It Feels Gross

I think I’m almost recovered from my “big TV debut”…except for the whole sleep thing. I could still really use a little extra of that right about now.

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments from this morning. You guys really know how to make a gal smile…I <3 you all.

Shortly after I got back home this morning, actually while typing up my morning post, I enjoyed some breakfast. I did end up having a Clif Z Bar before heading over to the studio this morning for some energy, but I was ready for something a bit more substantial by the time I made it back.


I toasted up a couple pieces of my Farmers Market rye bread and topped them with some peanut butter, pumpkin butter, and banana slices.


This bread seriously toasts up so, so well. That was one delicious plate right there!

I’ve spent a majority of the day catching up on some other things either around the house or on the blog, but as time has gone on, the temp has definitely been rising. We are certainly welcoming summer here in upstate NY with some H-O-T HOT temps – forecasters are saying it feels like it’s over 100 degrees out there with the relative humidity and I believe it. It feels gross.


Poor Cody could barely move a whisker all morning.


Thankfully, Jay came home during lunch and put one of the AC units in our bedroom window, so Cody and I at least have that to keep us cool. The other unit will be going in the window promptly when he gets home later on. Holy moly.

It also probably doesn’t help that I had the stove on for a good half hour either…


But I will say that it was totally worth if after seeing how yummy this recipe turned out! I was invited to participate in a contest that Hodgson Mill is putting on, where we’re encouraged to incorporate their whole wheat pasta in special, summery dishes.


As a part of the contest, my recipe is going to end up being added to their Pinterest board and people can vote by “liking” my pinned recipe. It doesn’t appear to be up quite yet (I just submitted it, literally) but as soon as it is, I’ll be sure to let you know.


And then I’ll most likely beg and plead ask you kindly for your votes. Smile 


And then, once I get word that I can share my recipe with you all, I promise that I will.


Pinky promise!

But for now, I think it’s about time for me to go hibernate back in the bedroom for a little bit. Yikes.


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    Hey Courtney!
    Wow I looked at your pics from your last post this morning–you’re a natural!! You look like you were born for TV. Maybe you didn’t feel that way–but you looked really comfortable, confident, and at ease under the cameras–maybe your next calling is a co-host-on a TV show–I actually heard Kelly from Regis and Kelly is looking for a new hostess–maybe it’s you!!
    Yes–It’s unbelievably hot and humid here too in Chicago. We live in an apartment on the 3rd floor–so it’s even hotter as heat rises–and to top it off we have no AC. When I was working out earlier today–I felt like I was working out in a Bikram studio or sauna–I was drenched and swimming in my sweat! Lol. Have a great rest of your day!

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    I swap you some of your heat for our rain wind and cold! It’s about 50degrees here! Your banana toasts with PB are making me crave bread so much. I make my own wraps, focaccia, soda bread, bagels…but I haven’t cracked sandwich bread just yet! (I’m can’t eat wheat or gluten hence the home baking…store bought gluten free breads here taste like cardboard!)
    Michelle@Peachy Palate recently posted..Only one prop

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    Oh the New England heat wave…its crazy to think that a couple days ago it was a wee bit chilly.
    Looks like you were a natural in front of the camera!! Love the sweater you wore.
    Kailey recently posted..Feeling Lovely

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    Can you at least tell us what the title of the pasta recipe is? It looks too good to guess what’s in there- beside Hodgson Mill pasta. Pretty please? :)

    I can’t imagine what your house is like without air conditioning. I’d die! It feels like an oven in the upstairs part of the house but there is a fan blowing cool air around the living room. The dogs have stayed downstairs for the majority of the day- there are no lights on downstairs in order to keep one part of the house cool because the lights emit heat. I’ve kept my bedroom door closed all day. I’m sure it will be nice and cool so if I need a freezer temp room to reside in, I’ll be in there. 😀

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    That dish looks amazing! I will for sure be pinning it and adding it to my weekly menu ASAP!

    It’s not super hot here, which has me just a little bummed. Strangely, I enjoy a good day or two of sweltering heat–makes me really feel like it’s summer! I work a lot of nights outside, and I’ve spent most of them in sweats and a jacket. :-/
    Allison @ Running Through Red Lights recently posted..Jam-Packed Summer

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    Oh goodness, I would never survive in Texas without Central A/C but I can see how it may not be necessary in New York for much of the year! At least you have one room where you can go to get nice and cold!!

    The pasta salad looks YUMMO!! I will be more than happy to vote for your recipe when the time comes….especially of that means we get the recipe in return!!!
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..My Very 1st What I Ate Wednesday

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