Sometimes Take-Out Is Just So Much Easier

Confession: I basically had all day today to figure something out for dinner…


But sometimes, take-out is just so much easier.

Jay and I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out something to have here, but it’s pretty tough for him to decide on something when there isn’t meat involved. Is he said, “I’m a carnivore, I need my meat.” I gotcha, babe.

The only meat we had was in the freezer and neither of us were in much of a mood to work on defrosting it, so we went the lazy route tonight and ordered some Chinese and sushi take-out.


By the way, does anyone ever use even a quarter of the sauce packets they give you? Seriously…why so many?


Initially, I was just planning on getting a sushi roll assortment, but decided last minute to incorporate something new. I did still have a California roll (plus another California + sweet potato roll for Jay) which was yummy, as always.


But I also got an order of shrimp and mixed vegetables with steamed rice.


This dish was pretty good. The vegetables and shrimp were cooked well, but I didn’t totally love the sauce. Not really sure what I was expecting it to taste like, but that wasn’t it.


I ate just about all of the veggies, all but one shrimp, and only a small portion of the rice because I’m pretty sure there was enough in there for a family of four. Boy, they sure are generous all around, huh?

There’s a batch of cookies that need to be made this evening for my mother in-law, and I am reeeeally excited to see how they come out so I can share with you all. I’m also psyched to see so many of you on board with a yoga challenge…be on the lookout tomorrow! Winking smile

Question for the Evening:

What’s your favorite Chinese and/or sushi dish to get for take-out?


  1. says

    We usually get Thai takeout when we get Asian food. And then I get Pad Se Ew with extra broccoli or Pad Thai. Plus spicy beef salad. Okay, now I want Thai food.
    Erin recently posted..Busy, Busy

  2. lisa says

    I rarely get Chinese because our options are too greasy but my favorite sushi take-out is always spicy tuna roll and himachi nigiri, even better if they are made with brown rice.

  3. says

    I’m a sucker for sweet and sour pork and cashew chicken. So bad, but so, so good. I haven’t had Chinese in FOREVER, though. It used to be my favorite food when I was little, but now that I feed myself a lot more I’d rather eat the food I’ve already got on hand than try to decide what I want from take out (usually 😉 )
    Bethany @ Accidental Intentions recently posted..Thursday Things

  4. says

    Sometimes, takeout just tastes better too! My favorite sushi is probably the spicy tuna roll and chinese, I tend to stay away from but Thai, I’m all over. The spicy eggplant has my name all over it! :)
    Lauren recently posted..Good to Great

  5. says

    I think every night when we’re down to just having frozen meat we end up getting takeout! It’s just so much easier than dealing with thawing meat!

    And honestly, I think the place we get sushi from the most is the grocery store! It’s not the best sushi ever but not the worst either.
    Megan@ The Running Doc recently posted..1200 Miles

  6. says

    I always wondered the same thing about the packets, but then I was talking with a friend who used to work at Taco Bell and she said people would literally ask her for 20 packets of sauce when ordering two meals. So guess they want to make sure everyone gets enough? But just thinking about someone consuming that much soy sauce makes me feel bloated for them!
    Lea recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday

  7. says

    I love sushi over Chinese! Ever since I have tried purple/black rice, also called forbidden rice, I will never go back to white. It has such a great taste and it’s so much healthier. I love sushi with avocado, especially a salmon, tuna, avocado roll!
    Angela @ Health, Happiness & Harmony recently posted..It Was a Zoo

  8. Jessica says

    We love Chinese takeout!! Crab Rangoon is a favorite and California rolls and shrimp crunch rolls are a must have!! :) Our 3 year old & 1 year old love steamed rice w/ soy sauce so all that “generosity” rice comes in handy here at our house!

  9. says

    I don’t like the regular sauces they use in most Chinese (Asian) restaurants. Too sweet and too artificial for some reason… I used to love it as a kid but I haven’t had Chinese in 10 years, with one exception to try and see if I would like it again; but alas.. nope :p I do ADORE sushi so those rolls look amazing and make me hungry 😉 I’ve had the best sushi in Glendale, CA in 2004 and I’ve never had anything that good ~ some got close, but never that good 😉 (probably because of the whole I’m-on-a-holiday feeling, lol)
    Leanne recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday – Busy day with a lot of ‘fast-food’

  10. Courtney says

    We ordered sushi last night as well! I was just not in the cooking mode. I love all sushi, but last night was spicy tuna and soft shell crab. YUM!

  11. says

    Something I started doing when I got married was some serious meal planning. Every weekend (usually saturday) I sit down, decide how many meals we will be home for the following week. And then I begin looking through pinterest, my recipe books, and my cupboards for meal ideas. On the back side of the grocery list I put my actual meals to look back at for reference. I usually do 1-2 meals each week that can be made with frozen meat/cupboard staples/my usual produce items. This way if I get home late or decide I really don’t want to cook we can go out to dinner without wasting any produce. I always evaluate if there are days a crockpot meal is necessary (long workdays etc). It takes so much stress off my days and makes putting meals together much quicker.
    Adrienne recently posted..Word Decor DIY

  12. says

    Sesame Chicken from the Plum Blossom is to die for! I hope I can go back to that restaurant soon. I would order it for takeout but it’s not the closest Chinese restaurant to where I live, unfortunately.

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