Sampled My Way Through

It’s been a busy Monday morning and afternoon, thanks to my having to catch up on everything I didn’t get done over the weekend. Hey, it was worth it!

My first stop of the day: Sephora.


I could spend hours in that store, browsing, sampling, and just having a ball. But since I had other things on the agenda this morning, I put my blinders on, walked in and grabbed the two items I needed: concealer (details here) and bronzer (details here).

I’m trying really hard to cut back on the expensive makeup, but those are just two items I can’t give up…well, not yet at least. Winking smile

After Sephora, I had to take care of the grocery shopping for the week…FYI: going on a Monday at noon apparently is not a smart idea if you’re looking for small crowds. Good grief!

On the way there, I snacked on a Luna bar that I found stashed in the back of my cabinet before heading out the door earlier.


I knew I’d wind up getting hungry while out, and grocery shopping + a grumbling tummy = baaaad news for the wallet.

As it turns out, I probably didn’t even needed the bar because, much to my surprise, the store was filled with a ton of samples. So I proceeded to sample my way through practically the entire produce/deli/bakery department with lots of good bites to eat.

Even better? Free iced coffee!


They had a woman making free iced coffees from a Keurig machine, and oh man did it hit the spot. I was actually *this* close to stopping at DD’s to get one before going, but I ultimately decided to just save the couple bucks…and hey, my frugal move paid off. Winking smile

(*For the locals – today was my first time checking out the new Shop Rite store – in Albany. I liked it, but didn’t love it…what do you guys think?)

By the time I got home, I had pretty much ruined most my appetite for lunch but still needed something, so I put together a plate of baby carrots + a wedge of The Laughing Cow veggie cream cheese and paired them with a mango Chobani.


This afternoon, I have some training programs to put together for a couple of clients, but I’m also planning on putting together a new workout for all of you. It’s been quite a while since I gave you guys something new (which is partially a long story that I’ll get to soon enough), so let me know…what you want?!?

Cardio? Upper body? Lower body? Some plyometrics? Gimme some ideas! Winking smile


  1. says

    love Sephora! We recently got an Ulta by me, that’s also fun :) I had Chobani for lunch too! (vanilla lol)… I called it the “I don’t feel like making an actual lunch” lunch lol Just threw a bunch of fruit in my lunch box haha
    Rachel recently posted..Zombie

  2. says

    Ah, Shop Rite! I really like the store, their food selection and the prices, but I don’t like that is it is always super crowded and that is SO annoying. I’ve been avoiding it lately. I’m probably going to end up shopping at the new one in Slingerlands anyway, since it’s probably the same distance away from me now.
    PS…less than TWO weeks until we get our TJs……
    Jen (@ jen is green) recently posted..Scenes from the Weekend

  3. Kristin says

    I would love a new treadmill workout or anything for the lower body…gotta work those glutes and legs!!!

  4. Marie says

    Just curious, are you still training at the gym? Sounds like your personal plans are going great. Congrats!

  5. Karleen says

    Total body HARD circuit please:) need something to kick start my bad weekend of wine and junkie food

  6. Tiffany says

    A new upper body or lower body set that utilizes mainly free weights (rather than machines) would be soooo helpful right now :) You’re awesome!!

  7. alycia says

    I would love to see a total body workout that can be done at home with no major equipment needed. That would be awesome!

  8. Lindsay says

    In my experience Shop Rite is hit or miss. The new one on Central Ave is always so busy I get frustrated just walking in — never mind the traffic to get there! That said, if you catch certain items while they’re on sale you can get some really good deals especially if you get their membership card. I usually do most of my grocery shopping at Target or WalMart, so I find Shop Rite to be priced a little high, but more affordable than Price Chopper.

    And hey, did you see they put up the sign for Trader Joes on Wolf Rd? I think it’s coming really soon!

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