Summer Solstice Gift Pack Giveaway {CLOSED}

SOMEbody is a little bit whacky this morning…


This guy. I’ll tell ya…talk about some great, free entertainment. He has been in rare form so far today, as evidenced by our bath mats crumpled in a ball out in the living room floor when I first woke up. I swear, one of these days we’re going to set up a night-cam just to see what really goes down while we’re sleeping.


Apparently Tuesday night’s dinner was good enough for a repeat.


All of the berries we have right now are just SO, so good and I just love bulking up my cereal bowls with ‘em. Jay, on the other hand, hates the thought of putting anything other than cereal and milk in his cereal bowls.


I say he’s crazy. Winking smile


Alright, so I promised you all last night that there would be so more fun giveaways headed your way…and I’ve got a good one up for grabs today!

Summer Solstice Gift Pack Giveaway

Summer is the time of year where we take a moment to step outside and enjoy all of the natural warmth and joy that the sun can bring.

Sunlight is necessary for us to produce Vitamin D, but even with long summer days, the National Center for Health Statistics reveals that nearly one third of the population is still at risk for low Vitamin D levels. Because of increased time indoors and use of sunscreen to protect us from sun exposure, our bodies might not make adequate amounts of Vitamin D, which is critical for teeth, bone and immune health.


Thanks to Nature Made, I’ve got an opportunity for you to enjoy your time in the sun even more this summer with an exclusive summer essentials gift bag. Inside you’ll find all the goodies you’ll need to make the most of “fun in the sun” this summer!

Check out the prizes packed into this fantastic bag:

  • Vitamin D w/portable key chain and bottle
  • Flip flops
  • Beach Towel
  • Beach bag
  • Sunscreen
  • iPod speakers
  • Nature Made Water
  • Nature Made Hat
  • Nature Made Yoga Mat
  • Athleta Gift Card $50

How awesome is this, right?!? There’s going to be one lucky winner, and it’s going to be a quick giveaway, so get those entries in!

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me how you’re going to have some fun in the sun this summer.


Congratulations to comment #448 – Nicole!

Thanks to everyone who entered!!!

Disclaimer: I also received a Summer Solstice Gift Pack Giveaway from Nature Made to review, in exchange for hosting a giveaway.


  1. Julia says

    I’m normally not a hot/super sunny weather person but I’m lovin it this summer! & it’s a good thing since its gonna be 93 & sunny here today = P

  2. Danielle says

    I have intensive classes Monday-Fridays in a very cold air conditioned building so I really take advantage of my weekend and usually spend it on the river or doing anything outside like hiking.

  3. Claire says

    Well…I’m moving to Orlando in 3 weeks! So I think I’ll be having a little fun in the sun allllllllll summer!

  4. Andrea says

    It is not summer without at least one beach weekend! And since I live in NY a walk in central park is always beautiful!

  5. Marlene says

    I love lounging by the pool reading trashy celeb magazines & walks through the neighborhood with the husband! :)

  6. Caitlin says

    I am running four-five mornings a week in the sunshine, which is one of my favorite things to do! I’m also spending some quality time with my family at Lake Erie on the weekends and meeting up with the older sibs in Maryland in August for a beach weekend :)

  7. Jen says

    My summer is being spent lounging my the pool, a few weekend trips to the shore and finalizing our December wedding!!

  8. says

    I intend to enjoy this summer by the pool. Break out the sunscreen and umbrella and get to swimming. I hope to get in a few extra workouts in the outdoor pool too. Always a fun way to get a hot summer workout, in a cool pool.
    Becka @ simplybecka recently posted..afternoon tea…

  9. Megan says

    This is a great giveaway! I plan on doing some outdoor yoga. One of the farmers markets has free outdoor yoga every weekend.

  10. Michelle says

    I babysit 6 kids in the summer so we definitely make sure to enjoy the sun and make our way to the pool often!

  11. Christine says

    Im going to the beach this weekend before i start my summer classes. At least its only one class!

  12. says

    I’m going to have fun in the sun this summer, heading home to spend time with my female relatives and friends from high school (and my grandmother who is turning 93 this month!). They’re throwing a bridal shower and bachlorette DIY spa party for me at my parents’ home. I can’t wait to get back to the peaceful Appalachian mountains, and to enjoy my dad’s grilled food. If there’s time I’ll make sure to go Kayaking in Lake Jean, a State Park with a Lake on top of a mountain.
    Sarah recently posted..Dance Films Kino Presents: Nadia Oussenko

  13. Christine says

    whoooaaa great giveaway! I plan on doing my cross country training (twice a day!) and some outdoor yoga!

  14. Alli Paryse says

    I plan to go out on the lake as much as possible on the weekends, grill out, run in the sun :), and enjoy being around friends!

  15. Sarah says

    Summer is always exciting. What a great giveaway! They just opened an Athleta near my work. I’m excited to check it out. This summer in the sun I plan for many days by the pool, a couple of concerts and a trip to Cali this summer!

  16. Cristina says

    This summer I plan on spending time at the pool in the bikini I am wearing for the first time in my life!

  17. says

    I’m having fun this summer by going on 2 cruises! My husband and I got verrry lucky this summer thanks to our families! :)
    And my cat does the exact same thing with the bath mat! It’s always in a crumpled mess when we wake up! Crazy cats.

  18. Barbara says

    Nice, I missed the June Yoga Challenge (crazy work hours) so I figured I’d do mine in July and a new mat will be further incentive.

  19. Jenna Bertanza says

    This giveaway bag would be a PERFECT addition to my annual Mother/Daughter beach getaway coming up!

  20. Leah says

    I’m going to have fun in the sun this summer by laying by the pool and playing in a local soccer league!

  21. Kelly says

    laying out by the pool with some good books, early runs outside and visiting the weekly farmer’s market!

  22. Adrienne Golding says

    I would love to win that Summer Solstice Gift Pack….in the hot sun of NC, it would come in handy to get me in the summer spirit to enjoy the beauty of the sun, fitness, family and friends!

  23. Camille says

    This is an awesome giveaway! I plan to have fun in the sun by hanging out with my awesome family and trying to stay cool in this 100 degree heat wave we’re having!

  24. Tracy says

    We just put in a pool so I am going to enjoy relaxing in the water with family and friends. I have even incorporated some fun workouts to do in the water.

  25. Becca B says

    I will have fun this summer by enjoying summer walks with my sister and my two sweet nephews! and eating my weight in ice cream to stay cool since i live in memphis :)

  26. Connie says

    my summer is pretty rough right now because i’m doing a post-bac pre-med program, but I’m going to Las Vegas in August after my summer classes are over. I can’t wait!!

  27. Jill says

    This Summer, I’ve made a promise to myself to get outside more! Hiking, Kayaking, Biking… one way to help with that – we will be camping throughout the summer! Can’t wait! :)

  28. Maggie says

    i am going on a road trip with 2 of my best friends in a couple of weeks! I also plan on hitting up the beach multiple times this summer

  29. Vanessa says

    I just got back from an awesome vacation in the DR with my younger sister and brother, and I am leaving today to visit my friends from college in RI! The best part is we just bought a surf board that I most certainly plan on using…or at least attempting! :)

  30. Ashley says

    This summer I am going to the track in Saratoga! It is my favorite activity to sit in the Paddock and spend a day with friends outside.

  31. says

    I want to do that for my cat too, set up a camera while we are at work to see what she really does! haha
    And my husband, the same way, I have to force those berries into his cereal bowls, such a brat 😉
    I am going to have fun doing lots outside, from hiking, to bike rides and golfing!
    Lindsey recently posted..Learning to Listen

  32. Erin says

    Love this giveaway! My friend is getting married in St. Thomas this summer, so we’re going early for a little vacay of our own… I’m counting down the days!

  33. Ashley says

    Oooo I’m learning how to paddle board and keels is almost swimming in her own so we live at the pool:-)

  34. Laine says

    I just planned a vacation to Myrtle Beach in August and cannot wait for some fun in the sun and sand!

  35. Caroline says

    I’m not going to be able to make it to the beach this summer, but I’ll be spending as many weekends as I can by my friend’s pool in Connecticut!

  36. Alexandria says

    Have you seen Catasters? Hilarious!

    I’ve been having fun with yoga practices in a local park with a group of friends 😀

  37. Laura S says

    I’m so lucky to live so close to a beach! And a vacation to Vegas where I will live in the lazy river :)

  38. says

    my fun in the sun this summer? Funemployment by the pool, going to the boy’s lake house on the weekends /all next week and HOPEFULLY there will be sun in Foggy London Town for Beach Volley Ball at the Olympics- the event I have tickets for!!!!
    Meg recently posted..Life Lately

  39. Cassie says

    I’m going to Orlando for a work event but you better believe I will be enjoying time outside in the beautiful sun while I am there!

  40. Jess P says

    I’m going to the river as much as I can, spending as much time outside as possible, and hoping to grill out A LOT!

  41. Megan says

    I will be enjoying the summer sun at the beach and at outdoor concerts. Love enjoying some good music and a cold beer on a hot summer night :]

  42. Morgan says

    Good morning Courtney! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift 😉

    This summer represents *new beginnings* for me. My life has changed so much this year already (for the better). I plan on taking this summer to have fun, let go and take care of myself! Because in the end you only have yourself. Stay present in the moment. Don’t worry about the future too much or hold on to the past!

    Summa summa summatime 😉

  43. Jordan K says

    I’m going to enjoy my summer by going camping/fishing at a nice big lake not far from where I live, and also maybe catching an MLB game or two!

  44. says

    For the first time in a few years I’m actually staying home this summer! Which isn’t so bad since we live 10 minutes from the beach! We’ve done a lot of traveling the last few years and I’m excited to stay near home, run, play tennis & lay in the sand!
    Lauren recently posted..PLAY BALL!

  45. Shannon says

    SOunds awesome! I plan on heading to the beach, getting some more runs in outside in the sun (instead of the treadmill), taking a little vaca :) as well as a few BBQ’s and drinks on the patio!!

  46. Mailoha says

    My fun in the sun plans for this summer: rugged maniac race THIS Sat. in Brooklyn, 4th of July beach day (of course), week off in Aug. in Orl. FL and week off in Aug. in Canada with moms :)

  47. Kari says

    Great giveaway, Courtney! I am looking forward to July 4th week – all my family will be staying in our lake house, boating, fishing, and eating lots of yummy food!

  48. Kalynn says

    I’m having fun this summer by spending lots of time with family and friends! Also, taking my workouts outdoors as much as possible to enjoy the sunshine!

  49. Emily says

    I’m going to head to the west coast for the first time this summer! A summer goodie bag sounds amazing!

  50. Catherine says

    this summer i went white water rafting down the colorado river! it was AMAZING!! for the rest of the summer, i will be spending time at the lake with my family and volunteering at a summer camp for kids from inner city schools! This gift bag is AWESOME!

  51. Karleen says

    Hey Courtney! Haven’t read your blog in so long but realized how much I missed it when I woke up this morning and saw your post on fb! I’m planning on just using most of my weekend s this summer for some awesome ‘staycations’!! I wanna relax in the sun by the pool with a nice good book. And, if $ permits, join some friends on a couple small trips. So excited that summer has began!

  52. says

    This summer I am going to spend more time with my kids…with their crazy school schedule and my equally crazy work’s high time I just enjoyed them, without distraction…xo..we will DEFINITELY be trying out some of Courtney’s yummy cupcake recipes AND I plan on doing some fitness DVD’s with them as well. You can never start too young!

  53. says

    Ah this is an amazing giveaway!

    Since I only get two months of Florida sunshine before heading back to England for the year I plan on spending as much time as possible at the beach & lounging by the pool!!

  54. Taryn says

    I’ll be spending my time camping with my family and having a few cocktails out on the pontoon! …with plenty of sunscreen of course!

  55. Ashley says

    Training for half-marathon and spending my weekends with family and friends outdoors, usually the beach:)

  56. Christina says

    I’m having fun in the sun this summer with our new Boston Terrier puppy, Stella. She LOVES playing in the backyard!

  57. christy says

    Headed to Maine this weekend to enjoy some time on my inlaws boat! And when we get home we will be relaxing on our new deck as much as we can for the rest of the summer :)

  58. Arie says

    Fun in the sun here at the RI beaches before my last semester of grad school and then real world, ie job hunting!

  59. Amanda says

    I’m going on several trips and plan to be outdoors for most of them! I love the sun but I have to admit, I love summer storms as well. :)

  60. Brooke says

    I am going to the lake in July with my family and boating :) Love the lake but love family time even more!

  61. Kylee says

    What an awesome giveaway!! I’ll be using the outdoors to get in some great workouts and then of course following that with lots of beach time:)

  62. Danielle says

    I already had big summer fun! Just returned from vacation in Antigua. But I am also looking forward to a trip to the lake to visit my family.

  63. karla says

    I’m goning to enjoy fun in the sun when my hubby and I go to disney to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!!

  64. Jenn says

    kayaking!! it’s one of my FAVORITE things to do in the summer, and living in Boston gives me the whole Charles River to paddle on!

  65. Claire Smith says

    I am going to the San Juan Idlands off the coast of Seattle! Also I will be kayaking in the local river!

  66. Rachel S says

    I live in San Francisco, where summer usually means fog. However, I’m going to Vegas over the 4th of July to celebrate my best friend’s bachelorette party. I’ m in the middle of planning it, but it definitely includes a lot of pool time. So excited!!

  67. Jill says

    I have been biking and watching a lot of softball games so far this summer. I’m also looking forward to our vacation to Seattle in July

  68. says

    Seeing as we live close to the beach, we’ll be heading to the beach this summer 😉 The weekend after the 4th we’re actually heading to the beach ( a different and slightly farther one away) where we got married to celebrate our anniversary!
    Sabrina @Work It Ms Jackson recently posted..GA Humidity = YUCK!

  69. Chrissy Bruckner says

    Lots of fun in the sun this Summer. We got a new pool and have been in it everyday and its only been two weeks :) Lots of trips as well – Camping, Tubing the Niobrara and our second annual trip to Florida..Its goona be a great summer.

  70. Courtney says

    Starting a new job so I won’t have a lot of time off but I’m going to make the most of every weekend!

  71. says

    I’m trying to get outdoors more this summer. Activities include white water rafting, golf, and rock climbing….to be followed up by plenty of beer enjoyed at home on the deck!
    Shana recently posted..THE HEAT IS ON

  72. Ashlee says

    I am getting married and going to the SAME resort you went to in Riviera Maya for my honeymoon! Loved your re-caps…it makes me very excited!

  73. says

    Our friend just bought a house with a pool…He lives about five minutes away…yeah I think I’ll be stopping by quite a few times this summer!

  74. Cassie D. says

    I plan on spending lots of time at my family’s house on Lake Ontario – swimming, kayaking, sailing and laying out – many options for fun in the sun!

  75. Cristina says

    Going to the beach every opportunity I have, outdoor weddings, and a lot of time spent at the park with the kids I nanny! Great giveaway! :)

  76. Kate says

    I’m taking my husband and new baby daughter off to Asheville to see her Godmother and have a nice family vacation. So excited!

  77. Amara says

    I will definitely be hitting up our running/hiking trails in the park and getting some much needed R&R at the pool!

    Awesome giveaway!

  78. Jenna says

    Great giveaway! For summer, I plan on doing the following:
    – Go to the beach (wearing sunscreen, of course)
    – Camping
    – Run a few 5K’s
    – Rent a bike and take a long ride along Chicago’s awesome lakefront path

  79. Sara says

    I currently work 55+ hours a week for a health care company and am starting law school at night in the fall on top of it, so I’m DEFINITELY planning to make sure I have a fun summer!!

  80. says

    I’m going to DC for the 4th of July and am going on a cruise in the beginning of August to the Bahamas for my sister’s 21st birthday! So much to look forward to this summer, I never want it to end! Speaking of summer, there’s not a cloud in the sky. Think I should drop everything and head to the beach? Yup!

  81. Angela T. says

    I’m currently studying for the bar exam in late July, but afterwards, it will be pool + bike rides + farmers market + the lake :)

  82. Natalie says

    I’m moving to a new city (with an apartment on a lake!) and starting my FIRST job as an optometry resident!

  83. Michelle S. says

    I love the summer!! I will be by the pool, hanging out on patios having happy hours with friends and lots of grilling!

  84. Alex says

    I LOVE summer! I live right across the street from the beach and dont take advantage of it nearly enough! Im making it my goal this summer to at least spend an hour or two there once a week! Life is too short not to sit back and enjoy natures beauty :)

  85. Ashleigh says

    Well I work pretty insane hours, but this weekend I’m finally going to the beach for a long weekend! I cannot wait to finally relax and get some sun!

  86. Laura says

    I love spending time by the pool, and in August my family goes on our annual vacation to the lake where we spend all day on the boat in the sunshine!

  87. Rachel S. says

    My son is finally old enough to have some real fun in the pool (he’s 2 and a 1/2). So we will be spending lots of time there, and in the sprinklers.

  88. Lindsay says

    On Saturday, I heading to my parents’ lake house in Montana, I plan to spend all day on the boat soaking up some sun!

  89. Natalie says

    A little vacation at the Shore and enjoying the street festivals and outside events going on in my home city all summer!

  90. JN says

    Hoping to do some hiking in the ADK, swimming at the beach, and hit up a few days at the track. Would love to win this prize pack :)

  91. kristin says

    I am going to be spending as much in the sun as possible.
    Go to the pool; go for walks, bike rides, hopefully the beach. I love the summer and the hot sun. I love just being outside with the sun shinning on me the rest of the year i’m a hermit :)

  92. tracy says

    any chance i get. my friend has a pool and a boat so we spend a lot of weekend time there. we also have a trip to the beach planned for labor day weekend.

  93. Patty says

    Defiantly going to be spending this summer camping, jumping into some lakes and laying on the beach soaking up sun.

  94. says

    Weekends are spend on Lake Norman in Charlotte, NC…and long weekends are spent in Charleston, SC! Love your giveaway! Plus, I just ran a Summer Solstice 4 Miler in the beginning on the month.

  95. says

    We just bought a house with a pool and though I have never been a “pool person,” I am really digging it. I am actually kind of tan for the first time ever! Definitely enjoying the sun.
    Great giveaway :) and how cute is Cody?!
    Renee recently posted..WIAW: Stuffed Zucchini

  96. says

    My fiance and I are going to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina the beginning of August and I cannot wait! Doing some of my wedding planning while soaking up the Vitamin D isn’t bad either!
    Amanda recently update

  97. Jen says

    I’m going to take my kids to the pool several times per week, and to the park on alternating days. Must get Vitamin D fixes!

  98. marci says

    My family is going to try are hardest to make more time with each other this summer, its seems like every summer is full and we lose are time together.

  99. Elizabeth says

    I’m going to a cottage in NY near some outlet malls, planning to soak up the sun and get in some shopping too :)

  100. Alex says

    Hiking, biking, running, and maybe skydiving are how I’m going to be in the sun this summer! Along with some pool time of course!

  101. Abbey says

    Enjoying as much time outside as possible because the summers go by much too fast in WI! Taking a lot of walks and reading outside :)

  102. Lauren @ Call Me Mrs. Rapp says

    I’m going for runs on the canal by our apartment, and I’m currently relaxing on vacation in Sanibel Island. Beach time!
    Lauren @ Call Me Mrs. Rapp recently posted..WIAW: Disney Edition

  103. Lauren says

    May head to the lake this weekend. I live in Chicago and it’s beautiful.

    By the way, was there a KIND bar giveaway post that disappeared? I saw it in google reader but then the link was broken on your site.

  104. Jillian says

    Beyond many trips to the beach my entire family has rented a few cottages for a week which will be a blast!

  105. Brianne says

    Well I have already been to the beach this summer but for the next few months I will be lounging at the pool on the weekends!!

  106. Kaelin says

    Awesome gift bag!!!

    We spend most of our summer time at the lake on our boat with friends and family! Water sports are a great way to stay active in the heat!

  107. Haley says

    I’m spending my summer outdoors with family and friends and at outdoor country concerts! I can’t wait to see the Brothers of the Sun Tour!

  108. Joanna says

    I’m spending my summer running, biking, swimming and playing some beach volleyball! All fun in the sun!

  109. Angela says

    Camping, rafting, and beach going is whats up this summer!

    P.S. I am a new reader to your blog. Found you through Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers. Love reading both your adventures!

  110. Morgan says

    my fun in the sun is escaping the Arizona heat and heading up north to go hiking in the mountains, and a trip to San Diego over the 4th of July!

  111. says

    Going to be spending a LOT of time outside. Part of my “birthday goals” were to turn off the computer and get outside. Whether it be doing a track workout or reading at the beach, I’ve gotta enjoy the SUN and leave the house!
    Divya @ Eat.Teach.Blog. recently posted..Wedding Season!

  112. Chelsea L. says

    Hi! I plan on going to Galveston, TX this summer and hanging out on the beach! It’s not the best beach ever, but it’s still nice :)

  113. Christina says

    Been spending most of the summer at the pool and park with the kids, also been training for my half marathon in Sept! That is one awesome kit for a give away too, Good Luck everyone!

  114. Leslie says

    I’m doing a full-time practicum at a parole office and I’m enjoying every second of it! Other than than I’ll be doing a lot of tennis and swimming

  115. Traci says

    I just moved near the beach in Stamford, CT, so I plan to take advantage of the 5 minute drive this summer!

  116. Carmen Van Deursen says

    I will be spending alot of time in wate, whether it’s the pool, beach, creek or my backyard. This bag filled with goodies would come in handy. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  117. Just a Runner says

    Time on the west coast beach with some great friends and family – running, crabbing, fishing and camping!!!!

  118. KELLY says

    I am going to enjoy my summer outdoors with my 7 year old daughter trying to create as many memories as possible !!!

  119. says

    The hubs surprised me a few months ago with plans to go to Europe this summer, so we will be walking around London and Dublin! Once we get back I plan to take lots of walks and relax in my hammock :)

  120. Elyse says

    what a great giveaway!
    I’ll be spending the summer in Cape Cod with my two labs, Griff and Grady. after my run every morning, I take them to the beach. nothing makes me happier than seeing them run around and play!

  121. Isabella says

    This summer, I’ll be having fun by doing more yoga outdoors. I’m an avid yogini, but my practice usually keeps me outside. But since I’ll be visiting costal New Hampshire, I plan on some beach yoga! :)

  122. says

    I am going to make a huge effort to try and find some water to enjoy a day by! Living in Arizona, we don’t really have any lakes/rivers/any body of water. Haha. That is one thing I miss about summers in Indiana. I lived right by Lake Michigan, so the beach was a common occurrence. So it is my goal to find a body of water and relax!!
    Debbie (Accidently Delish) recently posted..By: Shelby @ thehiketohealthy

  123. Caroline says

    Riding bikes to the beach as much as possible, or hanging out at the park with friends! Basically take advantage fo the beautiful weather as much as possible!

  124. molly l. says

    heading to a big family reunion for my husband’s side of the family in Wisconsin for the 4th— we’re going to sit by the lake, read, drink some beers (apparently they taste better in WI by the lake?), jet ski and watch the fireworks!!!

  125. Darrecia says

    I am planning to spend more time outside. I am super excited for family cookouts and an upcoming reunion! Woo!

  126. jenny says

    Some fun weekend trips to the beach & the lake – love being out in the water during the hot days of summer!

  127. Kate says

    I’m a news intern this summer in Florida, which means I will take every story opportunity that leads me to the beach to enjoy the sun, waves, and breeze while working!

  128. Amy says

    I’m going to leave this lovely (er…not so much) Seattle weather and make a 4th of July visit to sunny California!

  129. Lauren Mac says

    After having my tonsils taken out, I plan on soothing my pain poolside with a chocolate milkshake or berry smoothie in hand!

  130. Zana says

    Great giveaway from Nature Made! Wearing a nice wide brimmed hat at the beach, and using plenty of sunblock.

  131. Ali says

    I’m going to San Francisco for the first time this summer! Looking forward to some West Coast fun in the sun!

  132. Stephanie says

    I’m going to go on daily hikes in the morning and play as much tennis as I can! There will definitely be some major pool and beach time in between!

  133. Danielle says

    This summer I have lots of charity hockey tournaments lined up, sun, hockey, sweat what more could I ask for!!

  134. Jordan says

    This giveaway is one of the best ones I’ve seen!! I’m going to Europe in a couple weeks and would love all the goodies for that trip or when I get back to enjoy by my pool :o)

  135. Sara Merritt says

    I am going to have some fun in the sun this weekend running a 5K with my mom! It is her FIRST ever 5K, and I am so proud of her! She has always been active, and likes to walk and bike with our dog (and I even remember her doing Jane Fonda aerobics in neon leotards and bike shorts in our basement while I was growing up, but don’t tell her I said that on the Internet!), but she has always said she could never be a runner. This past year, she started running, and at first could only go about 50-100 steps before she would walk, and then repeat that–and now she can run over three miles! It’s going to be HOT here in MN, so we will be sure to drink up and use our suncreen, but most importantly have fun being active together!!

  136. Melanie says

    I’ll be spending most of my free time this summer poolside….but I am traveling to Costa Rica in August!!

  137. Lori says

    This summer… a dream come true! My daughter just started graduate school in Italy and I am visiting her in August! It’s my dream trip that I could never seem to afford, but I can not miss this opportunity! Can not wait to go back to my roots :)

  138. Monique Gagnon says

    I’m traveling to Ireland with 8 of my college girlfriends for our other friend’s wedding… I couldn’t be more excited!!

  139. Vicky says

    It is my last free summer to spend before starting my full time job, and I plan on visiting family in Texas!

  140. says

    I’m going on a 17 day vacation to Ireland and the Mediterranean where I’ll be walking and basking in the sun for over 3 weeks. Plus when home I plan on getting tons of use from my new bike! I love the summer and want to enjoy every last bit of it.
    Jillian recently posted..Be Back Soon

  141. Lo says

    After a crazy year, I am giving myself permission to RELAX this summer! Sleeping in, going to the beach, cooking and baking…so far it’s been great!

  142. Shanna says

    What a great giveaway!!!! If the weather gets better here, I would love to go to the beach with my boyfriend….if not, the garden will have to do:)

  143. Elizabeth says

    I am going to have fun this summer going to the beach and hanging out with my friends at their cabins. Oh yeah….Vegas in August !!!

  144. Lauren B. says

    I am blessed to live in Santa Barbara, Ca where we have gorgeous weather almost every day! I try to take advantage of it by walking most places that I need to go, meeting up with friends at the beach to walk , or simply sitting in the sunshine and soaking it all in.

  145. Ashley says

    Well I just graduated from college so i’m planning on having a lot of fun this summer since I’m not crazy busy anymore. My best friend has a pool so I’ll definitely be hanging out there, along with hittin up the beach whenever I can. & hopefully I’ll be able to take a road trip or two with some friends and just go exploring.

  146. says

    This is so cool! The best giveaway. I am super excited about this.

    This summer, I am enjoying the sunshine by doing yard work each day, got to take care of our green yard. My husband really wants to make sure “our green” is the “best green”.

    I am going to Alabama to spend the 4th in the sun at the park with the in-laws. Then I am off to New York to go to central park with my sis and mom. We will be in the sunshine for sure!!!

    Then I will be back at the pool before I go back to work, teaching awesome Kindergarten.

  147. Juli says

    Will be on vacation in San Diego after taking my board exams. Lying by the pool and not studying for 1 week straight !

  148. Carly M says

    Seattle summers can be pretty short, so it’s all about squeezing as much as you can into 8-12 weekends! Things on my list: white water rafting, floating, camping, sailing the sound, and picnics in the park!

  149. Brenda says

    Wow! What a giveaway! I LOVE the summer! I try to relax since it’s my summer vacation but at the same time I want to pack in as many fun things to do as possible. I usually enjoy beaching, kayaking, shopping, and dining al fresco.

  150. Liz M. says

    I’m taking my two daughters to California this summer for a little vacation where they will get to play on the beach and in the waves for the very first time.

  151. saras says

    yay! aside from working my butt off to pay for college i plan to spend alot of time out in the sun…swimming tanning, hiking, and alot of outdoor concerts :)

  152. Hannah R says

    My husband just got a new bike so I’m looking forward to a lot of bike rides and camping trips this summer:)

  153. April Miller-Rose says

    Last year i didnt get to go to the beach once! So i FULLY intend to hit the beach with this gear!! =D

  154. Chelsea says

    It’s amazing how our pets can always bring us joy. This summer, I plan on taking my dog for plenty of hikes in the sun! Both of us always feel great after some time in the fresh air. If I’m lucky, I will also be able to squeeze in a trip to the beach!

  155. Emily says

    I’m going to be having fun in the sun at the lake and getting in as many outdoor runs as I can when it’s not 100 degrees!

  156. Brittany says

    I will be heading to Florida later this summer to enjoy Palm Beach with a few of my sorority sisters. I absolutely CAN’T WAIT! :)

  157. Caitlin F. says

    I live in San Diego, CA about four blocks from the beach. I plan on spending at least 1 day each week lounging on the beach with a good book. :)

  158. Sri says

    What a fun give away! I think it’s about time I made another trip to the beach. As for the yoga mat…yoga at a park sounds like a great idea. :)

  159. Nicole says

    Fun in the sun = continuing my marathon training by running on the Strand here in Southern California, going to and hosting as many backyard BBQs as I can, and eating copious amounts of Frozen Yogurt while sitting in the sun. :)

  160. Jenna says

    This summer I’m going to vacation at my sister’s house and soak up the sun while playing with my nephew in his baby pool! Gotta love summer!

  161. Lauren says

    going to the beach with some friends from grad school….after 2.5 years of academic torture, we deserve it!

  162. dee says

    I’m going to have fun in the sun by taking my runs (I’m training for my first marathon!) out to the beach!! Of course that means I’ll bring a change of clothes so I can cool off in the water after a sweaty run :)

  163. Crystal says

    In about a month when I go to Myrtle Beach for 2 weeks for some fun in the sun and then to Gatlinburg for some fun in the mountain :)

  164. Carrie says

    I have a half-marathon coming up in the next month! I’ll definitely be using the yoga mat and relaxing for the rest of the summer!

  165. Susan says

    My family and my sister’s family are renting adjoining cottages on Seneca Lake for the week of a family wedding at Glenora Winery.

  166. Michelle Dannaher says

    I am going to have so much fun this summer running the Falmouth Road Race in Falmouth, MA. I have been training for this 7 mile run that could be in the heat of August. My husband and I will be going for a long weekend enjoying all of the festivities the Cape has to offer! Running short races in the summer is so much fun. There is always a great BBQ after and often music

  167. Molly C. says

    I’m going to have fun in the sun this summer by going to Disney Land! I’m in my twenties, and it’s still *magical*!

  168. Heather says

    This is an amazing offer! I am going to be spending my time on my new boat when i am not working :) I love spending as much time as I can with both my family and outside!!

  169. Summer says

    I always spend many summer days enjoying the outdoors with my husband. We love camping, kayaking, cycling, and of course surfing! :)

  170. Ashley says

    I’m going to the islands in a few weeks for some sun, beach walks and sea breezes! I love that ocean smell.

  171. Ashley says

    I plan on enjoying the sun running outdoors in the beautiful weather. Then probably as much beach time or outdoor grilling and fun time with my friends. Have to live it up in the summer before it goes by too fast!

  172. says

    Great giveaway! Planning to enjoy the summer with a family camping trip! Can’t wait for long days of fishing and swimming at the lake…oh, and marathon training! :)

  173. Carol T. says

    Hi Courtney:

    I will be working on my tan and losing the last 5 pounds to reach my goal weight with WW. thank you

  174. Lisa says

    This is a great giveaway! I just found your site and am in the process of getting back into a routine and into shape after a rough year! The contecnt on your site will be a BIG help!

  175. Vanessa G says

    My summer will be extra memorable and fun due to a mission trip to Africa, spending time with my 3yr old niece, teaching VBS, and lots of running, swimming, and baking. I love Summertime because I’m a K teacher and that means sleeping in, lots of reading, and relaxation. :)

  176. says

    “bath mats crumpled in a ball” <—- So this isn't just my cat? 😉

    We have talked about weekend camping trips (may or may not be plural). I might have had my fun this past weekend when I went home for my mom's 80th birthday party.
    DragonLady recently posted..Settling back into normal

  177. says

    I’m planning to enjoy my last summer with my husband before we become parents in September! I have a feeling it’s going to be a HOT one this summer, so we’ll be spending lots of time indoors :)

  178. Kelly O-ski says

    I plan on running as much as possible! Love the added bonus of a tan…despite the awkward lines. Haha

  179. Jazmin says

    Last summer, I didn’t go to the beach until the week before I went back to school. This summer, I AM GOING TO THE BEACH OFTEN. That’s how I’m having fun!

  180. Sue says

    I’m a teacher, so summer means LOTS of time with my kids! And when they’re at camp, I get to run at my leisure and catch up on all 256 books I don’t have time to read from September-June!

  181. Dana H says

    GRILLING!!!! We just got our first grill, I will be sittin outside makin’ meat and drinkin’ some wine after a long day of work! 😀

  182. Lindsey says

    I can’t wait to wear floppy hats and my new sunglasses. I always wear at least SPF 50 because my sister had melanoma. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the sun!

  183. Jessica says

    I am going to have some fun in the sun by taking a couple mini vacays with my boyfriend before we have our baby in August! This is a fantastic giveaway – thanks for hosting!

  184. Cristin says

    What a great giveaway! I am so beyond excited for a trip to the beach in July. I haven’t been to a beach in probably 10 years. I can’t wait!!

  185. says

    I am going to have fun this summer by taking it ONE day at a time and soaking in the moment- I am working at a church and its so busy but so much fun!!

  186. katie says

    Some beach day plans are in the works as well as adding more outdoor runs and bike rides into my workout schedule.

  187. Tracey says

    I recently just went to Canada for the first time and I can’t wait to spend the rest of the summer working out in the gorgeous weather, laying out, and going to the beach!

  188. says

    I am LOVING my new body and the energy that comes with it. I not only do my work outs, but walking the dog is now FUN!

    Also, Bob and I go out more. I mean go and walk and enjoy! We are taking a wine tour and bought a new camera to just document our lives! Before my journey started I didn’t even let people take a picture of me!

    This is gonna be our honeymoon summer! <3
    Linda recently posted..Unexpected gifts …..

  189. Julie F says

    I’m going to my family’s cottage on Lake Michigan this coming week and I could not be more excited!!!!!!

  190. Jen M. says

    Love those outdoor concerts on brewpub lawns on sunny summer days! Seeing Florence + The Machine at Edgefield in a couple weeks and can’t wait!

  191. nicole g says

    My fun in the sun involves picking blackberries for my oatmeal and playing with my niece and nephew in the kiddy pool =)

  192. Katie says

    I will be going on some long horseback trail rides with my horse! Nice way to enjoy the summer and soak up some Vitamin D and awkward tan lines. :)

    Have you heard of Dr. Mercola? He belives many people are Vit D deficient as well. He believes in natural health.

  193. Andrea says

    I am kind of a Vit D freak over here, I totally push it on everyone I know… :) I swear, though, that it is helping my skin!

    This summer will be spent exploring every park I can find with my two adventurers :)

  194. Christina says

    I’m heading to Yosemite for some hiking and swimming this weekend! I’ll also be spending time outside running and at the pool.

  195. says

    I’ll be doing my best to take it easy! Lots of time at the gym to keep me sane, and hopefully just enough weekend relaxation to keep me from killing anyone at work. :)
    Heather@YSP recently posted..I get by…

  196. Jessica says

    We plan on taking multiple trips to the park/playground and hopefully hitting up some theme parks!!

  197. Sara says

    What a great giveaway! This summer, I’m planning on doing plenty of hiking. I just bought my first pair of real hiking shoes, and I’m so excited to get out and try them out!

  198. kolya says

    Perfect’s getting mega-hot here in DC and I love to take long walks (seeking shade of course) but there are spots that get mighty hot with no sun so anything to still be able to enjoy it would be fabulous.


  199. Michelle says

    My husband and I are taking our 9-year old kids to Costa Rica for hikes in the jungle…ziplining…surfing lessons…turtle watching…and much more! It’s a once in a lifetime trip that we are all so excited about. Family memories for sure!

  200. Rachelle says

    For the first time I’m trying group exercise classes. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long! I’m trying cardio belly dancing tonight! SO EXCITED!

  201. Olivia says

    Holy awesome giveaway! I’m planning on spending as much time outdoors as possible: beach, pool and BBQs!

  202. Bonnie says

    I grew up in Cali and moved to Colorado. I have been missing the beach something crazy, so when I go to visit my little nephew in a couple weeks in Cali, I plan to spend as MUCH time as possible on the beach!!

  203. Melissa says

    I am excited to spend some time out on water this summer with friends and family, what better way to spend summer then with the ones you love!

  204. Cellabella says

    My husband and I plan to spend our free afternoons soaking up the sun by his parent’s pool- with sunscreen of course!

  205. Renee says

    Beach trips and packing a picnic lunch together Creating sandcastles & collecting seashells are always family fun treats!!!

  206. kelsey says

    On another note — I made your loaded Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies (with a few minor changes) and I must say, these are AMAZING!! I don’t have the patience to wait for them all to bake, so I made a cookie “bar” in a cake pan instead. My coworkers loved them!!

  207. April V says

    I’m planning to spend most of my days by either the pool, lake or running in the sprinkler w/ my kiddos!

  208. sarah r. says

    awesome giveaway! i plan to have fun in the sun with my baby girl in her kiddie pool this summer 😉

  209. Theresa says

    I am going to lay on the beach for a week when my family rents a cottage on the lake! I can’t wait!

  210. Sienna says

    I plan to continue relaxing by the Chicago lake front and going for runs, hikes and bike rides outside! I love the warm weather!

  211. Caitlin says

    this giveaway looks awesome! i’m hoping to enjoy the sun this summer by finally getting some runs in outdoors! been cooped up in a gym for far too long :)

  212. Claire K says

    After 6 weeks away from my boyfriend because I’ve been working for Tulane University Orientation, I will be headed up to VT with him for his 21st birthday! All of these supplies will make for a great 4th of July weekend together.

  213. JaNelle says

    Awesome giveaway! I’m going to spend time on our new deck! Plus get to the beach as much as I can.

  214. Erin says

    I’m going to try to do a little hiking, relaxing on the deck and maybe try to get away to somewhere where there is water. Hopefully this will be a great summer!

  215. Kristin says

    This is an amazing giveaway!!
    I can’t wait to have some fun in the sun with my family on a Cruise at the end of July!!!

  216. Daniella says

    I’m technically enjoying winter right now in South America, but I’ll be back in the States in August to enjoy the end of summer.

  217. Keeley says

    I am going to play lots of tennis this summer…unfortunately that usually makes for some terrible tan lines…