Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Little Somethin’ More

by Courtney on July 3, 2012


By the time I got home a little after 2pm this afternoon, I was more than ready for something to eat. Thankfully, I had remembered to pack some snacks with me before leaving the house this morning (carrots + hummus and a SOYJOY bar) but I was in need of a little somethin’ more. It […]


Upper Body Superset Workout

by Courtney on July 3, 2012

biceps triceps and shoulders workout

Who doesn’t love a great upper body workout, right? Right! Especially now that the summer months are upon us, I’m pretty sure it’s fairly common for us ladies to want to make sure our arms are lookin’ good in those cute tanks and tees. So for that reason, I decided to put together a little […]


Sign of a True Friend

by Courtney on July 3, 2012


Good morning and happy Tuesday…from my usual little corner at Starbucks. Yup, I went back to the oats in a jar in public today. I’ve been getting looks and glances all morning long, but the kicker was the lady who continued to stare, proceeded to order a scone, a piece of banana loaf, and a […]