Quite the Popular Guy

Cody wants to say good morning to you all.


We’ve got a fairly relaxed, low-key Saturday happenin’ so far over here today. We were all up nice and early since hubs had to be up and out for work, so Codeman and I took a little time to play some Saturday morning fetch.


I think we’ve got about five fetch toys currently floating throughout the house that are “in play,” but we’ve certainly got plenty of backups…

I love the fact that my friends think of Cody. My brother has been known to bring over fetch toys, and my friend Heather gave him a lifetime supply of fetch toys. Just recently, Cody and I got a cute little card in the mail from this Heather and Benson


And then on Monday, my brother’s girlfriend Meg brought over some other fetch toys that she’d been saving up for him.


Cody is quite the popular guy, I’ll tell ya. Winking smile


It was a yummy one!


Scrambled eggs + a toasted whole wheat bagel thin topped with a wedge of The Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese and some peach slices.


Guys, this cinnamon cream cheese is awesome. I’m in love.


I feel like it would be good with just about anything…and I bet it’d make a pretty killer cream cheese frosting for my banana cupcakes.

Actually, now that I think of it, I have 3 overly ripe bananas sitting in my fruit basket as we speak…

If you’ll excuse me, I think I have something to go take care of right now. Winking smile

Happy Saturday!!


  1. says

    Cinnamon cream cheese sounds outrageously good. I need to hunt some down.

    Out kitty loves those milk top pulls as toys – basically the same thing. How awesome that your friends are sending them over for you to use! Happy weekend.
    Katie recently posted..Cereal Cookies

  2. Lauren says

    hey courtney! i’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and i’m hooked!! i just tried the laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese on a cinammon swirl bagel…was it yummy!!! you have to let us know how it is on your banana cupcakes. :)


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