Pretty Odd

So I happened to get a fun little package in the mail yesterday…


Much to my surprise, the FedEx guy came knocking on my door yesterday afternoon with some unexpected goodies from Christie and the team over at Fitness Magazine! (I actually had the pleasure of meeting Christie back in May while I attended the Meet & Tweet event in NYC, and she was SO super sweet.)

All of this stuff came *this close* to getting covered in iced coffee from this morning, but I was quick enough to be able to salvage it.


Out of everything in the box, this was definitely my favorite item. Winking smile


Thanks again, Fitness Magazine!

While I snapping some photos, I happened to catch the creeper in the background.


Who, as always, produced with a fantastic mid-yawn photo that I can’t help but laugh at every time I look at it.


I think he might be “ooooooing and ahhhhing” over my pretty new award. Maybe?

Today’s been a pretty busy day with a pretty odd appetite. Mid-morning, after finishing up with some stuff, I took about 45 minutes to walk on the treadmill while reading the book. I’ve only got two chapters left!

I didn’t end up getting hungry for a snack and didn’t even feel slightly hungry until almost 1:00. Totally odd for me. Since I had a conference call scheduled with a client for 1, I quickly prepped myself another piece of zucchini oatmeal bread with PB & banana, and scarfed it down before our video chat.


I also wound up snacking on a couple baby carrots with hummus before deciding I really wasn’t in to ‘em.


Seriously. Don’t know what’s up with the appetite today, but it better return soon because Jay and I have special visitors coming over tonight and there’s grilled pizza on the menu! Mmmmmm.


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    Don’t worry I have an appetite today for two people so I will make up for your lack of food, lol! I went swimming and I always come back STARVING!!

    What a fun little package from Fitness mag! You deserve it though! I know you are one of my fave bloggers :-)
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..Hard Boiled 101

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    Congratulations!! That is super exciting you received all that special stuff. Must feel pretty amazing! You deserve it lady. My appetite has been pretty wonky lately as well, its totally weird because I’ve been super hungry but I’m taking a resting month basically from intense exercise. I guess my bodies just catching up? Who knows, bodies are weird;)
    Lisa recently posted..Outrageous Pumpkin Pudding

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    That glass plaque looks very professional. Congratulations on your victory for the Best Personal Trainer Blog according to Fitness Magazine! That’s huge! :)

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