Special Treat

I got quite the special treat this afternoon…a lunch date with mom AND delicious food to boot!

My mom and I headed out earlier this afternoon for a few things, so by the time we were finished up, we were both ready for lunch. We didn’t want anything too crazy and really didn’t want to have to travel to far out of our way, so since we were “in the neighborhood,” we decided to swing by Terry’s Kitchen.


I decided to get the same sandwich that I got the last time we got food from here, which is the Capri Primavera. I was a little bummed that it didn’t have any roasted red peppers on it like my last one, but it was still great.


I was originally thinking that I was just going to eat half and save the rest, but I ended up picking off a bunch of the bread (there was WAY too much of it!) and ate all the “innards” of both halves instead.

Of course, since we were dining in, that meant I had to walk by the dessert case…which meant that we had to get a couple items to share.


The oatmeal raisin cookie was my absolute favorite the last time Jay and I dined here so there was no question I needed that, but my mom and I also got a caramel toffee bar to share too. The bar was good, but that cookie is still at the top of my list!

And now I am completely stuffed to the brim…but in a good way. Smile

I feel like I’ve been on the go all day, so now (hopefully) I’ll have time to finally get some work done around here. Holy moly! How’s everyone else’s day going??


  1. Sarah says

    Hi I was looking for the KIND giveaway – post seems to be down? I’ll post here and hope that I can get in on the fun:) I think all of the bars look So good but Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew might sound like to most delish!

  2. Katie says

    I have not tried the Kind bars .yet. I have heard great things about them. I recently got into the Larabars which I <3 I would LOVE to try Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, sounds liek dessert to me!

  3. Heather says

    I was reading a guest post that you did not a fit moms website and in there you said that you are cutting back exercise and doing light exercise because of someday wanting kids. I have had problems with that the last year or so and I also exercise most days of the week. I hate to ask but had you had problems or how did you know to cut on the exercise?
    I hate asking but would love insight~

  4. Simon says

    everything looks delicious! I would like to have a taste on all of them. I wonder how much calories they have? but I don’t mind at all since I can surely have only a few bites on them then I would feel full. I’m trying to lose weight using Roca Labs which really helps me to eat in smaller portions, eating healthy foods, and exercising almost everyday, no excuses! I’m 32 lbs down, 10 more to do. But I still want to eat them.


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