Some Damage Was Done

Talk about a busy and productive day!

Shortly after chatting with you all this morning, I headed out to begin my errands for the day, with my first stop at the consignment shop. Unfortunately, between the two stores (Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor) I didn’t make out nearly as good as I had hoped…


…but hey, better than nothing, right?

Rather than wait around for an hour for my clothes to be picked through, I dropped them off and headed over to Old Navy to do some damage. By the time I left, I’d say that some damage was done. Winking smile

Five tops, two bottoms, two dresses, and two pairs of flip flops, all for under $140. (I’ll be sure to share all of my purchases with ya soon!)

Needless to say, I was stoked…so I went ahead and celebrated the best way I could think of…with some TCBY.

We need to talk about this cup for a second. First, notice the fruit in there…I never ever put fruit in my fro yo. Second, I actually stuck to one flavor today, and it was better than I ever would have imagined…golden vanilla swirled with, get this, pink lemonade sorbet. It was insanely good, and paired especially well with the strawberries, white chocolate chips, Oreos, and granola. So, so good.

After the fro yo party was over, it was time to head to my dermatologist appointment.


Check out this super fashionable paper robe I got to sport. Winking smile


As I mentioned earlier, I had never been for a full body scan at the dermatologist’s office, and after spotting a couple new moles, I figured I should head in just to be safe.

I’ve always had my fair share of moles (please tell me I’m not the only one who constantly thinks of Austin Powers with the discussion of moles?!?) and did my best to keep track of them, but a couple of them looked a little strange to me.


Luckily, everything checked out A-okay and the dermatologist even said it’s quite normal for someone my age to have moles pop up. I immediately felt relieved (nothing like getting in your own head about stuff like that) so I rewarded myself once again for the day with a pedicure.


Hey, I figured since I used the money I earned earlier, it was almost like it was free. Right? Winking smile

Once I got home, I unpacked my goods,


cuddled a bit with the Codester,


then finally got to work on making some dinner. I’m totally cool with enjoying a fro yo lunch every now and then, but it definitely doesn’t do much for the hunger.

I fixed that no problem.


Check out that beast of a salad! I went the Mexican route tonight, topping a pile of romaine with some cucumbers, shredded carrots, tomatoes, corn, black beans, avocado, some crushed tortilla chips, and salsa (from my Love Grown goody box) for dressing.


It’s been quite a while since I made a salad like this at home, and man oh man, was it tasty.


Don’t be surprised if you see another one of these pop up soon..I’ve got to be sure I use up the rest of my avocado and can of black beans soon – otherwise, it’s brown ‘cados and a stinky fridge.

And nobody likes either of those!

How did everyone else’s day go? Anyone got anything fun to share?? Smile


  1. says

    First of all I have to say I get frustrated everytime I go to Platos Closet because I feel like they give you NOTHING for what you are providing them! One time they gave me 15 dollars for a barely used Coach bag! I would rather give it to a friend!
    Second, my husband got pink lemonade fro-yo with funfetti cupcake flavor and raved about it, but I told him he he was nuts…perhaps I need to try it.
    Third, taco salads at home are the BEST! sometimes i will even go to wendys drive thru (omg fast food I know haha) get a 99 cent chili and throw it over my own greens and veggies if I am in a pinch. perfect for a night when I am home alone and it is pretty darn tasty for being so cheap!
    happy wednesday :-)
    CJ @ recently posted..WIAW: Breaking The Rules

    • Courtney says

      LOL – we were actually texting each other about that earlier. It’s scary sometimes how similar we are! :)

  2. says

    That froyo looks so good! And it’s always a good idea to get checked out! I went to a derm for the first time in March and had to get 3 moles removed, 2 of which could have turned into cancer! Lucky me I get to go back every 6 months… haha yay.
    Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted..WIAW–Long Run Day

  3. Emily says

    OMG…the picture of you in the “fashionable paper robe” made me crack up. In fact, I went back to look at it again just so I could laugh…your face is priceless!! I can’t wait to see your ON purchases. Oh and thanks…now I want TCBY!!

  4. says

    Your day sounds OMG busy! I kept at it with my zucchini recipes. Unfortunately my chocolate zucchini bread didnt work out as planned. It was too gooey in the middle and to hard on the outside. Other than that nothing really exciting happened here.

    I really want some TCBY now. And you totally made out like a bandit at ON. Looking forward to seeing your stash.
    Laura recently posted..Chocolate Zucchini bread and KEEN-Wah ‘n cheese

  5. says

    I used to try to sell clothes to consignment shops but I got so frustrated with how little they pay for really quality stuff that I just started donating it instead. For some reason, I feel better knowing it will go to someone in need rather than some business robbing me and then selling my stuff to make a big giant profit!!

    Fro-Yo sounds so good right now!! I wonder if I could sneak out of the house without anyone noticing……
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..WIAW # 4 + Fossil Rim Wildlife Park

  6. Karleen curran says

    Omg I love your posts today:) looks like u had an awesome spa-like day! Fro yo sounds freakin delicious right now!

  7. says

    Sounds like a great day — shopping, fro yo, successful dr. apt.!

    I actually have a derm apt. at the end of the month for a body scan. The last time I went, I didn’t feel like she was very thorough, so I’m going to point out a few different spots just to make sure nothing is getting over-looked. I have very fair skin & have had several bad sunburns in the past, so I’m hyper-paranoid about it! Glad everything checked out ok for you!
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted..WIAW – Week 19

  8. says

    And I’m now convinced that I need to shop at Old Navy tomorrow!
    Props to you for going to the derm…I’ve never been, but definitely should go, just to get things checked out–darn fair skin! Sounds like you had a fantastic day though! :)

  9. says

    Shopping and fro-yo… can the day get any better?!

    My husband and I LOVE Mexican salads! We usually sautee our corn and black beans with a little cumin and chili powder, roast some shrimp, and then go wild with veggies and salsa! We also like to keep our toppings the same and switch out quinoa for the lettuce for a more hearty “salad”.
    Allison @ Running Through Red Lights recently posted..#FitStreak

  10. says

    That is so weird that you went to the dermatologist to check your moles because I just found a new mole on my face and thought about getting checked just to be safe. My moles are not very large, but I have always had quite a few of them (I get them from my mom!). I think I should play it safe and get things checked out!! Thanks for the idea!
    Tara Deal recently posted..Food Girl and Tupperware Man

  11. says

    Last time I took my clothes to Plato’s Closet they told me they were “not young enough or from trendy enough stores.” Nevermind the fact that I bought them at Plato’s Closet in the first place. It was the first time I felt really old (I’m 28!). I think I’ll stick to donating my clothes from now on!
    Shana recently posted..Mother Shucker

  12. Brittany V says

    Totally craving taco salad and TCBY now… pink lemonade — YUM!! Sounds like you had a pretty perfect day… I’m a school psychologist, so nice work on positively reinforcing yourself! And next time, maybe you can take a paper robe home! 😉


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