It Still Gets Me Every Single Time

Last night was so much fun!

Shortly after Jay and I arrived over at Joe & Kate’s house yesterday evening, we got the chance to pop a little bubbly after finding out that Joey got a new job!


Congratulations, buddy! Smile


Hey, you know I’m always up for an excuse to celebrate with a little champagne.


It was tastin’ pretty good last night too, so don’t let that one glass fool you. Kate and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Winking smile

We also didn’t have to wait too long for dinner to be ready, which was awesome because I was starrrrrving.


I had a black bean veggie burger from the grill, corn on the cob, and a serving of this delicious brown rice salad that Kate put together.


It had celery, apples, almonds, and dried cranberries, all mixed with a little lemon juice and maybe olive oil(?). Either way, it was delicious and I’m excited that Jay even said it’s something he’d eat again so I’m totally going to try recreating it.

**Edited to include the recipe! Courtesy of Kate, herself. Thanks, Kate!


While we were sitting down to dinner, I was introduced to this awesome corn butter contraption which I am now in love with. Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, since I’ve never seen one of these, but I SO need to get my hands on one for myself.


Growing up, my family always just had a separate “corn butter” that we would simply roll our ears of corn in. It wasn’t messy, and was actually fairly convenient, but I’m diggin’ this new little guy. Now if I could just figure out a way to make salting my corn easier

After dinner, the four of us ended up sitting around the kitchen table catching up and having a little dessert.


Yesterday afternoon, I had whipped up a batch of healthier brownies made with some crushed Oreos and they were deeeeelish.

Joey approved. Winking smile


I ended up snacking on two (+ another bite) throughout the rest of the evening while sipping on a glass of Rosé wine.


The four of us definitely had a few good laughs while sitting around the table last night…one of which was the fact that me and they’re cutie of a kitty, Iris, became good pals for the evening.


Apparently Iris doesn’t usually love the ladies, but me and her were like *this.* Winking smile


So one of the other things that had me laughing so hard I thought I might pee my pants was our viewing of some various YouTube videos. One of the videos, which I’d never seen before was flippin’ hilarious (Alyssa, I know you’ll appreciate this) by Jenna Marbles.

**If you’ve never watched Jenna Marbles, just be forewarned that she impersonates Pit Bull in this video and does not hold back with the cursing; so if you’re at work, you may want to wait to watch this one ‘til later if ya know what I mean…


Another video we came across that has made me laugh for YEARS now (and even still gets me every.single.time.) is this old TV blooper of two news reporters called “Black and Gus.”

Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds this stinkin’ hilarious?

I think the first time I ever saw this video was on one of those TV blooper shoes back in high school, and I can remember sitting in my parents’ living room watching it and absolutely losing it. Tears streaming down the face and everything. For some reason, it’s just one of those things that strikes me funny wayyyy more than it should, but good lord I love it. Smile

Alright, off to work I go…catch you gators later!

Questions for the Morning:

  • Do you have anything that has ever stricken you funny way more than it should?
  • What are some of your favorite kinds of TV bloopers?


  1. says

    That corn butterer contraption looks really cool! I love random kitchen gadgets like that! I love TV bloopers when the anchors totally loose it and start cracking up. The laughter in contagious and it gets me every time. Congrats to Joe on his new job!
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..Yankees v. Royals

  2. says

    The GIF with the girl shaking the hairbrush and the “na na na na boo boo” face gets me SO HARD every time I see it. The first time I came across it, I laughed for a solid 10 minutes and emailed the link to my best friend. He didn’t respond for a few minutes and when the reply popped up in my inbox, I saw the GIF all over again and was in hysterics for another solid 10 minutes. Don’t even ask me about when I showed it to my boyfriend a few nights ago…

  3. says

    I love the black and gus blooper! One of my faves. And Jenna Marbles craaaacks me up.

    You probably didn’t get a chance to watch Modern Family because of all of your fun last night – catch up, lady! It was awesome :)
    Yellow Haired Girl recently posted..Continuing Hobby

  4. says

    It seems that not a lot or at least most of the blogs I follow have never talked about GMO foods. How do you feel about this issue. I’m just asking because I saw that you were eating corn. Corn on the cob is a highlight for me in the summer but now I eat only organic corn and corn products due to the fact that if it’s not organic it’s GMO and is label an insecticide under the EPA because as it grow it produces it’s own insecticide within the corn plant itself.

    • Courtney says

      During the summer months, I almost always get my corn from a local farm stand nearby. Not only does it taste amazing, but I also love supporting the local businesses. Unfortunately, I don’t always get the opportunity to get it from there (especially since it’s not yet available) but for instances like last night when I was a dinner guest, I wasn’t going to turn it down. :)

  5. says

    I love Jenna Marbles!! She’s so stinkin’ funny. That corn butterer is a staple at my parents’ house. We don’t do corn without it. Have you seen Butter Boy & Butter Girl? They are cute but if I’m being perfectly honest, don’t work so well.

    I have had more moments of things seeming funnier than they really are that I can count. One in particular is a scene from The Baby-Sitters Club movie where Kristy is having a meltdown and blames it on allergies. When her stepdad asks what she’s allergic to, she bursts out “I’m allergic to…to SUMMER!!” My best friend & I could not stop laughing and hit rewind on the VCR more times than I could count. I looked for a clip, no luck. :(
    Trisha recently posted..Home Sweet Home & WIAW

  6. says

    I loved the Black and Gus!!! I would have done the same thing he did. I take things so literally.
    I work at a pharmacy and when someone is new we write their address as 123 Need Address, Orlando FL. The first time I came across it I read it to the guest as if it was actually thier address. I thought they were mean giving me that “what are you talking about look”, untill I realized what I said!
    Great post!

  7. says

    1. When I first watched GloZell’s Cinnamon Challenge, I lost it. I was crying/laughing and almost peed my pants. Yes, it was HILARIOUS! My reaction isn’t as strong because I know what’s going to happen later in the video but most people wouldn’t lose it like I did then.

    2. TV Anchor bloopers are funny; I like the ones where people fall embarassingly (but then I feel bad because it must have hurt REALLY bad), and those videos where parents trick their younger children.

  8. says

    Haha. I have an obsession with watching hilarious videos. They are the best, and if I’m having a bad day I can just rely on those to cheer me up! Jenna Marbles is hilar. I also love TV anchor stories, so awkward but awesome when they mess up. I love this video of this kid who got interviewed by an news anchor and just goes “i like turtles” he is hilarious, I kind of want to meet him
    Lisa recently posted..Fear Foods

  9. Amy K says

    Oh my gawd- those brownies look amazing and have given me a major craving. Is there recipe posted somewere else in your blog that I could fine and recreate?

    Thanks so much for your fabulous and always yummy blog!


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