Continuing the Tradition

Well hello there, friends! Talk about the day getting away from me…

I was surprisingly up at 7:00am this morning (without an alarm, a feat on its own) and have been on the go ever since.

First things first, breakfast was necessary. I woke up starving so I didn’t waste any time on putting together a cool, refreshing morning meal…


Another serving of tropical muesli + a glass of iced coffee.


So yummy.

Right after finishing that, I headed out to take care of the grocery shopping, and have since been working like mad in the kitchen.

Cookie bars


Corn & Black Bean Salsa


A new attempt at a healthy, roasted potato salad (recipe to come if it’s approved!)




Apparently Jay and I are pretty hungry today…?

Nahh, just kiddin’…we’re continuing the Memorial Day tradition and are expecting some family over later today to spend the day by the pool.


Even if it is a whopping 64 degrees. Winking smile (<– the pool temp, not the air- we’re in the high 80s around here today!)

I hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful holiday today, and don’t forget to take the time to remember what this day is all about…

Thank you so much to all of our veterans and current armed forces members; we salute you all and sincerely thank you for your service.


  1. Lindsay says

    That corn and black bean salsa looks delicious. Have you posted that recipe before? I didn’t see it in your recipe section.


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