Funny and True

This morning, I was greeted with this awesome message on my Facebook page…

I literally laughed out loud. A friend who I’ve known way back since kindergarten (holla to Mr. Brennan’s class, Jessica!) posted this to my Facebook wall yesterday and I just think it’s great. I showed it to Jay this morning and he proceeded to look at it, laugh, say, “You know she’s probably making fun of you right?,” and then smirk back at me.

Hey, ya know what? Even if it was to make fun, I can totally, 100% accept that because it’s funny and it’s true…except most of the time, my pics upload to here, not always on Facebook. Winking smile


Not much happening last night on the food front. Jay and I had our last regular season softball game last night, which we won, giving us only one loss for the whole season. Playoffs should be starting sooooon!

Since the game was later, we did have some time to eat, so I ended up cooking a pork tenderloin that we had in the freezer (similar to this one) and served it along with some veggies. Quick and easy.


This morning, I started the day off with some yoga. It’s probably been almost a week since I last got a session in and I was starting to get antsy. Today’s video of choice was 40 minutes of Yoga Bootcamp Core Strength and let me tell you…it was TOUGH.

My hamstrings were super tight, my hips were sore from catching last night, and my upper back/shoulders – well, they’ve been a mess for weeks. (That being said, I’m willing to pay a masseuse in the form of unlimited, homemade cupcakes if you’ll fix me). I felt a bit better by the end but wow, was that a humbling experience.

Post-workout, it was breakfast time.


But of course, before eating, I did make sure to to attempt to take my pic at a nice, artsy angle. Winking smile


The usual waffle combo today, topped with Justin’s Almond Butter, banana slices, chia seeds, cinnamon, and a teeny drizzle of maple syrup. And I’m pretty sure I’m currently on a waffle kick right now.

I’ve got another busy day ahead of me today, which also includes finishing up a couple batches of birthday cupcakes for a little birthday celebration that we’ll be going to later this evening. While tomorrow is Jay’s birthday, today is my friend Mal’s birthday, so we’ll be celebrating the two together just like we did last year. Happy Birthday, Mal!!

Question for the Morning:

What food kicks are YOU on lately?


  1. Chelsea says

    I am completely obsessed with kodiak cakes at the moment. I’ll mix protein powder into the mixture and eat them with bananas on top, perfection.

  2. Melissa @ says

    Congrats on your win! :) I love the kashi blueberry waffles. Trail mix is my current food kick right now, lol. Have a great day!
    Melissa @ recently posted..Wow

  3. says

    Haha love the ecard! I have so many food obsessions at the moment, it’s a bit ridiculous. I recently made S’more Cookies that are good. But not so great for you…. I’m also obsessed with chia seeds. I’ve been adding them to everything-smoothies, oatmeal, salads. They are great and so good for you!
    Elaine recently posted..S’more Cookies

  4. Karleen says

    I am eating sandwich toast with banana slices on top for the third day in a row as I catch up on your blog:) love the sweet and savory combo especially when the bananas ate super ripe. Yummy!

    • Courtney says

      I got it from Exercise TV when they were still around…sadly, I’m not sure if it’s still available :(

  5. says

    That pic is SO funny! My boyfriend was just making fun of me about that last night at dinner. He always has to ask “Wait- can I start eating or do you need to talk a pic of my food first?” 😉

    I’ve been obssessed with my breakfast of a half a bagel and Laughing Cow strawberry cream cheese spread- soooo delicious!
    kaylie recently posted..The Bottom Line: Let’s Talk Veggies

  6. says

    I’ve been having Eggo Homestyle Waffles lately for breakfast, just plain. They taste pretty good. :)

    Even if that picture was supposed to make fun, it’s still funny + true, like you said in the post.

    Congratulations on your win from yesterday!

  7. says

    Awesome. We watched “American Reunion” a few weeks ago. There’s a scene where Kevin & Vicky are catching up, making fun of each other & he says something about “at least I don’t take pictures of my food”. My husband has said that to me just about every day since then. He makes fun of me to no end. Years before I ever started a blog, I was obsessed with taking pictures of food & he’s never understood it. Actually, I don’t even understand it but it doesn’t stop me!
    I’m on an egg kick right now. I definitely go through phases (yogurt bowls were around for a LONG time) but right now it’s eggs.
    Trisha recently posted..The Day That Spinach Almost Killed Me

  8. Jessica Kane says

    Haha tell Jay I was NOT making fun of you! I just knew you’d totally get a kick out of it, as soon as I saw it I thought of you! :)

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