Hey guys and gals! How’s your Sunday been going?

Things have been pretty low-key over here for most of us today, which has been fine by me.


He’s honestly only moved from that spot once, and that was because he heard his food spoon.

I headed out earlier for a few errands, got the grocery shopping done, then came back and did a little yoga.


This afternoon, we also ended up having to install a new mailbox…


On Friday night, as we were coming home from our friend’s house and driving down our street, we happened to notice that almost all of the mailboxes on our side of the road had been vandalized. Somebody apparently thought it’d be cool to go down the entire street and bash in/knock over everyone’s mailboxes…

As mad as I was over the whole thing, it actually made me more sad than anything. The fact that people would do something like that for, what I would assume to be, nothing more than “fun,” is just so disappointing.


Thankfully mailboxes aren’t expensive and we’ve got a new one up and going, but the whole incident was just a major bummer. Thankfully, there is still some good in the world…apparently just not on my street.

Right now, I’m about to go make some dinner, which I’m pretty sure is going to include some of this Pizza Pasta that I bought from the Farmers Market last week.


I’m so excited to try it out with my homemade sauce. Yummm. Smile

But first, one quick thing!…

My recipe for Cheesy Crab & Shrimp Shells is up on the Hodgson Mill Pinterest contest page! Part of the contest is to see which recipes can get the most “likes,” and I would be forever grateful if all of my wonderful readers could help me out.


You should be able to just click on the photo to get to the pin, but if not, here is a direct link to my pin. Thanks so much, guys! You’re awesome on so many levels.

As another quick side note, you may have noticed some new changes to the ‘ol blog…I’ll talk more about those tomorrow. Winking smile

Have a great night, everyone!


  1. Lauren says

    liked your pin! can’t wait to try it! good luck! i can relate to what a bummer your mailbox vandalism is. the same thing happened to ours last winter. the winter before that they were throwing eggs at cars (mine was one of them) and KIDS!!! luckily things have quieted down a bit, but people are unbelievable!

  2. says

    It is sad more than anything else. I look at kids even in the school I teach in, and I sware things are changing more and more. Have to keep reminding ourselves that there is still lots of good out there!
    Saw your new Online Training page!!! It’s beautiful, and so exciting! Good for you for really going full force with your new certification.Your motivation is admirable. :)
    Angela @ Health, Happiness, & Harmony recently posted..It Was Our Turn

  3. says

    That is so annoying… what a hassle! Even if mailboxes are inexpensive it’s still a bummer when you have to spend money on something like that… I went grocery shopping today and got the ingredients to make your Crab & Shrimp Shells, in the mean time I will definitely go cast a vote for you :) Have a great rest of your Sunday!
    Taylor @ A Taste of Taylor recently posted..Slow Down and Appreciate Sunday

  4. says

    The mailbox at my house used to get smashed once every few years, and even though it didn’t really affect me that much since I was a kid, I would be SO outraged at the whole thing. It’s just plain stupid, not to mention unnecessarily destructive. I don’t understand people sometimes.
    Bethany @ Accidental Intentions recently posted..Quick Update…

  5. says

    Oh man, not cool about the mailboxes, I hate when things like that get vandalized. Its so childish and silly. At least there are still good people out there though, to make up for the others :) Voting for your recipe now!
    Lisa recently posted..Fit Friday

  6. says

    One time our mailbox got messed up and my hubby said someone probably took a baseball bat to it. Well, long story short he had backed up into it and was too embarassed to tell me, but he can’t lie at all so eventually he came through with the truth and we still laugh about it today!!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Marvelous In My Monday Giveaway

  7. says

    Since we’ve moved in we’ve had two mailbox incidents. The first time someone (presumed drunk driver) physically ran it over so we had to replace everything. Decided to use an old milk can from our garage, filled with 90+ lbs of cement so that the next guy who hits it would know it. Well, the next time came about a year later when the snow plow clipped it and cracked the post. The can and cement held up though. My creative father was able to salvage the post with some hefty bolts. Good luck with yours! This is probably not the last time you’ll have to replace a mailbox.
    Christy recently posted..Furry Friday: Stoic

  8. says

    That’s awful about the mailbox. Before I was born, my parents moved into our house after they got married and there were teenagers (now adults) who would come on our road and smash the mailboxes in with metal baseball bats. Luckily, the side that my house is on wasn’t the side that had the smashed mailboxes. Our street hasn’t had an incident like that since before I was born- and those teenagers would be in their late 30s to early 40s by now, I think.

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