Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Randomness of Real Facts

by Courtney on May 23, 2012


Hey, friends! What’s shakin’? So glad you guys are enjoying the new walking workout. If anyone decides to give it a go soon, let me know what ya think. You haven’t missed too much on the food front over here today. Breakfast was a quick throw together of this before work, which was delicious, as […]


30 Minute Incline Walk

So, I’ve totally been meaning to share this walking workout with you guys since last Friday. Whoops. I mentioned the workout quickly last week and I ended up doing it again over the weekend. It’s perfect for those days when you might not be quite in the mood to run, but you still want to […]


WIAW: Must Step Away

by Courtney on May 23, 2012

Howdy howdy! How are we all doing on this fine, rainy Wednesday morning? I’m pretty sure I slept wrong last night and am working through a lovely kink in my neck this morning. Hate when that happens, right?!? Hey, at least I got a decent amount of sleep, so I can’t complain. So, you’re not […]