A Risqué Fur Ball

After finishing up dinner last night, Jay and I settled in to catch up on a little Franklin & Bash on our DVR, each with our respective dishes of ice cream. The show (and the ice cream, of course) was great, but that wasn’t the only form of entertainment we had…all thanks to our risqué little fur ball.

Codeman! He was alllll sprawled out the entire evening no matter where he went, and we’re pretty sure that the heat had something to do with it…we’re currently being too cheap to turn on both AC’s and it gets a bit steamy up in here sometimes.

I caught the above photo early on in the evening, but a couple hours later, Jay happened to spot him again in his now-favorite spot. (FYI: Jay has still not signed up for Twitter. He is slacking big time. He IS, however, on Instagram.)

Cracks. Me. Up. Winking smile


When breakfast rolled around this morning, I had one thing on my mind and that one thing was waffles.


Waffles are my jam lately. I seriously can’t get enough of ‘em.

And then, to make things even better, I realized that I still had one packet of THIS left


Man, oh man. Talk about one killer plate of waffles.

I also sipped on a sweaty glass of iced coffee with Truvia and creamer (a recent swap) which was delicious as ever.


I’ve got a little bit of work to do now this morning, including a couple training plans, followed by a quick meeting and then a possible mall + lunch date with mom. (P.S. – if you’ve sent me an email in the last few days, I promise, I will get back to you asap!!)

Happy Fridayyyy!

Question for the Morning:

Fellow pet lovers! What are some of the funniest things that your own fur ball does to make you smile?


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    I’ve mentioned before Aki plays fetch with her mouseys, it’s too funny. Sheila every now and then just will randomly get crazy and dart around the apartment, jump on the footstool waving her tail around, and then dart off. They’re weirdos. Love the Cody poses! He should totally be a cat model. 😉 Happy Friday!
    Krissie J @ A Philly Nerd Girl recently posted..On Games

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    Our little lab puppy has decided to start howling at me to get my attention and it’s seriously the cutest/most annoying thing in the world. Cute to me, annoying to everyone else!

    Your kitty is a little cutie too!

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    Our yellow lab is seriously the funniest dog ever. He does things left and right that make us laugh, but some of my favorites: Sometimes when you talk to him, he will look at you and tilt his head a little with his ears perked up. SO cute. Then sometimes we’ll turn around, and he is sprawled out on his back (being risque too! 😉 ) holding onto one of his toys with his two front paws and snapping at it with his mouth. It’s hilarious every time.
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Why Do I Blog?

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    Awww Cody is so cute! Scout’s been spreading himself out a lot more lately, too, and we’re thinking it’s also the heat. The funniest thing is just how clumsy he is. We throw his toy, he jumps for it, and he lands on top of furniture or all sprawled out. Aren’t cats supposed to be graceful? :-)

    With everything going on, I hope Cody is making you smile a lot! Terry and I always look to Scout to cheer us up when things get rough. :-)
    Julie recently posted..Half Marathon Q&A with Heidi

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    My cats do the same thing hahaha I think the funniest thing Jack does is “scoot” across the carpet in the basement… just sliding around lol not in the “making a mess” kinda way 😉 looove that almond butter!
    Rachel recently posted..Saving Butterflies

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    Pretty much everything my pug does makes me laugh; he’s a little comedian! Of course all of his pug “noises” are pretty funny, but one of my favorites is when I take him out for a walk… Whenever he’s doing his business, he looks up at me with those bulging eyes — just stares at me — like, look mom aren’t I a good boy? AREN’T I?!?! haha What a weirdo.
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted..WIAW – Zoo Edition

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    My dogs always have me laughing and smiling. They are insane together. I have two jack russells a boy named Jack and a girl named Jill. The funniest thing is when they play tug of war with each other. They both sit and growl at each other until one lets go. Normally it’s Jill because Jack is stronger. She gets mad that she didn’t get it and will bark at him until he gets sick of hearing it and gives her back the rope. lol. It’s the darn-est thing ever.
    Ashley @ The North Carolina Cowgirl recently posted..Equitrekking Article about Mt. Rogers by Me

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    Nothing better than ending a summer night with ice cream! I have been on a mint chocolate chip kick which is strange for me! Think it’s time to move something else into the rotation. Any recent good discoveries (minus chocolate, love chocolate but cannot do chocolate ice cream!)
    amy recently posted..Understanding body image

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    She follows bugs around, not tries to kill them or anything; but just follows them. Plus she LOVES plastic bags, she tries to sniff them ALL the time. She also walks around “talking” when I leave and Kenneth is here alone, and will not shut up until he talks to her; unless the t.v. is on and she will just sit and watch it with him.
    Jessamy @ The Rambling Asian recently posted..Hagerstown. Sweet Frogs. Popeye’s.

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    Cody is so cute! Those poses are hilarious. I swear my dog thinks shes a cat… she rubs up against you with her whole body just like cats do AND does that thing with rounding out her back just like cats do … and shes obsessed with cats. Too bad they’re not so obsessed back haha!
    Carol @ Lucky Zucca recently posted..Skinny Vanilla

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    When my boyfriend and I started dating, my little puppy thought he was trying to “move in,” on us, so she would throw him under the bus whenever she could. If he ate something that was in my fridge or cabinet and threw it in the garbage, she would find he wrapper, bring it to me, and put it at my feet or on my lap so I knew he took it!
    Angela @ Health, Happiness, & Harmony recently posted..Our Trip to Gotham

  12. Amanda says

    Our dog, Henry, is always cracking me up! Sometimes when he tries to jump up onto the bed, his front paws make it, but not the back legs, so he’ll slide down. Also, he’s started chasing his own tail in circles and will sometimes get it in his teeth. Love pets!!

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    My cavalier king charles spaniel, Bella, thinks she’s a cat and I’ll always catch her perched on the back of our recliner or on the window sill. My 90 pound black lab, Louie, thinks he’s a lap dog and will literally climb on top of you if you are sitting on the couch… he has no concept of his size!
    Annie @ Legally Balanced recently posted..London [Days 5 & 6]

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    My dog, Vanna, loves to play with toys like crazy when I’m in the backyard with her. It’s just funny how much she loves to chase after a tennis ball. It totally makes me smile when she’s galloping back with it in her mouth (I can imagine her running back in slow motion, looking so happy, haha).
    michelle kim recently posted..First Part of Long Run

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