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I have such great news for you guys today!

So yesterday I told you all about the videos that are available online and a lot of you showed interest in them. I went ahead, reached out to them to let them know you guys were really diggin’ the site, and you want to know what?

They’re offering all of you fabulous STSL readers a FREE 15 DAY MEMBERSHIP to! If you go to the subscription page, just enter your information and then use the following promo code in the box:


How awesome is that, right? Hopefully you guys will take advantage…especially those of you who are in on the June Yoga Challenge!


So now, about that Target trip…

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know about these little gems I encountered…

How stinkin’ adorable are these, right? Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify buying them (even though they were only like, $20 bucks or something like that). Those babies were way taller than this 5’7” frame usually enjoys, so I had to pass. But really…I love them, a lot.

One thing I did manage to snag, however, was a box of Kodiak Cakes!


I’ve been wanting to try these things for forever now, so when Ashley recently mentioned that the mix was now available at Tar-jay, I was all over that. (If you want in on the $1.00 off coupon for Target too, click here!)

You can bet I had my coupon with me, along with about a thousand others. I was killin’ it today with those things. Winking smile


Once I finished shopping, I came home to take care of a few things around the house, including some watering of the garden. If you remember, this is what it looked like when we first planted things, about a month ago. But now…

We’ve got plants! And lots of ‘em!

I did end up planting the tomatoes and peppers from plants (to the left and right of the lone basil plant), not seeds like everything else. But that zucchini in the corner? Yep…started as seeds. I am SO excited.

And to top it all off, I even came across my first itty bitty peppers!


Unfortunately, none of my cucumbers, carrots, or beans ended up coming up, so I’m going to try replanting them in the next day or so. We’ll see how it goes!

As far as eats go around here this afternoon, not too much to report on. My stomach basically blows today so I’m trying to keep things simple, and just finished up a vanilla Chobani with a diced white nectarine, chia seeds, and granola.


Right now, I’m thinking I want to go take advantage of another video, since I haven’t had a chance to get in any workouts yet today. If only I could bring it outside with me…it’s gorgeous out there today!

Catch ya later, gators! Smile

Automatically Yummy

Mornin’ folks!

After a great night of sleep (8 hours, baby!) I’m ready to tackle this day…who’s with me?!?

Dinner last night was super delicious, thanks to a little action on the grill.


Earlier in the day, I marinated some chicken breasts in a little Italian dressing (one of our quickest, favorite ways to grill chicken), and Jay took care of cooking them up once he got home from work.


But the chicken wasn’t alone on that grill…we also grilled up some sweet potato wedges and theyyyyy werrrre awesome.


I tossed them in a little canola oil, chili powder, garlic powder, salt, and oregano, before cooking them up on the grill for about 20 minutes (we have a grill pan so they wouldn’t fall through the grates). This was probably one of my favorite batches in a long time…crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Then again, I swear that you could cook just about anything on the grill and it’s just automatically yummy, no? Smile

I followed up dinner with the same dessert I had on Tuesday night, along with a couple spoonful’s of homemade frosting.  Jay let me know yesterday that the guys at work were requesting some cupcakes, so I figured I’d make them some since it’s been a while since I last sent a batch in. This latest batch was a new one for me, and oh my goodness, it was incredible. I’ll be sharing asap, promise!



I have a couple clients this morning, so breakfast had to be quick and easy.


Along with some iced coffee, I toasted up a whole wheat bagel thin and topped it with some peanut butter, pumpkin butter, banana slices, and chia seeds.


One of THE best combos, ever, if ya ask me.


Gotta head to work, which will be followed by a trip to Target. Oh boy…somebody put a padlock on my wallet, please? Winking smile