Rachel’s Bridal Shower

Rachel’s bridal shower was a success!


We (the bridal party) all got there earlier this morning to set up and get things ready for the bride-to-be. Luckily, there really wasn’t all that much for us to do, since the venue did a wonderful job of getting everything organized and put together.


We took care of the centerpieces for the tables, put out the mini picture frames filled with pictures of the two lovebirds as favors, and set up the cupcake table…


Remember how I said I had a little bit of baking to do the other day?


It was a surprise for Rachel, so I didn’t want to say anything on here in case she was reading, but I offered to bake the cupcakes for today’s big event. I kept the flavors simple: vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and Oreo cake with a new kind of frosting that tasted pretty darn similar to the inside of an Oreo.


I was also psyched to have found these interlocking hearts at the store, which matched perfectly with her theme for the wedding. So fun!


Shortly after we finished setting up, our guest of honor arrived and was smiling from ear to ear.



I just love her. Smile

We started out by playing a few fun games, one of which entailed Rachel having to guess various answers that her fiancé, Steve, gave on some questions we asked.


Obviously, she didn’t quite agree with some of his answers. Winking smile

Afterward, we sat down to a delicious brunch of scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, French toast, fresh fruit, bagels, and pastries.


My plate.


Oh yes…and there were mimosas. And they were deeeeelicious.


After brunch we played a few more games and then it was time to open gifts.


The bridal party all surprised Rachel with a gift that she thought she wasn’t going to be able to get for another month or so and, as you can see, she was a little surprised.


We all got her her Fingerprint Guest Tree Print for the wedding, courtesy of our talented friend, Christina. You may remember her work making an appearance here on STSL a couple of times.


Christina did an awesome job of incorporating all of the things that Rachel wanted on her tree print and I know it’s going to look awesome once it’s all “fingerprinted” after the wedding.


After the gifts were open, it was time to dig into some cupcakes!


I opted for a vanilla, but I got good feedback on the Oreo ones too, thank goodness…I always get nervous when my cupcakes are being eaten at an event that I’m actually attending.


The Bridal Party – who seriously can’t wait to party it up in just a couple short months!

So much fun today with the girlies…now it’s time to go get ready and head out for the evening. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


  1. says

    That bridal shower looked like a lot of fun. The cupcake stand made me smile. She’s so lucky to have a good friend like you! I could go for a vanilla or Oreo cupcake right about now… 😉

    Where did she (and you) get your dresses? They’re beautiful.

    • Courtney says

      Rachel got her dress from The Limited and I actually got my dress about 3 years ago from Boscov’s

  2. says

    Love the design that is beautiful. Your cupcakes look amazing too! The shower looks like a ton of fun, how could it not be when your with your friends, food, and mimosas! 😉
    Lisa recently posted..Sweat It Out

  3. JJ says

    I love your dress and the black V neck with white belt and black high neck on the right! Can you share brands or shopping info? Thanks!

    • Courtney says

      Thanks! I’m not sure where the black dress with the belt came from, but I know I actually got my dress about 3 years ago from Boscov’s. Totally forgot I even had it, in fact :)

  4. says

    The shower looks so great! I love the cupcakes, they look fabulous, and so professional! You need to start your own cupcake business and I want one of them right now :) They’re so pretty! Love the hearts on top!

  5. Karen says

    The cupcakes look delicious! My bridal shower was yesterday too! We also had plenty of cupcakes and mimosa’s it was a beautiful day filled with love and sugar :)

  6. Tori says

    My best friend got married in December and she had the tree with the fingerprints as her guestbook. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen! It looked amazing and will definitely be a cherished item.

  7. Trudy says

    Oh funny! I’m getting married the same day! I was reading on the tree and was thinking…wait a minute…

    Looks really great though :)

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