July 2012

Things Making Me Happy Today

by Courtney on July 31, 2012


Right now, I’m most likely hanging out with this crew, along with some other awesome friends… To celebrate birthdays – Mal’s today, hubby tomorrow. Of course, since we’re celebrating birthdays, there has to be cake cupcakes, so I offered to take care of that task. Cupcakes make me happy. One batch of Oreo cupcakes (made […]


Yummy and Dangerous

by Courtney on July 31, 2012


Around mid-morning today, I headed out to check on the garden since it’d been a few days since we last had a rendezvous. It’s lookin’ like my zucchini plants are slowing down again, my peppers are doing awesome (you can see some towards the front of the garden), my peas are dead, I have three […]


Funny and True

by Courtney on July 31, 2012

This morning, I was greeted with this awesome message on my Facebook page… I literally laughed out loud. A friend who I’ve known way back since kindergarten (holla to Mr. Brennan’s class, Jessica!) posted this to my Facebook wall yesterday and I just think it’s great. I showed it to Jay this morning and he […]


Food Porn

by Courtney on July 30, 2012


I believe this is what is known as food porn… Well, at least for me it is anyway. I’ve been highly neglecting the fruits and veggies these past few days, so the thought of a salad filled to the brim with both of ‘em sounded delicious. This combo was wild today. Wild. Lettuce Cucumbers Tomatoes […]


Slowly But Surely

by Courtney on July 30, 2012


Mornin’ friends! We had such a fun, busy couple of days happening over here this weekend…here’s what you may have missed! Living Room Progress Adventures in Ikea Signing Contracts Slowly but surely, the room is starting to come together. Last night, after taking down all of the paint, we started getting rearranging some furniture and […]


Living Room Progress

by Courtney on July 29, 2012


So remember this morning when I mentioned that whole living room revamping thing? Well, it appears as if we were a little more antsy than we realized to get the ball rolling! Earlier today, the two of us headed to Home Depot, stocked on some paint, some new floor trim, and some accessories, and got […]


Adventures in Ikea

by Courtney on July 29, 2012


I would like to set up shop and just live in Ikea. That’s totally acceptable, right? Just as most of you suspected, I pretty much felt like a kid in a candy store the entire time. It’s sort of like one big doll house! Jay and I found so many different pieces of furniture that […]


Signing Contracts

by Courtney on July 28, 2012


Hello, beautiful. And happy Saturday to you all! How’s everyone’s day shaping up so far? Jay and I were both up at a decent hour this morning, despite going to bed around 2am thanks to a fun evening with friends, so we could be ready to sign some contracts… It’s time to get some new […]


When In Rome…

by Courtney on July 27, 2012


Gotta love spending an afternoon with mom at the mall and topping it off with a trip to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch! After doing a little bit of shopping (or “window” shopping, shall I say) we were both starving and decided to pop in for some food. Of course, we had to start off […]


A Risqué Fur Ball

by Courtney on July 27, 2012

After finishing up dinner last night, Jay and I settled in to catch up on a little Franklin & Bash on our DVR, each with our respective dishes of ice cream. The show (and the ice cream, of course) was great, but that wasn’t the only form of entertainment we had…all thanks to our risqué […]