Funny Story About a Cat on a Leash

Sooo, funny story about this one.


Yeah, that’s been him today. Quite the life. I swear, if he’s not flying through the air, he’s hanging around in what are usually some pretty provocative poses. But anyway…

The other day, I ended up purchasing a leash and a harness for my little buddy so he could chill outside with us, but tubby was a little too big for that one so I had to exchange it for a medium.

Well my first attempt at putting Codester in the harness was a little, umm, scary. I got him in no problem, brought him outside, and hooked him up to the fence. He was pretty timid and didn’t really seem like he knew what to do, but the little guy looked so cute that I decided to go run inside quick to grab my phone so I could text a picture of him to Jay.

By the time I got back outside, my man was flipping out, doing major kitty flips like it was his business. I threw my phone and ran over to try and help him but he somehow got himself right out of the harness, made a beeline for our back door (and proceeded to almost break the screen on the screen door in the process) and could not wait to get back in. The poor guy was so frazzled, and I had no idea what happened. After thinking about it more, I’m wondering if my leaving his site had anything to do with it, but I just felt so awful. Luckily, he’s fine, but I’m not attempting the leash and harness again until Jay is around too. Yikes.

Well yesterday, as I was taking it easy on the elliptical and checking my email on my phone, I came across a picture that Jay sent to me and I literally burst out laughing while ellipticaling away. No joke…the guy next to me looked over and said, “Wow, musta been a funny one?”

That it was…


…because this is seriously what Cody looked like, I swear.

Jay came across this photo on a post from one of his favorite sites, The Chive. (He’s showed the site to me a couple times, but it’s definitely a “guys” site – lots of funny random videos and plenty of half naked ladies.) Sometimes, however, the animal posts are freakin’ hilarious, and this Cat Saturday post, featuring 36 random cat photos is great. Some of the photos had me laughing out loud, and for some reason, photo #11 struck me the funniest of any of them.

So, there’s a little bit of a random story for ya on this Tuesday afternoon. Winking smile

Now onto some eats…

Mid-morning I snacked on some carrots, celery, and hummus.


This was quite a random snack for me, considering I don’t usually introduce savory snacks into my day until after lunch time.

Around noon I put together a yogurt bowl.


This guy was made up of a plain Chobani, mixed with crushed pineapple, strawberries, honey nut O’s, and some Kashi Island Vanilla.


Awwww yeaaaahhh. Winking smile


I really need to run out to do a couple errands but I’m sort of under house arrest…

I’m currently waiting for UPS to deliver a package (finally ordered the new laptop) which is supposedly en route to the house, but it requires a signature and I really don’t want to miss them. Because that would be my luck that they’d stop by in the 15 minutes that I left.

Hopefully they get here soon…we’ve got a softball game later and I’ve got to head to work!


  1. says

    HAHAH that is hysterical about the cat leash…would he normally run off if he was outside without one? and I just sent that cat post of pictures to my husband who loves cats but is allergic :-)
    Ruthie Hart recently posted..DIY No Sew Bunting

  2. says

    Poor Cody, what a scaredy cat :) I took Jelly out last year and will not be attempting it again this year.

    The first time, he climbed under a bush and got himself so entangled that he actually broke free of his collar and leash. Next time, he wore a harness. He liked wandering around, but his big gut busted the belly strap after about 10 minutes! I think I have to get an XL harness for dogs or moose, more comparable to Jelly’s actual size than those little kitty harnesses! :)
    Halley (Blunder Construction) recently posted..For Now, Cheesecake

  3. Susan says

    I have been putting my cats on a harness outside ever since they were kittens. They don’t mind it at all. I think the trick is to start them on it when they are young so they get used to it.

  4. says

    Hahaha poor Cody! My cats love outside but we have a screened in porch and they can come and go as they please. My sisters cat has a leash and harness and is addicted to going outside, he sees that leash and he goes nuts!
    Jaren@Kiwi Fit Blog recently posted..What A Week

  5. Megan says

    Oh no poor Cody! Acutally though, that isn’t very surprising to me. My cat gets tied out with a leash and he took some major getting used to the outdoors before he was ready to go out by himself. Don’t give up!

  6. says

    oh poor Cody! Please do not put him in a harness and a long leash and leave him unobserved; cats cannot protect themselves this way if another animal approaches or they get scared. He is not like a chained dog! Leashes are really only safe for walking cats (if at all). They can easily strangulate themselves in a long leash. And then, no more Cody :-(

    I think if you let him out only occasionally when you guys are outside, too, he won’t wander too far (i.e. outside your property). If there is a busy street nearby I just would not let him outside.
    Silvia @skinny jeans food recently posted..Roasted fennel with balsamic vinaigrette

  7. says

    Lovin’ the leash story. Funny because the EXACT same thing happened with my cat, I thought it would be the coolest thing to take my cat on walks, but as soon as I got that leash on and brought her outside she lost her mind and went insane, and got the leash off herself, maybe that’s why I never see cats on leashes?!
    Lisa recently posted..Goals and adjusting exercise

  8. says

    OH bless his heart!! My cats are the same way, they want to go outside, but once they get there they have changed their minds!

  9. JN says

    One of my cats immediately took to walking on a leash when she was young. She’s very good at it, and if she gets distracted, all I have to do is jangle my keys and she’ll run right to me.

    And not to be a downer, but I will say to everyone that lets their cats out attended or unattended: be aware that anything can happen to them in a split second. I know someone who lost their cat because the neighbor’s dog ran across the lawn, grabbed it by the neck, and shook it. :(

  10. says

    There is a guy in Seattle that walks with a cat on a leash – the cat is soooo stinkin fat that his belly rubs along the sidewalk as they walk. I used to see them everyday. That freaking cat is a celebrity! Everyone in Bellevue has seen him at least once – too funny

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