My Words Of Wisdom For Today

Howdy howdy…I’m back!

I had every intention of coming back to blog last night, but it was one of those nights where Jay and I were just having too much fun for me to bail and write a blog post. Almost like one of those uncontrollable belly laugh nights. If I had been in that same situation a year ago, I probably would have dropped everything just for the mere sake of posting…but I’ve learned.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love you all and this blog to pieces. But I also have a life to live outside of this little ‘ol blog, and it honestly took me a little while to recognize that. I think that is something just so important for anyone in any field of work to recognize, you know? The blog, the work, the laundry, the dishes…it’ll all be there tomorrow. So if you’re having a blast, just embrace and enjoy it.

Alright, there’s my words of wisdom for today.

In other news…my daffodils day lilies are finally starting to bloom! <– edited because I apparently know nothing about flowers and just found out I was wrong.


I noticed them this morning as I was pulling back up the driveway from my 5:45am BodyPump class and they’re just oh-so-pretty.

Pump was pretty great too today, although I’m feeling a little extra tense/sore in my neck and shoulders. I’m assuming that may possibly be due to the fact that I also took an hour-long yoga class yesterday (sticking with my June Yoga Challenge!) and it was pretty intensive on the arms and shoulders.

That’s a-okay by me…I love me some shredded shoulders!


Looky-looky what I’ve got. Winking smile


And check out this batch of OIAJ…filled right to the brim!


I didn’t make these as a batch of voluminous oats, but I did let them sit on the stovetop for a little longer than usual, and that totally seemed to do the trick.


The blueberries were extra tasty in there today, and there was plenty of PB left in this jar since I’m the one who finished it off this time, not Jay.


Workout done. Breakfast done. Now time to get crackin’ on the rest of today’s business!

Question for the Morning:

When’s the last time you made sure to truly embrace and enjoy a great moment, without worrying about X, Y, or Z?


  1. says

    Oh man,’s like you read my mind! As fun as blogging is, living life and making the most of “now” is even more fun! Check out my blog later- it’s full of even more wisdom :)! Have a great day, my “wise” friend :)
    Khushboo Thadani recently posted..Brain Dump

  2. says

    My boyfriend and I have a tendency to sit in front of the TV with our laptops/iPhones/iPads, even to eat dinner. The other night, I made a nice dinner, and he said “Let’s actually sit at the table and turn the TV off.” He then proceeded to set the table and light candles…and it was the best meal ever!
    Coco recently posted..Anthem for Women

  3. says

    On our last holiday I decided I would only workout if I really wanted to, or if I had the time without it taking away from anything else. I did not cardio/running the entire 8 days, but did do 30 mins of yoga each morning since I was always the first one up. It felt so good! Usually on holidays I still try and squeeze in workouts but I am very glad this time when I did not even worry or think about making time to do so.
    Lindsey recently posted..Not the Best Start

  4. says

    Yeah, totally agree! We should not let go the opportunity to laugh or have fun with our love ones! That´s sooo important, at least in my opinion:). I remember last friday night when my brother, my fiancé and I were playing a game (called Jungle Speed btw) and we had so much fun, I was tired so I made way many silly mistakes and they were making fun of me, but that was funny, my stomach hurt, I couldn´t breath … :D.. and I was supposed to write last minute essay but I didn´t care, we had a blast:).

  5. Emily says

    Sometimes you just need a night like that….glad you guys enjoyed it. Those flowers are actually a day lily…but beautiful!

  6. says

    I was playing soccer over the weekend, and I had just subbed off. I was tired and sweaty, and I had no idea how I was going to play another 20 minutes. While I was drinking some water I happened to see the mountains off in the distance. They were so beautiful. In those few seconds I was able to recharge and get excited again about playing the rest of the game. I was definitely still exhausted, but 20 minutes didn’t seem like forever anymore.
    Fiona @ Get Fit Fiona recently posted..Less Than 2 Months!

  7. Brittany V says

    This is such good advice regardless of your “day job” — it is SO difficult for me to stop worrying about my “to do” list and just enjoy the moment!! Definitely something that I need to work on!!!

    On a side note, any good recipes/ideas with chocolate protein powder? I just entered into the “protein powder” world this morning :)

  8. says

    Courtney, those foods are perfect for breakfast. For me, I prefer to eat oatmeal in the morning to start my day. I don’t want to eat a lot in the morning so for me your breakfast is perfect.
    Daniela Foster recently posted..Triactol

  9. says

    Great thoughts. :) Brandon and I have just moved into our new house, and we’ve been spending hours and hours working on getting everything “just right.” Last night, I was working on the office, and I was exhausted. Brandon finally told me to just stop and walk away. We ended up having a couple glasses of wine and watching TV together. It was really nice. :)
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..I think we may have a few boxes to spare …

  10. says

    Honestly, I do not just ENJOY nearly enough. That is my goal for this Summer. I have two little kids and sometimes, I get too caught up in cleaning, errands, ect to sit back and just have fun with them. Actually, I think I am going to go do it now. Laundry can wait!!!

  11. says

    LOVING your words of wisdom! When I first started blogging I just didn’t understand that because I thought the community would “forget” about me if I stopped for even a day. Um, NOT TRUE! Now I blog only 3-4 times a week and it’s glorious. I’ve been living so much more and am much happier 😀
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..Do Anywhere Tabata Workout

  12. says

    This same thing happened to me this weekend! I always post a recap of my weekends on Sunday nights but this Sunday I really wanted to spend a little extra time with my family instead of rushing back to my apartment just to get a blog post in. It gave me a little anxiety but then I realized, just like you said, that it would all be there tomorrow. It was a great feeling!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats recently posted..Greek-Marinated Chicken

  13. says

    It’s really great that you got to live in the moment.
    Sometimes, I’m always trying to enjoy things through my camera (because perhaps a good picture can go on the blog… even though I’m totally not a good photographer).
    Also, I give myself a break if I go out of town with friends or family and we’ve been traveling all day.
    michelle kim recently posted..Insane Sweaty Cardio Day

  14. says

    great words of wisdom! Because in our technology filled society, so many people struggle with seizing the moment AT that moment! I think I TRY to follow this philosophy as much as I ccan~that’s why I don’t blog everyday. :) Perhaps someday I will, but as of now that would be a bit difficult. Have a beautiful day!
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..These are My Favorite Things

  15. says

    We all definitely need to take a moment to enjoy life – especially when it’s presenting itself to us. You’re right that the work will be there tomorrow. I remember you saying at BLEND as we were talking to the FitMixer folks at breakfast, that when you first start blogging you often feel a need to fit into a certain “mold” of your favorite blogs but you have to actually find what works for you. Living life and allowing that to over-write a potential post, works for me too!
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Do More Yoga, And Do More NOW!

  16. says

    I couldn’t agree with you more, and it’s easier said than done. Sometimes I forget to step back when blogging, other times it’s with teaching or studying. Life’s really all about balance.
    My boyfriend and I recently embraced your words of wisdom last weekend for Memorial Day! We purposely planned absolutely nothing and just went together where ever the day took us. Looking back when we get older, we’ll remember the time together, not a post. :)

  17. says

    So true! As a new blogger, I am still trying to find my balance between my little worlds! In some ways they have really come together to form a new version of me which I love, but I need to make sure I am spending more time offline then on if you know what I mean. :-)
    Katy recently posted..Confessions of a Bad Baker

  18. says

    When I’m with family, I do my best to try to shut myself off electronics. It’s really hard to do at times, but if I don’t- I miss some truly great times that I wouldn’t have experienced if I was on my iPod or the computer. I stay away completely from electronics when I visit my grandma- she’s the best grandma ever and I want to value all of the times we spend together (even if that time could be spent at book stores!). :)


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