Cherry Almond Vanilla Cupcakes

Last week was record breaking around here.

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I was informed by the boys at Jay’s work that it had been quite a while since the last batch of cupcakes was sent into the office. Truth was, they were right. And that last batch was from a box and not even all that great. They deserved something good…and I had the perfect recipe in mind.

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Well over a year ago now, I ended up picking up one of those magazine-like recipe books while checking out at the grocery store. Typically when I buy these things, I’ll use them once – maybe twice – and then they get lost amongst the rest of my recipe books. This book, however, has been amazing. So many great recipe ideas.

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I’ll usually just use the recipes as a guide and tweak them a bit here or there to put my own spin on ‘em, but there has been one particular recipe that I’d been dying to try for months now; problem was, I never seemed to have a jar of maraschino cherries on hand.

Problem solved.

Now, I like to bake my fair share of cupcakes. I love chocolate ones, vanilla ones, orange cream ones and even Neapolitan ones. But this recipe right here is now, by far, my favorite recipe of them all.

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Jay tells me that the guys at work have dubbed these to be the best cupcakes yet (taking the place of these) and have continued to sing their praises, expletives and all, ever since.


Oh boy. Winking smile

cherry almond vanilla cupcakes (7)

The cupcakes are so incredibly moist, with the perfect hint of cherry and almond flavors. The frosting is sweet, but not so much so where you feel like your teeth are rotting out of your head, ya know?

They’re most definitely a recipe for you to try ASAP.

cherry almond vanilla cupcakes (2)

cherry almond vanilla cupcakes (5)

I’ll be making another batch of these today for my mom to have at a party this coming Friday, and if there are any leftovers, I’ll be sure to share ‘em with those lovely boys at work.

I’m really starting to think that I should ask for my own position there. Official Office Cupcake Baker, perhaps? Winking smile


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    Look at you haha baking your way into the hearts of all of Jay’s coworkers! It’s pretty smart actually, you get to bake and try something then give it all away so you don’t have it sitting around to tempt you… genius! I have a nice three day weekend coming up and I think that tomorrow’s rainy day here in Baltimore is going to include a little baking :) Thanks!
    Taylor @ A Taste of Taylor recently posted..Getting To Know Each Other A Little Better

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    Yes! I have this BHG magazine too & absolutely love the recipes. My mom & I made a bunch of them for my bridal shower last summer. I hold the title of Official Cupcake Baker both at work & in our personal lives and it’s a pretty great title to hold. Bringing smiles to people’s faces with cupcakes is a great thing!
    Trisha recently posted..Thirsty Thursday: Strawberry Skinnyrita

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    i’m the official cupcake baker at home and at work too! i can barely get them in and open my carrier before people swoop in… everyone loves cupcakes!

    anyway, what cupcake papers do you use? i cannot use any kind of paper wrapper with any of my cupcakes from scratch because they all get greasy/oily on the bottom. Yuck. Yours don’t look that way at all though!

    Wilton FINALLY came up with print foil ones that i’ll be trying for the first time this weekend… i’m excited!
    mandee recently posted..Dark Chocolate Raspberry Kiss Cakes

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    I made this recipe the other day as part of a cake decorating class. It was a raging success, I made a cake instead of cupcakes and added chocolate chips to the batter. I used chocolate frosting, I also sent it to work with my husband, and received mad props. Thanks for the great recipe!

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    Made these yesterday and they turned out fabulous. I chopped up the maraschino cherries and put a little flour on them, and then added them to the completed batter. It helped give the cakes a really pretty pink color and we all enjoyed the little bits of cherry throughout. Thanks!


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