream cake would be a mocha fudge cake! I love bountiful bread and their tomato pesto soup :) mmmmmmmm… perfect way to warm up in the winter!

  40. Ciara says

    I love Bountiful Bread! I go there quite a bit and love how fresh everything is. As far as cake, the red velvet sounds pretty awesome!

  41. Kay says

    I love Bountiful Bread! And I’d love to try any of their flavors.

    I’m usually pretty boring, white cake and white frosting is my favorite. But I recently heard about a caramel layer cake with caramel/brown sugar frosting. That would be amazing.

  42. Ed Stevens says

    Would love to win a cake to share with my team. I manage a baseball team sponsored by, who, Bountiful Bread of course!!! And did I mention this past Monday I celebrated my 40th birthday!

  43. Laura says

    Awww. I worked at Bountiful Bread with my roommate when I went to the SUNY Albany 5 years ago!! It was such a nice treat to get to see some pictures of it now!! I miss it and Albany so much! Winning a cake would be a great reason to come visit!

  44. Nicole says

    I love a good, moist yellow cake with a thick layer of fudge frosting in the middle and a fluffy vanilla buttercream on top. ….with sprinkles around the edges, of course. :)

  45. Sam says

    I’d like a chocolate cake. I love Bountiful Bread… I’m there probably once a week. Try to no bakes — they are to die for!! 😉


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