30 Minute Treadmill + Plyometric Workout

Allllright…who’s ready to get sweaty?!?

hop on hop off treadmill plyometric workout

After putting out a call for new workout ideas yesterday, I noticed that many of you were looking for some cardio, some full body, and even some plyometrics. Sooo, I went ahead and combined them all into one, 30-minute workout.

I actually did a variation of this a couple of months ago on a whim and had totally forgotten about it up until yesterday. It’s a quick, no-messin’ around routine, that will most definitely leave you nice and sweaty by the time you’re finished.

A couple of things to note:

  • The speeds given are just recommendations. If you want to walk, walk. If you can jog moderately at 7.0, more power to ya. Adjust the speeds to suit your own abilities.
  • You have 2 minutes of a moderate jog, 30 seconds at an increased speed, followed by 1 minute of a plyometric exercise. I simply hopped off the treadmill, left it running, and completed the exercises next to it…if you’re afraid of getting crazy looks or speed skating into the treadmill next to you while at the gym, feel free to complete the cardio and plyometric moves separately (but go ahead and do two rounds of the plyo moves!).
  • Three of the plyo exercises will have you moving laterally (side to side). These will help not only with your speed, agility, and quickness, but they’ll also work on those outer thighs, hips, and glutes, too.
  • I recommend finishing your plyometric moves at about 54-55 seconds, just to give yourself some time to catch your breath and hop back on the treadmill. We don’t want any face plants into the running belt!
  • And if you really feel like giving yourself a run for your money, go ahead and repeat the entire routine once. Winking smile


As always, here’s a rundown of the plyometric moves seen above:

Mountain ClimbersStart in a push-up position with arms completely straight. Position hands slightly wider than shoulders and keep your body should in a straight line from head to ankles. Lift one foot off the floor and raise your knee as close to your chest as you can without allowing your lower back to round. Reverse the movement back to the starting position and repeat with other leg. Alternate back and forth as quickly as you can. Pretend your climbing up a mountain!

Speed SkatersBegin with one leg crossed behind the other. Reach your opposite arm across towards the supporting leg. Hop laterally (side to side) and cross back with the opposite leg. Repeat back and forth quickly.

BurpeesBegin in a squatted position with hands on floor in front of you. Jump feet back behind you as you lower torso to the ground (like in the bottom phase of a push-up). Jump your feet back up towards your hands as if in the starting position again. Jump straight up into the air extending your arms vertically to the sky, and repeat.

Side to Side Jumping LungesTake right leg out to the side as you bend left knee, turning the body to the left in a runner’s lunge. Touch the right fingers to the floor, if you can. Quickly jump up to shift the feet in the air and lunge to the right side, touching the left hand to the floor. Continue alternating sides quickly.

Lateral HopsKeep feet directly underneath you, quickly hop sideways over a towel (or an imaginary line) without pausing during the landed phase. Keep your chest up, maintain good posture throughout, and land softly.

Have fun! Smile


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    I’ve been wanting to try a workout where you hop on and off the treadmill, but I don’t own one, so I’d have to do it at the gym, which, let’s face it, is a little embarrassing. Any tips?

  2. says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This workout seems so fun and a great high intensity workout! My cardio has felt a bit drab as of late, so this workout will definitely come in handy! P.s- I looovvvee burpees! :)

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    Definitely looks like a fun one! It makes cardio much less daunting when you can actually get off the machine and do something different for a bit!

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    I love the “hop on / hop off” idea. Such a great boredom buster.

    Where do you get the images of the exercises? I’ve been putting off 2-3 posts for Twenties Hacker with really good workout ideas because I was going to film myself doing them, but would rather just use good demo images.

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