Making Cocktails On TV {Giveaway CLOSED}

The alarm went off this morning at 4:00am. Half asleep, I pulled myself together, got ready, and headed on over to the Fox23 news studio!


Believe it or not, this is actually the fourth local news station I’ve been on in my lifetime. Back in the day (circa middle school and high school) I used to do modeling segments on a couple of the other local news stations in the area, and then a few years ago (2008?), I was also on a commercial for winning the local casting call for America’s Next Top Model. (FYI, totally NOT sharing that as a brag…more like a super comical random fact. I wish I could find that video!).

By the time I got to the station this morning, the news cast was already in full swing. In between commercial breaks I chatted with Stephanie, the news anchor and co-producer of the show, and she was able to get me caught up on what would be going down for our segment.


I still had about 20 minutes before we were set to air, so I went ahead and got the table set up with some of our goodies. The segment, focused on ways to lighten up summer beverages, was centered around a new-to-me product of sparkling water called Sparkling ICE.


The product comes in eight different flavors, and while I haven’t had a chance to try all eight yet, the flavors I have tried (pink grapefruit, black raspberry, coconut pineapple) are all super yummy.


So before I knew it, we were LIVE!


Stephanie was super easy to interact with on camera and did a fabulous job of guiding me through the segment. I’m honestly not the best with words, especially when a camera is in front of me, but she totally helped make things less intimidating.


We talked a bit about different summer beverage ideas, with it being the first day of summer and all, and then it was time for me to go ahead and make a cocktail. Winking smile


Alright, well it was actually a “mocktail,” since it was 6:45 in the morning and all…

but the beverage was a “Pink Grapefruit Breeze” which is really easy to make:

  • 1 oz. coconut rum (omit or replace with water to make it non-alcoholic)
  • 2 oz. pineapple juice
  • Pink Grapefruit Sparkling ICE
  • lime for garnish

Combine rum and pineapple juice in a small glass. Finish off with Sparkling ICE, and garnish with a lime. Martini glass


Thankfully, I didn’t spill anything, despite a somewhat shaky hand. Winking smile

It was a lot of fun to be on air today, and I’m so glad I had the chance to do so. I would be remiss if I did not mention, however, that I wouldn’t have even had this opportunity if it wasn’t for my great friend, Heather. So Heather, thank you!


If you happened to watch the news segment this morning and are visiting for the first time, welcome! Even if you didn’t watch and are reading as usual, then good morning! No matter which boat you fall into though, you still get the chance today to win a case of Sparkling ICE in your flavor of choice.


Five of you lucky readers will win (1) case of Sparkling ICE in your flavor of choice. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me which flavor you’d most like to try! I’ll choose the (5) winners tomorrow, June 21st.


Happy Summer, everyone!


  1. Laine says

    I’ve tried these before and the lemonade flavor is my absolute favorite! It’s so refreshing but not as sweet as regular lemonade.

  2. says

    That is awesome, it looks like you did great! I have had to record a few commercials for work before and am not a fan of being in front of cameras! I have had Sparkling ICE before but never tried or seen the coconut flavor!
    Lindsey recently posted..First Kettlebell Class

  3. Angela says

    Coconut pineapple sounds incredible. I’m a sucker for anything coconut-flavored! I’m sure you did a fantastic job! :)

  4. says

    Awesome! I can’t wait to see the clip of it. You are famous! (PS the America’s Next Top Model thing is also really cool…who knew?!)
    I LOVE ICE! I used to get them in Colorado all the time and haven’t seen them in NYC until recently when they popped up at my corner store. Needless to say I was excited. I’m a sucker for black raspberry.
    Talia @ Bite Size Wellness recently posted..No Posts Were Found!

  5. says

    I’m obsessed with the black raspberry, and I always buy them when they are on sale. However, I generally can’t justify the price tag but every so often so it would be nice to win a case!

  6. says

    Love mocktails (since I don’t drink). Did they have a hair & makeup person work with you? Your hair & makeup look great! I’d love the lemon lime & I’d add some sliced lemons, limes, & ice to it.

  7. Stacey says

    Looks like you did great and can now go home and take a nice nap. I’d love to try Lemon/Lime for sure – I love me some tartness!

  8. Taylor says

    I’ve tried the pink grapefruit before and LOVE it…I like how much flavor they have, which you dont find in a lot of flavored waters.

  9. Laurie says

    Coconut Pineapple sounds delicious – especially since it’s the third straight day with temps in the 90s! (I’m from Wisconsin so this is a BIG deal!)

  10. Brittany says

    You look like a pro! What fun for you :) (even THAT early in the AM!) – sign me up for black raspberry!! YUM

  11. Emily H says

    I would love to try the Pink Grapefruit so I can make that awesome sounding cocktail! Pineapple coconut also sounds really good!

  12. Alexandra says

    Congrats Courtney! I am sure that you did an AMAZING job! I would love to try the Pink Grapefruit flavor! I have a bottle of Pink Grapefruit Belvedere Vodka that is begging to be mixed in with this stuff :)

  13. Amanda says

    Yay congrats on your successful TV appearance! Although sounds like you’re an old pro. :) Black raspberry sounds like heaven to me!

  14. Jackie says

    i would love to try the lemonade flavor although they all seem to sound delicious! the ‘sparkling’ effect could be the perfect addition to a vodka lemonade summer cocktail! :)

  15. raquel says

    coconut ciroc is one of my staples for summer adult beverages. it goes great with pineapple coconut water and i’m sure it would also be delish with the coconut pineapple ICE!

  16. Kristin says

    I just had a Sparkling Ice this weekend for the first time! I tried the pomegranate berry and it was SUPER good!! I can’t wait to try more, especially the pink grapefruit!

  17. Hannah says

    I’ve tried many of the flavors and loved them all. But I’d have to say the coconut pineapple is my absolute favorite :)

  18. Sarah says

    You look so pretty on the news this morning! The cocktails look delish. I would love the try the Orange Mango.

  19. Elana says

    I would totally try the coconut pineapple! I love pina coladas so this sounds like a great/healthy substitute

  20. Courtney says

    I would want to try grapefruit because that drink sounds delicious! If I won I would share with my mom because she just discovered the sparkling ice drinks and loves them!

  21. Clarice says

    I love Sparkling Ice! I discovered it a few months ago and now my mom and I are hooked on it. I haven’t tried coconut pineapple yet so I’d definitely choose that one!

  22. Shannon says

    How exciting! The drinks are fantastic looking, wow! I would love to try the coconut pineapple. I love those 2 flavors together – so summery!

  23. CourtneysfriendJoey says

    WOOOOOOOOOOO! You did a great job. I would love to try the lemonade or the black raspberry!!!

  24. Michelle S. says

    I think I would like the Pink Grapefruit – it sounds summer and refreshing, I love that it’s fizzy!!

  25. Claire says

    Coconut Pineapple looks perfect for summer! Even if I don’t win, I’m definitely going to have to try some of these!

  26. says

    I would love to try the Coconut Pineapple ICE beverage. They sound cool and refreshing. It is very hot here and I walk four miles a day, or more. I only drink plain water and this would be great for a change and not full of fat and calories. Thank you!

  27. Cristin says

    You looked great! How cool to see how those shows get put together. I think I’d like to try the Kiwi Strawberry. Hard to choose just one as they all look so refreshing!

  28. Linda says

    I didn’t see the news segment but I’m sure you were amazing!!
    They all sound delicious and refreshing, but I think I would try the Orange Mango first!

  29. Jenna says

    I’d absolutely LOVE to try the Pink Grapefruit. It’d be great for the summer, and I drink seltzer water all the time. Love the fizz :-)

  30. Sharon says

    I love anything coconut – all the flavors sound amazing but the coconut pineapple would be right up my alley :)

  31. Elizabeth says

    I didn’t get a chance to tell you that I love your new hair color. I love Kiwi Strawberry. Lemonade it my second favorite. I been drinking Sparkling ICE everyday since I found out about it month ago or so.

  32. Kate says

    Looks like you did a great job and looked very put together for it being so early! I would love to try them all, but I’d open up the coconut pineapple first…YUM!

  33. Lisa Meyer says

    I would like to try either the black raspberry or the coconut pineapple. They both sound delicious and refreshing in this heat we have been having. Congratulations on being on TV – that’s awesome! Wish I lived locally so that I could have watched it.

  34. Linda says

    After I read this post (and commented I would love to try the Orange Mango), I ran to Rite Aid to pick a few things up, and saw that they carry these waters I was so excited to see they had the Orange Mango. Verdict? It’s delicious and so refreshing! I can totally see making cocktails out of these this summer (and fall, and winter…)!

  35. Debbie says

    I was so happy to see these on your site and that you shared them on TV!!!! I discovered these great beverages around 2 months ago at my local grocery store and I love them!!!! My favorite is the grapefruit, also love the lemon lime…I like them all! I think the grapefruit with the coconut rum would be fabulous and I think that will be my weekend beverage of choice:-)

  36. Jessica says

    So glad everything went smooth for you this morning!! I think the black raspberry sounds delicious!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  37. Kaitlin says

    i would love to try the pineapple coconut! i think it’d be stellar with a little coconut rum mixed in…not that i’d ever do that :-)

  38. Susan says

    Black raspberry for me. I wish I lived in the Albany area so that I could have watched your segment, but your pictures look great!

  39. Jen M. says

    Mmmmmm, the first one I’d want to try would be coconut pineapple, followed closely by the black raspberry, but I have a feeling the pink grapefruit might be a surprise favorite — I don’t gravitate towards that flavor, but always seem to love it!

  40. Caitlin F. says

    I LOVE making skinny cocktails with this stuff! My favorite is the skinny salty dog: Vodka, Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Ice, and a salted rim. 😉

  41. Tracy says

    They sell these at my local bulk store COSTCO… I’ve had the Black Raspberry, Lemon-Lime, and Orange Mango… all very good, although Orange Mango is my fav! So refreshing. I’d love to try Pink Grapefruit or Pomegranate Berry.

  42. Jane says

    They all look delicious to me! I would have to go with the pineapple coconut though. Anything I can mix with a little coconut rum for the summer is my fave :)

  43. says

    No link to your segment online?! :) I think the Orange Mango is right up my alley. Mixed with a little orange vodka, I have a feeling this would make for a cocktail that would taste so yummy you’d keep drinking until it just “sneaks right up on you”.
    Trisha recently posted..WIA(&baked)W

  44. ron says

    pineapple coconut really begs for some rum, sitting by the pool in a nice tall glass. would love to try that one.

  45. Dana S says

    I would love to try the black raspberry. I have heard from several friends these are delish. Thanks.

  46. Monica says

    I have tried the black raspberry one and loved it but I could never find it sold anywhere else- I would love to try the coconut pineapple one- sounds like summer in a glass!

  47. says

    Courtney! You are adorable! That blue colour looks radiant on you, you were absolutely beaming! I love this post! My favourite one is orange mango, but I had NO IDEA there were so many different flavours! Times to search for them all! :)

  48. RYAN says

    I haven’t heard of them or tried them, but the Black Raspberry and the Orange Mango sound delicious!

  49. Kattreena says

    Yum! The black raspberry sounds delicious! That’s so awesome you had the chance to be on t.v.! You go, girl! :)

  50. Jen says

    That is so exciting! :) You looked great on there. That Sparkling Ice looks ahh-mazing. I think I’d like to either try the pink grapefruit or the black raspberry. Yum!!

  51. Gabrielle says

    I tried a couple of flavors but the coconut pineapple one isnt available where I live and I wanna try it so bad! I love everything coconutty :)

  52. Alli says

    I have had the black raspberry before and I loved it! But, I would really like to try another kind as well..maybe kiwi strawberry!

  53. Kristin says

    The Kiwi Strawberry sounds delicious! I love all the different colors – they’re so light and summery!

  54. Christine says

    Yum – I love Sparkling Ice! I’ve had the pink grapefruit and the lemonade. I’d love to try the black raspberry!

  55. Stephanie Grady says

    Thank you so much for this morning Courtney! You were fabulous!!!! I love the posts as well, however, I am not too sure what I was laughing so hard about when you were making the cocktail. Maybe your spilling of the pineapple juice :) shhh, we won’t tell! Thanks again!
    -Stephanie, FOX23 News

  56. Molly says

    I LOVE Sparkling Ice! I’ve actually already tried all flavors…there are some days when I’ll have two. My favorite flavor is definitely pink grapefruit. :)

  57. jenny says

    We love the Sparkling Ices in our house…but my husband will only drink the Coconut Pineapple, so I guess I would go with that one!

  58. Donna says

    Loved seeing you this morning! You looked totally relaxed with Stephanie!
    Black Raspberry looks like it would be a great refresher on a hot day like today!

  59. Lori says

    LOVE this stuff (especially pineapple coconut) but I have not seen the pink grapefruit in any of our stores so I would LOVE to try this flavor!

  60. Dani says

    Black raspberry, definitely! Yum! Do you know if these are sold at all grocery stores, or just specialty stores?

  61. Amber says

    The coconut pineapple sounds awesome. I’m pregnant so I think that’s as close as I’ll get to a pina colada this summer!

  62. Lindsay A says

    What fun! Well the waking up part maybe not so much. But being on TV is so cool! You’re a local celebrity :-) I’d love to try the pineapple! Makes me thirsty just thinking about it!

  63. Erin says

    I would definitely pick the orange mango. That is the only flavor I have tried to far but it is sooooo good!!

  64. Amanda L says

    I just saw these at my grocery store the other day! I LOVED the coconut pineapple and I can’t find them again! That’d definitely be my choice

  65. says

    How awesome Courtney!!!

    Congratulations, that must really have felt like real accomplishment!! Someday I hope to do something veery similar, trying to grow my little blog each day :)

  66. Amy says

    All the flavors sound good! I can’t decide between Kiwi Strawberry or Coconut Pineapple…decisions, decisions…

  67. Livinthegreenlife21 says

    I think the lemonade one would be very tasty right about now with all this heat we are getting!

  68. Kate says

    Oooooh!! I’ve had the lemon lime one and it is amazing!!! But I think I’d love some of the pink grapefruit!!!

  69. dee says

    I just recently bought THREE cases (the sale price totally got me)of another sparkling water that i REALLY am NOT liking :( blaaah… but I’ve tried sparkling ice and really like all the flavors I’ve tried so far! I would love to try orange mango! maybe it’ll taste a bit like cactus cooler?

  70. Morgan says

    Coconut Pineapple sounds pretty amazing. I actually hated both coconut and pineapple flavors for the longest time as a child…but now I can’t get enough of fresh pineapple…and I love cocout rum! ;0)

  71. Sarah says

    I think I’ve tried the lime, It tastes like a green freeze pop! (That’s a good thing, btw) 😛 Either the pineapple or pink grapefruit. Pineapple martini’s sound GOOD though!

  72. Christie says

    Love your hair color!!!

    And the orange mango sound like a yummy summer flavor:) Where is this sold at???

  73. Jill says

    Nothing says Summer like Lemonade… I’d love to try that one! Where can I find these locally? I’ve never seen them before…


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