Fashion Friday: Create Your Own Dream Closet

Hey, guess what? It’s Fashion Friday! I’ve totally been slacking in that department lately, so when Colleen emailed me yesterday asking if I’d be interested in sharing a fashion guest post of hers, I read it, immediately loved it, and just had to share it. Her post now has me wanting to re-do our office and turn it into a big ‘ol walk in closet. Oooof.

I think you guys are gonna like this one…enjoy!


Hi, Sweet Tooth Sweet Life readers! I’m Colleen and I blog at Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill. I share my latest style finds, healthy meals, and more often than I’d like to admit, embarrassing stories (like how I accidentally replied to my boss’s email when I meant to forward it to my sister).


As a 21-year-old college student interning in New York City this summer, my life is a little The Devil Wears Prada meets The Nanny Diaries. While my daily tasks don’t include balancing an entire design team’s non-fat, unsweetened, iced coffees and whipping up French cuisine for a toddler, I am working for a major fashion label and managing a weekend babysitting position.

The fashion industry can be ludicrous, which is why I need your help! I’m excited to have been selected as a CollegeFashionista representative for Towson University in Maryland, but I need to collect over 100 email addresses before I begin. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that many friends and my relatives are getting a little tired of hearing from me. You won’t receive any spam mail—just an email when CollegeFashionista launches to help spread the word. CollegeFashionista allows students and other adults to view photographs of what their peers are wearing on campuses all around the country. I would be so grateful if you would leave your email address in the comments section, or if you want to keep it private, feel free to email me at

Being that it’s Friday, a fashion post is in order. For those of you who aren’t cramped in a shoebox-sized apartment with a nonexistent closet, I have some tips for creating your dream closet. I strongly believe that creating a stylish outfit from head-to-toe requires you to know exactly what’s hiding behind your doors—even if it’s a hideous jacket from high school that you refuse to donate. Jellies and neons are back in style, you know.

closet 1

I transformed my brother’s old bedroom into a walk-in closet and it has easily become my favorite space in my parents’ house. Organization is key; it makes getting ready at the crack of dawn while you’re still half-asleep as painless as possible.

Use the same type of hangers. Not only is it much more visually appealing, but it also helps to save space. Opt for hangers that will work with all materials; I personally prefer wooden ones as they don’t snag crochet tops, and silk tanks don’t slip. I like these hangers which I found at Target for about a dollar a piece.

Utilize shelving. Shelves are the best option for shoes and handbags. One or two shelves can be easily installed above the racks in your closet; store out-of-season items there since they may be hard to reach. To preserve the shape of your boots and large purses, stuff them with tissue paper while they are not in use (leather riding boots can become slouchy if they’re not standing up straight!).

closet 2

Your day-to-day beauty products should be easily accessible. To cut back on primping time in the morning, my most frequently used cosmetics are set out on my vanity table. I’m never scrambling to find my favorite mascara or accidentally putting lotion in my hair instead of Moroccan oil.

closet 3

Jewelry should be separated. When I’m in a rush, I like to be able to choose my accessories quickly. Watches, rings, and bracelets are kept in bowls (I found mine at Anthropologie) while necklaces are hung to avoid tangling.

closet 4

For more pictures and a DIY guide to building a closet of your own, head over to Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill!


  1. Julie says

    Great post! I am currently moving to a new apartment and I have like zero space so I will try to utilize these tips as best I can! I am envious of all the space and cute clothes you have. :)

  2. Sarah says

    So excited to read this! Big fan of Courtney’s blog and I work full time in Towson and go to Towson University part time (I’ll have my bachelors after next summer hopefully) such a small world :) In any case I’m glad to help!!

  3. says

    Great post, Colleen. Your closet looks straight out of a fashionista’s apartment. You shared some great tips- I should tell my mom about the bowl idea. Sometimes, when she’s out the door, running late, her jewelry can be in a jumble.

    I wish the best of luck to you in the fashion world for the future. I’m sure you’ll do great out there! :)


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