Instagram Sunday

Today has been a great Sunday. Just great. I took some time to really step away from the computer, left the camera inside, and spent the majority of my morning and afternoon right here…

It’s been an absolutely beautiful, hot, sunny day around here, and I made sure to take full advantage.

I caught up on some magazine reading while lounging poolside, soaking up some rays (with SPF, don’t worry Alyssa!) with the boy.

I probably would have stayed out there all day, but I had important plans to meet up with the girls late this afternoon. We all spent a good couple hours sitting outside at The Cheesecake Factory chatting away, since this was one of the first times in a while where just the five of us were able to hang out.

We grabbed a small bite to eat and sipped on some delicious (but way too expensive) sangria while catching up for a few hours.

Eventually, I made my way back home, threw together some leftover BBQ pulled chicken, clipped some coupons, and am now enjoying the rest of the evening being lazy with the boys.

By the way, I’m really having fun with this whole Instagram thing…in case you couldn’t already tell by all the pics in today’s post. Be sure to follow me – @sweettoothcourt – and I’ll follow ya back!

Hope you guys are all having a wonderful weekend and have been taking the time to really enjoy yourselves. Smile



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