Ikea, Round 2

Hey, friends! How’s your Wednesday going so far?

You’ll have to forgive me for the lack of postage today…I was too busy this afternoon out spending my life savings at Ikea.


Yeah…I’m pretty sure we made up for our last empty-handed trip. Winking smile

Needless to say, we’re both pretty stoked since they actually had everything in stock that we went looking to buy. Ohmygoditsgonnalooksofreakinawesome.

After we shed a tear or two at the checkout line, we managed to scrounge up another two bucks and treated ourselves to some of their non-fat vanilla fro yo.


Ummm, you guys weren’t kidding around…that stuff was delicious! Definitely a great pre-lunch appetizer if I do say so myself.

I’m pretty sure we were in and out of Ikea in less than 25 minutes (which makes the two hour drive down + two hour drive back sound ridiculous) and we were both pretty hungry for something more substantial that fro yo for lunch. We had actually planned on hitting up a Panera on our way back home, but the darn GPS brought us a different way…with no Panera or any other restaurants in sight.

So once we finally hit the thruway, we stopped in to the first rest area we came across. Birthday boy voted for pizza, so that’s what we went with.


That slice of veggie pizza was the size of my face…and then some. I’m pretty sure I have my daily allotted carb intake fulfilled for the day now.

A couple hours later, we made it back home and started to unload…


And now my house looks like a flippin’ disaster area…


BUT, we are making progress!!


Gotta get back to work and see what else we can get finished up before Jay’s softball game tonight!

Lots of Birthday Fun

Suuuuuch a great time last night!


I was lucky enough to be able to spend my entire evening with some of (but not all!) my favorite people in the world last night.



After Jay got home from work, we headed on over to Sarah & Jeff’s house for a little birthday gathering to celebrate the birthday buds.


Since it was such a nice evening, we all ended up spending the majority of the evening outside having a couple beverages, having some dinner, and just having plain ‘ol fun. Smile

Before dinner, I ended up snacking a bit on this crazy awesome white bean dip that Kate made. I’ll tell ya…she makes some mean dips!


For dinner, we (err, they) fired up the grill…turkey burger with some waffle fries and some sort of buffalo-flavored rice that was spicy but quite yummy.


Last night was also super awesome because I actually got some time to hang out with the little bro. Even though I’ve seen him at softball a couple of times, I really haven’t had a chance to hang out with him since our softball party, and I was missing him lots. I’m very lucky that he offered to take this picture with me…


…because before that, he was being a super tool. Winking smile


A little while after dinner, we all headed back inside to sing our happy birthdays and have some cupcakes. We were a little unprepared and didn’t have any birthday candles, so we made the two of them each blow out a regular jar candle.


Hey, it works, right?

I snacked on 1-1/2 cupcakes for the evening, both of which were thoroughly enjoyed…with Oreo being my favorite for sure.


We all ended up hanging out watching the Olympics gymnastics and swimming until almost 11:30pm, but Jay and I had to rush home and make sure that we were back by midnight…

I know I’ve mentioned The Chive to you all before, which is a website that the husband (as well as the rest of the boys in the group, now) is currently in love with. The Chive makes t-shirts that are apparently some hot ticket items which end up getting sold out within minutes of being back in stock.

Jay found out that they were going to be back on sale last night at midnight, so we had to rush home to make sure we were both sitting at our computers by 11:55pm to try and order one.

chive on

Jay had no such luck on his end (I guess he’s not quick enough on that keyboard!) but I, on the other hand…


I made it happen. Winking smile

So now Jay can enjoy his birthday as an old 29-year old with two Chive t-shirts on the way…but we can’t forget about the other birthday boy today!


Cody turns three today! (well, at least that’s what we guess) My little guy is growing up so fast on me…


Breakfast was quick and easy this morning.


A cereal combo made with Kashi Go Lean, Special K Oats ‘n Honey, strawberries, blueberries, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.


And now, as soon as I finish up a few quick things here, me and the birthday boy (the human one) are headed off for another Ikea road trip…this time to New Jersey! I’m determined to get that furniture today…wish us luck!!