He Was Lovin’ Life

My little guy got a special treat today…


Cody has since learned how to push open the screen door on the back of the house. Yes, he’s a menace I’ll tell ya. So I figured, rather than fight the battle, I’d let him come out and wander around with me while I did some weeding and watering of the garden (yes, Jay, I did it!).

Talk about overstimulated…he was all over just about everything. Pawing at bugs, pouncing on the grass…


My little guy was lovin’ life. Smile


Backtrack to a little bit earlier today…shortly after breakfast digested I took care of getting in my workout for the day. I started out with two rounds of Tabata, wearing my new Reebok kicks and my Gymboss Interval Timer.


Gymboss actually sent me this probably about a month ago to try out, and I’ve been loving it. I use it in most of my group classes at work but this was my first time using it at home. It’s super easy to program and totally beats having to constantly check a stopwatch. I love it!


My first round of Tabata was this one, which I found today from my fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Brad Gouthro. My second round consisted of burpees, bench dips, push-ups, and mountain climbers…totally equipment free, folks!

After my 8 minutes of Tabata were done, I finished up with a 30-minute walking session on the treadmill. It was a pretty good one, so I’ll work on getting it put together to share with you guys soon. Promise!

Post-workout snack: Pineapple SOYJOY bar (my second favorite behind banana).


Then I went out and did the whole weeding thing with Cody, got my arms all broken out in a rash (no biggie, just my stupid allergies, but they itch like woah), showered up, and made a light, refreshing lunch #1.


A yogurt bowl made with vanilla Chobani, strawberries, blueberries, Kashi Go Lean Crunch & granola.


Perfect for this beautiful day. Smile

I’ve got a couple more hours before a quick shift at work, then I’m off to go join my mom and cheer on hubby, dad, and the “little” bro on at their softball game tonight. I just <3 having evenings with family.

Anyone else have any good plans for this evening?

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Megan says

    I think it is so cute that you had Cody outside with you today! I have a cat (Joey) that loves to be outside so we got him a leash and he absolutely adores it. He will actually sit at the door and meow until he gets put on the leash.

      • Megan says

        Actually this is kind of strange. Joey wears a small dog collar when we take him outside. All the cat collars are the “breakaway” kind. Bad, in my opinion, for taking cats outside. The back porch has lattice (spelling?) on it so we take the cord that is used to tie dogs outside and loop it into the lattice. Whenever he wants to go outside we slap the collar on and hook him up to the cord and he is the happiest cat in the world.

        I think we might be talking about the cat harnesses with leashes, I’m really intereste in those. Sorry for the long comment…

    • Katie says

      We take our kitty outside too. He does the same thing! Meows at the back door until you let him outside. We have a leash and we connect it to the clothes line. He goes nuts for the bugs. I’m always afraid he’s going to get stung by a bee!

      • Courtney @educatedderelicts says

        Is it not normal to have cats outside in America?! Our cats wander in and out whenever and wherever they please, catch mice, climb trees….

    • Courtney says

      He actually stayed pretty central, which is why I let him hang with me. I definitely kept a VERY close eye on him though!

    • Courtney says

      No, unfortunately we don’t let him outside all that often. We live on a SUPER busy street and I always get scared that he’ll run out into traffic. :(

  2. says

    Sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you! I get itchy arms too when I do any gardening. Silly grass. My cat was so cute when we let her out for the first time, its so funny to watch them react to the outside. I love tabata, its a favourite right now for sure!
    Lisa recently posted..Giveaway Time

  3. kelsey says

    Court, I put small a small dog harness on my cats its super light and safe and just clip them to a long lightweight leash. My boys are perfectly fine with it and as long as the harness is fitted properly they cant escape :)

  4. says

    That’s great Cody got a taste of the outdoors today. This might be a weird question but did he dig into the ground? A couple of people in my class have cats who do this when they go outside. Do you think that’s normal? I know you’re not a veterinarian but I was just wondering.

    Just working with my mom tonight. Should be busy- but maybe not because of the beautiful weather today. People might not want to come indoors. I hope.

    I can’t wait to see who won the Bountiful Bread cakes. I really hope I’m one of those three lucky winners! :)

  5. Tracey says

    If you like pineapple flavored things you must try the new pineapple larabar. I just found it in my local whole foods today and OMG it is DELICIOUS!!!! I’m officially obsessed and will go back tomorrow to buy them all up!

  6. says

    Cody is so cute! I bet he was loving it outside!

    It is good you keep him in, you just never know what can happen to a pet if you let them go out too much, my cat that was let outside a lot when I was younger got hit by a car. I was crushed, I will never forget that.

    Happy weekend girl!
    katie Carso recently posted..Ready…

  7. says

    LOL! Cody is such a cute.
    Too funny – I just let Clarabelle out while I was hanging out on the back porch sippin’ some wine the other night. Now she has a thirst for the great outdoors! Shane hates when I let her out, because he’s afraid of what she’ll bring in the house from the grass. Yet I can’t get him to take off his shoes when he comes in the house…
    Paige @ Running Around Normal recently posted..Workout Playlist, May 2012


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