Buffalo Chicken Pasta

Tonight’s turkey sandwich dinner was hardly exciting (although it was yummy), but I do still have a rather delicious dinner recipe to share with you all. So last night when Jay and I were having all that fun? Well, we were also eating a pretty amazing dinner…


Earlier in the day, I had texted Jay to tell him what I had in mind. I thought for sure he’d be right on board, but he was actually a little leery at first…


I mean, we’ve had Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese before, so I figured I had this one in the bag?

Well, no worries. By the time he took his first bite, I had him hooked.


This dish was not only super easy to make, but the flavor was definitely quite unique. Not something you’d typically expect from a regular pasta dish…or so Jay says. I’ve learned to have no expectations. Smile

The only thing I wished I had had on hand was some blue cheese crumbles to sprinkle on top. Fortunately, we did have some fresh parmesan on hand, so I went with that, although I’m sure some shredded mozzarella would also be just as good.


Not only is this dish delicious, but it’s also fairly healthy to boot – the nutrition stats for one serving (about 1-1/2 cups) is going to come in right around this:

  • 275 calories
  • 6g fat
  • 25g protein
  • 6g fiber

Granted, Jay and I both probably had more than a serving, but we do still have plenty of leftovers, so we didn’t go too overboard.

Then again, I have been picking at them sporadically throughout the day today, sooo…


Yum. Smile


  1. Nicole says

    This looks great! It reminds me of one of my husbands fave dishes from Grey Gelding in Saratoga. Whenever we came to town, we would get an order of that to-go to bring back home. Sadly, I’m pretty sure that place is no longer, but this would be a great (and much healthier!) surprise to make for dinner tonight :)


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